SEO for Landing Pages: Tips and Optimization Examples!

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If you follow the materials Google and other search engines understand that your content is relevant to people who are looking for certain keywords.

You may have read, right here on the blog Digital results on various SEO techniques such as strategy keywords , writing articles for SEO and Link Building .

But do these optimization techniques can be used in a conversion page (Landing Page) ?

The answer is: yes, absolutely! But there are specific details for you to pay attention.

So to help you apply SEO techniques on your Landing Page and generate More Leads by organic search channel , we have prepared this guide with tips and optimization examples.

What do you get by applying SEO on your Landing Pages?

The two most important metrics to analyze on a Landing Page boil down to traffic and conversion .

This means that to generate Leads, you need to attract people interested to your Landing Page and after they arrive, demonstrate the benefit of the rich offer to convince you to change your personal data at the offered material.

There are several channels to disseminate their Landing Page and attract interested, but search engines stand out for a very clear reason: to provide qualified traffic at the right time in which the person is seeking for information.

For example, if you are looking for Digital Marketing Tips and searches for that keyword on Google, the first organic result is that you find this Digital Landing Page of results:

Landing Page Digital’s results in the first position.

Optimize your Landing Page – not a page of your website or blog – to be among the first Google results means that the visitor will have to go through fewer steps to convert and become a Lead . Optimizing a blog article can be slightly easier, but directly offer rich content can greatly increase your conversion rate!

In the example above, imagine that the term Digital Marketing Tips has 1000 searches per month.

The average click through rate for the first Google position exceeds 30% and, for the second position, comes to just over 15%:

axa average clicks in search results.

Study of Advanced Web Ranking with click-through rates on Google results pages.

This means that the Landing Page has the potential to generate 300 monthly organic visits. If the page conversion rate is 40%, are 120 Leads the most every month. 1440 Leads a year!

Now imagine that these 300 visitors went to an article in the blog and at the end of the article, there was a Call to Action for the Landing Page. At best, 5% click rate in CTA would be 15 visitors in Landing Page and only 6 Leads.

In a year, the difference is that the Landing Page in the first position in 1400 generated nearly Leads more.

visitors Leads
Item No Blog 300 6
Landing Page 300 120


When optimizing landing pages for search engines is a good idea?

There are several cases indicated to apply SEO in your Landing Page.

If the Landing Page will stay in the air for a long time, it is recommended that you take advantage of the effects of Google rankeamento to attract traffic on long tail .

Pages that will be public for more than 3 months already have the potential to appear in search results and therefore deserve special attention to SEO.

Even if the keyword you decided to focus is not long tail, the idea is to use the volume of searches per month to win in generating Leads recurrent and organic way .

For Landing Pages Funnel Fund (eg requests for budget or discount coupons) is also well suited to optimize because the visitor will probably arrive at an advanced stage of the Purchase Journey.

Another interesting possibility is if you already have a blog article among the first positions. In this case, why not also optimize your Landing Page to have two results in the top ten? This increases your chances of attracting qualified visitors!

So, you want to start optimizing?

Then check out the following our tips and best practices for SEO Landing Pages:

Tip 1: Choose well your keyword

It all starts by choosing a main keyword, related to its rich offer, and it depends on the stage Purchase Journey which is the focus of your Landing Page.

To attract visitors in the early stages, you can add to your keyword terms such as:

  • Tips
  • Guide
  • Learn
  • How / How to

If the goal is to attract visitors who are considering a solution and about to decide, the suggestion is to have your keyword terms such as:

  • Purchase
  • Price
  • Discount
  • Best option
  • Comparative

Monitoring keyword in the RD Station.

Monitoring the set keyword to the Landing Page

The ideal is to escape very generic keywords (tail head) because the competition for the top places is often more difficult. Notice in the above example, the Digital Results: Digital Marketing Tips is certainly easier to rankear than just M arketing Digital . For general terms and complete articles and explanatory blog remain the best option.

Tip 2: Create a good snippet

Fragment and cropping are two good translations that explain what a snippet.

The idea is to present the snippet in the search results page a cutout objective content of each result:

Snippet optimized for SEO

Example: snippet of this article.

The three main elements of a snippet are:

  • Title (Title Page)
  • URL
  • meta Description

Not all snippet elements are factors that help your page to rankear. However, it plays an important role in the rate of clicks that your page will receive. A good snippet should be both inviting and objective about the content that the visitor will find on page .

Landing Pages optimization tips in RD Station.

snippet configuration of a Landing Page in RD Station.

Title (Title Page)

Although not an obligation, it is highly recommended that you use the keyword in the title, preferably early . In addition to helping your page to gain relevance to the search, it is also a way to be explicit about the contents of your Landing Page.

Another important point is that from 60 characters, titles are cut and earn ellipsis in the snippet. Keep it below this limit ensures that the public will see it as a whole, which can increase your click through rate on the results page.


Use the keyword in the URL is also an important factor rankeamento.

And as the title, the URL also has a size limit: stay below 76 characters avoids the ellipsis and may impact on clickthrough rate.

meta Description

The Meta Description, unlike previous elements, it is not a rankeamento factor. In theory, use the keyword in it does not help Google to prioritize your page.

