SEO for Blogs: Basic Guide for Beginner Bloggers

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SEO for Blogs: Basic Guide for Beginner Bloggers 

Learn SEO for blogs , and more from the simple it seems. In the Today post, I share you with what is anyone’s essential for you to delve yourself into this in the simplest possible way . VOICES same can prove than or myth, myth is only one (SEO = “complicated much”). Cheer up!


My story with or myth SEO for blogs

When I started with blog postcron, it’s not too many knowledgeable on the “theory” of how I built it, perfects it more and goes beyond. Just know that I would like to write, transmit knowledge and my help in place here to other people with their Projects and Business.

So it was, on that day I had to research / study about SEO for bloggers , I came up with information many, words, structures, if they are not complicated , more than they were explained or written so complicated, or which generated me this sensation::)


This (MA) First impression, I consider that many years specialists have written on this, implying that or already “knows something” of the matter , or that is expert in blogging, in HTML, or that is a super – geek with rendering wisdom for big data, or which to confess I must, it is far from MY reality and I believe that of many two are reading these now lines.

After having passed the mountain by the giant SIM, to cross I succeeded, to assimilate and to learn (something, I’m In this Way), I proposed to do an introductory article SEO for blogs, of the simplest form and friendly possible , ideal for those that as I in your moment or very little know almost anything about SEO . What it is, to serve and as applied it in a blog, this key is the blog.



SEO means Search Engine Optimization (simplifying, serious: optimization looking for or engine ).

I must confess that years ago, the first team I named that word, not talking about the know is was founder (CEO) or a company or … Yes. I had little idea about SEO for blogs.





For or Google or other looking engines can return to user results really useful and relevant to them, they use “spiders” or “spiders” that come out to investigate and analyze each one of the pages two sites to choose those that are of high quality and is set to seeks being made in this team. The algorithm of the engine looks weighs relevance and Popularity of the (between other Dozens of factors) and this agreed, or positions in the ranking and returns the results gives seeks in the list, Being the First or most popular, I APPROPRIATE, in synthesis: the best. The user trusts in the integrity of the engine and understands TERA more luck when clicking on the first link of the list not tenth, or whichwho is on the other side of the wall (GOT, hehe), is great fear and challenge to overcome .

Synthesis in, know about SEO allows us to optimize our articles, and thus get more chances of being in rank 1 and not 26.



To learn First to be position in the na of the list searching engine results.



Why is it so important to place? Because it means two very important things:


1-      That you are very good Writing and that people really valuable content your consider Gives authority much, between other things and Popularity, face you feel that all or effort and commitment dedicating to or performing: it’s worth.

Leaving or sentimental side … let’s pass second year Pontus:


2- You can make (much) more money. It is difficult, more real and. First place is or near in, is more likely to receive clicks on your link, or it means more traffic, greater amount in potential customers, bandages, subscribers, advertising, sponsors, etc, etc, etc, etc., etc.


SEO Structuring DO: ON – OFF


  • ON-PAGE optimization:

It is all or you can do in your page or article to optimize it and allow the spiders to either find , analyze, and either engine searches or position in a good position in the ranking of results related to or subject or keyword your post.


  • OFF-PAGE Optimization:

They are those all external factors that influence in your article positioning of : Popularity in social networks (mentions shared Quao and the e) is other sites “Linkam” your articles, comments, among other (many) things . The engine weighs all this information looking to measure relevance and content quality and decides it is worth paying attention Shows or not it.





These ODS base gives optimization ON page of your article. That’s why it’s so important. Use smart way for spiders as you find and can show you . Otherwise, Prune excellent content have a, a be wonderful writer, but you are not discover, all this becomes obsolete.

On use or give keywords in the text, MOZ is one of the most authority with companies do not issue and its beginners guide, appealing tasting reguintes the “little rules” on where and how many times Incorporates your article on them. After this “checklist” , unwrap one more detail each. Your Points:


  • Hair less once in its main title (H1);
  • Less hair or in one of the headings subtitles;
  • Hair at least 3 times body of the article;
  • Hair less marked at once “bold” and “Italico”;
  • Hair not submitted one “H” an image (below, I’ll show you the fate-what and why);
  • At once URL;
  • Hair less once in Meta description.


