SEO for Pictures: Why You Should Worry About Ranking Images on Google

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The Google Images is possibly the most used browser in the world images.

We say “possibly” because there are no reliable market data. But if Google ‘s leadership is already absolute between sites and videos (with YouTube), it is not hard to imagine that most people refer to it to find images as well.

Remember how Google works : reading, storing and creating a large index of all content that it finds – pages, videos, images, locations … Keyword Depending on what you seek, it will try to guess which of these types of content you want consume.

So in this post we will explain a little more of the benefits of rankear images on Google and then give some tips on how to do this to optimize their strategies Digital Marketing .

Come on?

Why rankear images on Google Images?

1. In order to appear on the results page

Even when you search for a page, Google displays on the results page, just below the search field, the content options for what you can get:

rankear images in Google organic search for pizza

But sometimes it happens, too, the very results page already contains thumbnails of images, videos or maps if Google understand that this keyword has an audiovisual or location appeal.

Thumbnails of images usually appear in two ways: as an option for organic result or as a mosaic depicting the keyword, generally in the right column.

Example result of option:

Sample Output option for images on google

Example mosaic:

rankear images in Google mosaic example

Generally, the images appear when the keyword contains terms associated with graphical representations – decor, food, sights, among others.

well Rankear your page image means increasing your chances of appearing on the first page for a particular keyword. If the image was created by you, how about signing it discreetly in the corner with your website?

2. To improve your page’s SEO

The on-page SEO techniques involve a number of criteria: page title, heading tags , content, links and pictures …!

When it comes to applying good basic SEO practices to a page, the image remains an important factor rankeamento.

So when you adopt practices for well rankear his image, it also favors on page optimization where the image is inserted.

3. To get more organic traffic on your page

Appear on the first page of Google, rankear images, optimize pages … All this has one goal: to win more organic traffic to your website or blog .

Photos, illustrations, infographics and other image types are more inviting to click than text results. Rankear your images may be an important factor in the search results page. More clicks, more traffic!

The ideal image to well rankear

Let the practical part! We have selected some important tips to optimize your images. The image is more likely to rankear:

1. It is a quality image

If it’s a picture, a chart, a GIF ( learn how to create a gif here ) or a screen shot, it is essential that the image is adjusted with good focus – unless the blur is intentional, of course.

In addition, the resolution must be properly and the picture may not, in any way, be distorted. Remember that any element that compromise the user experience can be penalized by Google, and affect the credibility of your website with your visitors.

If the image is a graph or flow chart, make sure that the colors are well chosen. A tip is to use tools like the Color Supply or the Adobe Color Wheel .

Also, check the readability of numbers and words. Good flow and graphics are generally capable of being read and understood with little or no help text.

2. It is within the page context

The image must be along with the text, and relevant to the subject, and presented in an appropriate size. If possible, use the keyword you want too rankear the text near the image.

If using stock photos , search well to avoid artificial or too cliched photos.

3. It can be used by you

Always, always has the rights to use the images you are adding to your article. Thus, you avoid billed “surprise” or having to remove the image immediately.

use rights you can acquire through the purchase of the image or the express permission of the author.

4. Quickly charges

The speed of a page is an important factor rankeamento. With pictures, is no different.

Avoid resize your image by using code. For example, if you will use it in size 400 x 400 pixels, do not put an image of 800 x 800 and change the size using CSS. Upload the image to size, whenever you can.

In addition, you can also use tools like optimize the size of your images .

5. It has an easy file name to identify

Use automatic name of your camera (as DCM0001.jpg ) is prohibited if you want rankear images!

Set the keyword you want rankear, use it directly in the file name. For example, rankear-imagens.jpg

This is an essential factor rankeamento to Google and when it is not respected, his image is almost “out of play”.

6. Have a good alternative text and a good title

The alternative text is shown whenever an image does not load. Of course you will not put broken links to your images, but still, the alternative text is important because it is a direct factor of rankeamento.

It is also important to use the title, which is the tooltip that appears after a while with the mouse over the image.

Both are important and interesting not use exactly the same text in both. Enjoy working variations of your keyword ! Another tip is to not pass the 6 words and 120 characters.

An image tag should look like this:

<Img src = “rankear-imagens.jpg” alt = “Importance of rankear images in Google” title = “Optimize your images to rankear Google”>

You do not know mess with tags? Do not worry, WordPress also allows you to edit alternative text and title:

edit alternate text wordpress


Rankear images opens up new possibilities to attract organic and qualified traffic to your site, and with the tips we leave, you already wide in front!

And, as you may have noticed, an important part of optimizing images for rankear well happens the same way as the page rankeamento: by defining keywords.

So, how about starting learning about it? Read the post of Rock Content on Inbound Marketing and see how to conquer your customers