SEO Tip # 11: Include internal and external links during content

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You should know that since Google ‘s inception, receive links from other sites to your (mostly relevant sites and authoritative web) is one of the main factors rankeamento , correct?

But you may not know that, in addition to receiving links from other sites, is extremely important , considering SEO , include in your content internal links (to your own website) as well as external links (to third – party sites).

The internal links help in juice link the site, creating a path between pages to Google’s robots and transferring authority between them.

Google also welcomes the external links , which show that the site is part of the online community and encourages link building quality.

How to make?

Experts like Brian Dean, the Backlinko indicate between 2 and 5 internal links and external links 2:05 for publication. But this can vary according to the density of the content. Recalling that the links should be included naturally in the text.

The inclusion of links, it is important to pay attention to the anchor text and not work with generic statements like “this post” or “click here.”

Ideally, use an anchor that has to do with the subject of the page to tell robots that when it comes to certain subject, that is the main page.

Learn more about best practices in the post ” Link Building bulletproof .”

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