SEO Oriented: How to evaluate if your SEO strategy is in agreement with your users?

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SEO Oriented: How to evaluate if your SEO strategy is in agreement with your users? 

In today’s world you have to offer an excess of Services and Products for the same customer, every time more complex evasively, changeable and demanding. In this sense, or any company business model dictates certain pass laws can transform any process into when or something stressful objective and competes on a suitable finishing.

That is, with a globalized and digital market, which companies struggle to acquire all the tools the potential for or potential customer can find-and, in the best hypotheses of, choose them, the search for optimize digital platforms and the efforts to unwrap a SEO strategy excellent technical Questions not that it refers to Prune itself do with company that is forget it gives fundamental part of Development and work to Do, in other words: or client.

In any digital marketing strategy, either the customer’s or the user’s satisfaction, as well as the lessons of traditional marketing, already that their level satisfaction be a two factors factors to achieve you levels of profitability expected per modernity developed campaign and executed.

Any action YOUR company is unwrapping, have some precise type of repercussion, direct or indirect subsidiary, on your client, first place. In Second, consider the level or transactions performed, Prune not be translated digital world the CRO, or conversion rate.

A concept defines percentage of users attribute a page eventually acts as expected, ie: purchase, hire a service, subscribe or any other a newsletter action that has been defined as a target.

For’re reasons – and by many others – today are the ones to evaluate and we will share with you my experiences as a SEO Consultant in many projects.

What are the SEO aspects that consider or user?

When improving the user experience on a website to its well level satisfaction , you accurately consider all a number of factors. Even so, Vonce uses different SEO Analytics and User Behavior tools on the web, all with the objective of improving Strategy and Sets to the user’s profile.

Next, we share with one more list to integrate important elements:

1) Analysis of key words and analysis of behavior


As we used key words texts should be strategically and coherently (or IA, or architecture of information, should Criteria base-you are in those).

Choosing keywords is you just to have a good SEO performance without taking into account your user really needs, find and that you can offer on your digital platform, the same does not impact on the time offer a good experience your buyer person or results we are looking for related to your or looking standard of research.

Keywords and important choose that Give good results, be interesting to be aligned or user and give company Strategy with and products or services according or case.

Also, use keywords as coherent, client-friendly and effective quality in texts, doubt without, improvement or positioning of your site or engines online platform we are looking for .

2) Nature of words Inclusion key

The keywords used should be natural, subtle and coherent in the text.

It is worth using many synonyms for repetitive text or not to be heavy, that is, to work with semantics possibilities. In addition, the content must NOT address certain keywords, logical and substantial form, and artificially not, or forced intrusive.

In this sense, and expand the information necessary useful keywords related to are interesting, clear, true, consistent and useful for sers. This is something or Google also in consideration of cam when evaluating the particular web placement or a digital platform in the screening mechanism.

With high readability content

It is your content that is of quality. Which is where is the secret? It is clear, coherent, true, concise and, above all, add to or value user.

They should know authors, even with text to understand or ease and thus have utility. Even when the text is focused on SEO strategy, do not neglect the style, the structure, the written content and the linguistic context of the content itself.

That readability delivery, which, with certainty,   improves to user experience on the web . This fact means that, short or medium term, your materials positively or positioning of the site influence us engines looking like Google, a time metrics as of the user (time in page, pages session, percentage rebound) are Fundamentals for URLs position.

Extension in the right measure


In relation to the extension two texts, a size not perfect there, and disputes there is what is more efficient.

However, or important moment in this is to provide the necessary information to heal doubt user.

For example: writing an article on digital marketing you can at Deter different points: the main strategies, tools and actions that you can unwrap. This no more means means you write 4000 words.

Or the words number content, that is, extension in its, it depends on the way it is expressed and the subject in if.

Content refresh or refresh content

It is better to update contents that you will publish in your company’s Digital platforms on your own or with certain Frequency own blog. However, and important to maintain or level of interest and quality two texts.

Recommended mainly to structure your blog’s URL dates do not show that you already update the content two posts published or the  static content  of your page based on two factors:

  1. On occasionally When: this can be interesting every 3 or 4 months when you or you download It starts not to alarmingly .
  2. Semper that theme, tool, context, concept or other object aspect updated by any Alter not sector

Inclusion relevant links

In addition give you known techniques such as Link Building , worth include content not published, links to pages user interest. For example, URLs where the tools might find that accurate, or are not specialized websites that competition where you can extended to provided information.

Quality of your evaluate to SEO strategy?


There are different elements tools and when key it comes to measuring the quality of the SEO strategy that is being modernity developed.

Following are the main ones:

Google Tools

As it could not be another way for this work, or Google has developed a lot of very useful tools, although these are not only the keys to improve the performance of the SEO strategy, you do not have the Experience refers to user.

  • Google Trends : This free tool allows you to analyze and compare keywords to know which are the most procured and a tendency of each . This helps namely what is the most interesting content for sers, taking into consideration CONCEPTS that they are you trying with more frequency and what are the market trends do not.
  • Google Analytics : This is a tool that serves to better understand the behavior of the user or a certain web digital platform . This tool provides given on or conversions level, user behavior on the web and the rete it, others too many
  • Google Search Console : it is a tool that offers interesting and very useful options in raising or when an SEO strategy is important to re-evaluate it and make adjustments. Among some of its features, this tool provides information on the traffic of a site, optimizes and classifies the traffic level, given useful delivery of peaks and declines in the activity . Thus, it provides useful information for accurate for a decision taken from Analyzes.
  • Google Correlate : This Prune tool provide interesting given when you come to understanding habits and you interest two users of your site. This works because its main activity is to make group comparisons between different keywords used by a period of time .  In addition, thanks to this tool, you can analyze the development of a specific research and in parallel Compare it with the available information that you have made using the other tools, your own or given analyzes provided by Analytics, are available.

social engagement

This is one of the main impact indicators or status of you SEO strategy is developing , it is being run or does not give or expected result.

The content number one, make comments, share content or perform some action or networks on the web of the company Indicate them in the value of the content.

In addition, these actions provide useful information on users, who can be used to modify actions, generate new ones or execute some new actions, for example, using social networks.

On the other hand, or level of engagement reached is, by your team, I weighed consideration hairs in when engines are looking at position or you’re digital platform being used.

Email marketing statistics


There are a number of all indicators, KPIs or to analyze and evaluate or behavioral actions marketing the emails made.

And important supplement SEO strategy two Contents with a well integrated email marketing strategy , which provides newspaper, relevant content with sers information. The actions developed from our strategies of e-mail marketing CREATE or so searched value traffic and this, by its team, helps to give or final push us to our content organic research results.

In this case, consider:

  • percentage openings to two e-mails;
  • rebound rate;
  • is you going stop spam spam paste;
  • or level of feedback comments or you are receiving of users attribute.

are metric-key that help you be defined by developing you more efficient SEO strategy or do you and reevaluate accurate adjustments.

It is also positive to analyze the traffic of the email marketing campaigns. Certify yourself in UTM codes using URLs sent to have more information not Google Analytics, either in relation to the volume of traffic that is one of the obtained for each actions or to understand Behavior two non-site users.

When evaluating or performance a SEO strategy, and important metrics as you use tools provided by Google and Analyzes the digital or the web platform that uses you.

But not just enough to evaluate or Behavior two numbers gives strategy, also We have to consider or human component: the type of comments and Interactions that are being provided Users hairs and hair Behavior yours on the web.

Do you know yourself or other indicators KPIs that should be levied consideration in? Or other tools for evaluating the performance of an SEO strategy?