SEO for WordPress: 5 Easy Settings You Can Even Make!

The Importance of Measuring Results for SEO
What are the Key Factors of an On-Page SEO Project?

Improve your position on Google and attract more visitors to your site.

With simple SEO tips for WordPress!

To recap … SEO is the optimization work done to improve the sites positioning in the organic search results of search engines.

The organic results are the results that follow just below the sponsored links (which are paid), namely that you appear according to their relevance and quality of your website.

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Now … And what Google takes into consideration?

There are many variables considered by Google when determining the positioning of pages in the search results. Some of them are:

1 – On Page SEO

The elements that you have control on your website: Title, Description, H1, H2 .., how many times the keyword will appear in the content, images names, URLs, etc.

2 – Link Building

The links or references, pointing to your site from other sites on the Internet. Influence the placement, anchor text, link source site’s PageRank, number of links on the page, etc.

3 – Score

The experience and feedback from the people by browsing your site are a strong indication of its quality, and increasingly Google takes these elements into consideration.

Here are a few easy adjustments you can do yourself to your site get better positioned in the search results:


The first important point is the choice and definition of the keywords for which you want your site to appear in search results.

For this, you need to know your audience and understand how it seeks your service / product.

After setting, look out the estimated search volume for each of them. So you will know which words are most relevant and interesting to your site.

Remember: The words with more search volume are the most crowded and generic, so do not make the choice only by the volume, use keyword long tail.

Words long tail – are generally formed by three or more words creating a short sentence and representing a more personalized search.

It is ideal that these words that are much more specific and indicate the user ‘s intention .

Use a keyword for each page of your site and look for inserting it in the page title, the URL and the text, but in a natural way, without sounding forced or played content.

It is important the keyword is relevant to the message that the person wants to spend.

The word must represent and mean exactly what you are offering, serving or selling, therefore, the formatting will be much more natural.

title and descriptions

Each page of your site should contain a unique title and description.

You must describe clearly about the subject matter , using the word chosen key.

Have you ever spent the mouse over a tab open in your browser?

example tab

This little phrase that appears next to your mouse is the title of the page and even the description not being visible, it is very important to the search engines!

The title and description are among the main things that Google uses to determine the positioning of your site.

And help a user who is performing the search if it is interesting or not come to your site for content that is described.

title seo


Use good quality pictures to attract users’ attention!

Google takes into account the good resolution and fast loading images.

Search engines use the “alt text” – which is a written description and concise – in a nutshell.

When writing alt text, remember to describe precisely what is being shown in the image.

Also try to include the name of your business or some keywords related to what you do ..

After all, the reading of the image speaks is through the alt text, that is, it ends up becoming very relevant to the page.

social networks

Be present and active on social networks is essential to help your SEO work – some examples are:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ course.

Include in your site flashy icons for each of the social networks, linking directly to your page.

also helping to facilitate the sharing of your website content!


relevant content, well written and without grammatical errors are essential for your site to get a good position.

Seeks to create links to other pages, complementary to the issues you are addressing. Besides being useful for the user, it is a good SEO practice.

Liked the tips ?!

Pay close attention to the choice of keywords, try to offer a good browsing experience to the user. And always seek to provide interesting and unique content on your site.

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