On the other hand, it is still recommended the use of the keyword, mainly because Google gives a highlight for her bold. This stimulates the click of users, and assure you that the page has content for which they are seeking.

Again, we suggest staying below 156 characters.


Tip 3: Work your content in the context of Landing Page

The content of your Landing Page, it is important to use the keyword, especially in the header and at least once in the content . The recommended frequency is 1-3 keyword occurrences (or variation of it) every 100 words of content.

But do not abandon the focus on conversion! It is important that the content responds to the search performed by the user. Your Landing Page is offering something that confirms to your visitor what he is seeking will be found in its rich offer?

So, when in doubt between the exact use of the keyword or fluid content and that makes sense, always prefer the second. The user experience comes before everything!

Example optimization of landing pages for search engines in the RD Station.

Landing Page Optimization of the RD Station

In the above example, it was possible to use the exact keyword in the content, but it would not be an easy read, one option would be to use variations such as “SEO Landing Pages” or “SEO on your Landing Pages”. Google is able to identify the most important terms of a keyword and ignore linking words as “to”, “in”, “to”, “to”, among others.

Finally, you may have seen research on the importance of long-form content to get good ranking on Google: 700, 1000, 2000 words. For Landing Pages, it is not recommended to apply this criterion as it can hurt your conversion rate!

There are so many criteria that help a page rankear you can even leave this aside, and still have satisfactory results.

Tip 4: Give special attention to images

It is essential to use in your Landing Page a master image that has great appeal conversion. If possible, the focus should be on the benefit that will bring rich offer to its visitors.

Invest time in search for a good image that has a color combination enjoyable.

In his images, can not miss the Alternative Text (Alt Text). In the main picture, it is also recommended to use the keyword in the alt text , to be a factor that helps in your page rankeamento.

Finally, worth a special care with the image loading time: the faster, the better. A tip is to use tools like compress your images for the web without losing quality . Pages that take too long to load are often penalized by Google, and heavy pictures are great villains load time.

Tip 5: Use friendly templates for mobile devices

In 2015, responsive to cell phones and other mobile devices are prioritized.

So if your focus is SEO, it is essential to use templates Landing Page mobile-friendly (ie adapted for mobile devices).

One tip is to check your Landing Page tool in the Mobile-Friendly Test , Google:

Template Landing Page Responsive RD Station.

Landing Page validated by the Google tool.

Tip 6: Be careful with the bounce rate!

Google uses Rejection Rate page to define their relevance. If the visitor clicks on a search result and can not find what you were looking, rejecting the page, Google understands that this page is not relevant to that keyword and lowers your ranking.

This means that investing in the conversion rate of your Landing Page is also investing in SEO . There are several techniques to improve conversion rates , but in general, try to answer the following questions:

  • The Landing Page makes clear that the rich content will deliver what was promised on the search results page?
  • Visitors invest their time and their confidence in the fulfillment of my form?
  • The Landing Page is visually pleasing and guides the visitor to the next step, which is to convert?

Just thinking about these points, it is possible to improve your conversion and therefore reduce the bounce rate of your Landing Page, helping rankeá it better in search engines.

Tip 7: keep your Landing Page in the air

In the introduction, we recommend optimizing landing pages for SEO only when they will be more than three months in the air, after all, Google can take to index your content.

On the other hand, why take your Landing Page air after the offer won?

You can take the URL of your seasonal Landing Page to disclose other rich content , preferably, or lead your visitors to your website or blog.

For example, you released a Landing Page with a promotional coupon for Black Friday.

After the event, you can exchange with a Thank You Page to the same URL address, talking about the success of Black Friday in his shop and preparing for even better deals next year.

Or, keep the Landing Page with form for visitors sign up to receive, before everyone, the offers of next year . So, you keep generating Leads all year!

This practice keeps the search engines indexing your address. The following year, it may be easier to get visits (and Leads!) Through this channel.

Tip 8: conquer links and accumulate authority

In addition to the techniques of SEO on-page (performed in the page), the links remain one of the main factors in rankeamento search engines.

When you offer links, you give some authority to the pages that are linking. On the other hand, when you receive, you get a little authority.

The Landing Pages can take advantage of it, because the idea is that they have no links to other pages. The only place where the visitor is to click the convert button, then fill out the form!

Thus, the Landing Pages have a tendency to accumulate authority.

Start earning your own links, including calls-to-action to promote the rich offer and target your site visitors or blog to the Landing Page.

Example of call-to-action for Landing Page

Example Pop-up with CTA to generate traffic.

Tip 9: encourage the social sharing

It is true that there is no evidence that a page sharing on social networks are a rankeamento criteria in the search engines. In fact, Google has explicitly denied that this factor is considered.

But disclose it on that channel can help indirectly to the achievement of links and social proof (social proof) – the more people adopt, share and disclose your Landing Page, more arguments you have to check the new visitors that the rich offer is Of Quality.

So be sure to include the sharing buttons on social networks in your Thank You Page (Thank You Page).


SEO rules for Landing Pages are actually more specific. Some factors can be ignored and others gain even greater importance.

Following these tips will certainly your Landing Pages will become more competitive in the fight for the top positions in search results.

As you acquire more field of SEO techniques, you can sometimes leave out some factor that seems important, but that is not relevant to your Landing Page. No problem: If you have the security you’re doing, go ahead!