SEO Off-page – Strategy for Links to Other SitesFor SEO purposes, is it worth creating Links from your Site to other Sites?

What Is The Best And The Fastest Way To Do Off-Page Optimization Of A Website?
The Importance of SEO for Your Company

In order to SEO, it is worth creating your website links to other sites?


It still those who think that a strategy SEO is basically fill the content of your site with the keywords relevant to your target audience.

Why there are always more people who proposes as an expert SEO because it can optimize your content, simply focusing on these keywords (at least so he says).


But is that an SEO project is so simple?

A former head of my saying,


if it were easy, the monkeys would account, would not need us.


In fact a job SEO is much more complex.

We can divide, in a macro way, a design optimization of SEO On-Page and Off-Page SEO .

Basically the
On-page SEO is the set of activities within your site without thinking about others.


To learn more about projects On-page SEO read this article .


In contrast, a project Off-page SEO aims to increase the authority of your website (Domain Authority) or of your page content (Page Authority) through interactions with other sites.

We can divide, always in a macro way, a project SEO Off-page between Link building (links to your site) and Out links (links from your site to others) .

Links qualified  external, other sites for your enhance the authority of your site because they spend it part of their authority, which is called Link Juice (Juice Link).

But how much of your website links to others?

See this mini video which is the difference between SEO on page and off page SEO

It is worthwhile to insert links to your site to other sites?

First it is important to know that the authority is not something you pass losing part of her.

It’s like you appoint a friend or your colleague for a job.

This indication will not diminish his authority before whom asked you the indication.

Conversely, if the indication is good, it may even enhance your reputation.


Record this concept well, it is very important to understand the rest of the article.


A link to another site can also function as if you were ‘checking’ it on Social Networks.

The owner of this third site will see the link you sent and can think to link back to your site.

Another important point is that you can create an External Link your site to another, just to the reader, without the search engine to follow him.

This is done with a command called nofollow .

Hold there that we will also explain the use of nofollow .


See this mini video which means  nofollow

When it is worth creating an External Link in your post?

An external link, in fact, help the search engine understand the meaning of the word that contains the link.

This word associated with a link to another page is called anchor text .

Obviously the ideal would be that this would link to other content within your same website.

But this is not always possible.

For example, imagine that you are talking about recipes and mentions Chef  Alex Atala .

Maybe your audience does not know who Alex Atala .

The perhaps there are several Alex Atala, and you want to specify that you are talking about a specific Alex.

At the same time your site has no specific content on this Chef and you are not planning to create it.

So it pays to create a link to the site Alex Atala, who show both for the user and for the search engine, who is this Chef.

In this way, you help the mapping of your page’s content to a better understanding of your post.

This case is simple, because the link goes to the site restaurant Dom is one of the best in the world and whose website is fortunately on the first page of Google.

And honestly this site probably do not need your link to improve PageRank it ( PageRank indicates the authority assigned by the Google page ).

The problem comes when you need to link to a site that does not have good online authority.

Another case where you insert a  nofollow  is in the case of commercial links, that is, when you get money to insert a banner and / or a link. In this case it is important to warn the  googlebot (the Google search engine)  that this link is not to the end of the content on the page explanation.

Another case is still in the comments to their posts.

There are techniques  Comments Marketing  in which, commenting on a post, it insert a link to another site where the commentator deepens the comment. Usually platforms like  wordpress  come with  nofollow  already entered for comment links but it is worth checking with the developer , and if not, it would be good to enter.


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A link to a website with low Authority will negatively impact your website?

It depends.

A site can have low authority because Google does not think it relevant content.

Or simply this site is new and does not have a good authority, but the quality of content, soon will have a good website Authority .

If you consider this third site of good quality, no problem inserting the link to it.

In this case at the same time you will help the reader and the googlebot to more understand its contents.

You will also be helping this third site to rank through your link.

If you do not rely too much on this other site that you will link,  you can simply avoid inserting the link.


See this mini video which means crawl-budget and how to optimize the pages of your site via tag  noindex

And if you really need to insert this link to a low authority site?

Here the concept of entering nofollowed  mentioned above.

On your site, among other things, you can, or rather should set some guidelines for the search engines.

To help them navigate  without problem on your site.


To understand what exactly is a search engine, watch this mini Video Youtube NoTopo channel .


One of the commands that you can give to the engines is the nofollow .

Specifically, with this command, you are telling the engine not to follow ( not follow English) this link.

In this way you leave the link to the reader better understand its content, but with the command nofollow  tells the engine that this link has nothing to do with the mapping of your site content.


Inserting the command nofollow the link to another site

Imagine that you need to mention another Chef, as of Joao Da Silva ( IMPORTANT: this name is fictitious, pure invention to fully explanatory purpose) .

You want to explain who he is, you see that it is the site (fictitious site).

Clearly you do not trust this site, it is the only source of information you found on the internet that talk about him.

This is an example where you can take a nofollow .

The name John Doe , need to insert the hyperlink command (link to another site) to the website .

If using a platform Content Management , like WordPress (which I strongly recommend), you can insert the hyperlink by selecting the name John Da Silva and clicking the icon as shown below:


insert link in wordpress


If you do not use WordPress , see this mini Video Channel Youtube NoTopo , why should use WordPress .


Now that you have entered the external link , you must enter the command  nofollow .

To do this, simply enter the command: rel = “nofollow”  within the function hyperlink .

If you are using WordPress in your post editing screen, click the icon shown in the image below.

see the code for a post in wordpress


You’ll see the entire code that represents the content of your post.

Press on your keyboard at the same time,  Ctrl and F on your computer (Mac should be Command and F , but not sure because I’m not Apple system fan, so do not use … lol).

You will see a small window at the top corner of the right side of your screen.

Enter this little window the site name you Linkou as shown in the figure below:

open the search window on the screen ctrl + f


By doing so, you will see evidenced in the content code, the external link command, represented by a function that is called href .

the command will be shown as follows:


<a href=”http”> john </a> silva


Now you can enter the command nofollow on lock function.

The result should be this:


<a href=”http” rel=”nofollow”> john </a> silva


Ready, you can save and update  your content.


Survey on the use of nofollow on links to third party Sites

It is always good to hear the opinion and experience of others, then, in addition, I created a poll on the website , technical forum for those working strategies Inbound.


Down here are some opinions I received. opinion about nofollow


More details you will find the link:

If you understand English, also I suggest watching this video from the site of MOZ platform .



The  SEO is not an exact science, or at least is not accurate for those who do not know all the details of the algorithms of the search engines (is there anyone in the world who knows?).

You can find different opinions about whether and when to insert external links and nofollow .

I remember seeing a comment saying that, if in doubt, better insert always a nofollow .

I usually work inserting nofollow  on links to sites with low or questionable authority.

He gave to understand what a nofollow and implementing some of the criteria?

Have you done any implementation of this command?

What criteria adopted?

Share with us your experience by leaving a comment down here.

Also, if you got any questions, share your question below.

It will help us to improve the explanation of this subject, perhaps too technical for some.


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