And more details, WHERE …

  • URL:

It’s your important long URL is not much, since that’s the prune see-a spam spiders, so it’s a lot better that it’s short, and that I included keywords ace. Prune edit it, its long title Be case. See my example:





It is the first place or analyze and provide attention algorithm by this should use this space to place your keyword. Recom-que is not two pass 70 characters (including spaces I) in a title, it is the quantity than this or search results show us. This also has to see with Twitter , since that should leave enough space for you to share or link without shortening it. On the web, there is a lot of material to learn to write optimized titles .



Or secondly to what Spiders are headed to analyze , are the subtitles, headings or, or H2, 3, 4, (etc), or you prefer. We are recommend using H2 for these cases that are already the most that have value . So we recommend it in some place to keyword them. It is not necessary to do it in every one of them, because it will naturally remain little.


  • BODY

It is also suggested to incorporate three times key words. A little more It can be, always and not artificial stay and not length of the text allows. A large-key density in a text words, may be a negative for Google Factor, which may be considered low quality article. In any way, most of the keywords, or important more than SEO for blogs, is your blog . Or content, or writes is your best strategy. He is quality, original, with good images, videos and links that serve the information source of true complementary to readers of his, then or other around the actions to realize to the really give the optimizers will work .



The meta tag description is not a ranking factor for or algorithm , more or is or text engine uses to show us results of searching and this should be attractive. From or panel of admin of your blog, Prune modified it there also its to incorporate keywords.





Images are also a you can optimize element . Give a name that ELAS has see or com with the keyword or topic, to be shown us looking for images results, converting to another source is to bring traffic to your blog . In instead of using “aksdbaksjdba254684.jpg” then a description I included good Short and that make reference to your topic, or topical not in if (not?). Not worth “basesandfundamentosdeseoparabloggers.jpg”.


  • Also by descriptive a name to the image file, or “Alt-text” or alternative text, or text that you are browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc) show to by some reason user can not see image. This alternative text and important to you because I is an “alternative” seekers to the image. See the non-definitive Prune WordPress:

In short, it is the must Provide Spiders task to understand or is on Writing and thus can analyze and show this article we are looking for results corresponding Gives this topic.

There are several tools to prune-is used to confirm the keyword is that you chose to be the people you use to find or content that is writing you.


  • Google hint , for example. Ali will be displayed what is the phrase used more information in the time to look on your topic. For example:



  • Organized Google keywords : for whom never USED this tool, I leave a Google team tutorial for you to learn from or basic more to use-what (is in english, but Prune placing subtitles to better understand it).



Well, this is either basic and fundamental that you should take into account in relation to “On page optimization”.



As for off page optimization, they are reminiscent of all those external factors affecting that of your article positioning.


  • Backlinks : They are all pages as They quote our article using a link; These are the external links that redirect articles to Our users. When someone generates a link from outside (from another site / blog), targeting is our article, generating a backlink and that benefits us, since that maybe more people our CITEM article in their blogs or sites, and spiders will consider them as this relevant and by your article on the most weight-time position is in the ranking . You on the internet many packages find that offer “backlinks” to buy, but please try not to do it. An excellent strategy option is to generate backlinks and natural way, and others can share their colleagues in your articles links, and then you or a share or post from the website. In this form, you will not only generate your community, but also a form “chain favors” that will benefit the two parts.

Another option in for optimizing or off site, is using the “guest blogging” . In this way others, always that is adequate, incorporating mention one your website (using the one link) your article or one, is this provides information not post that is. This way, you will be generating backlinks yourself. This is an example of how we do:




  • Share your on social networking networks. Just no more Traffic generated for your blog, but rather because the Spiders are also looking for those posts that were shared many times, commented and mentioned in social networks. These are in the factors of weight in influencing not positioning not search.


Other aspects to weigh in account:


1- Choose an easy to use platform and applying SEO strategies. I recommend WordPress , because honestly, is the easiest and most practical, in addition to having so many  more plugins, widgets and apps compatible with WP’s that other platforms are ideal for who is joining the SEO world for bloggers. We utilized or called SEO plugin ” WordPress SEO by Yoast “. Here I showed you how to prune, using WP, verify that your SEO is correct. On the Admin page, under your article, look at the following:




2- Be donated your own domain : this gives confidence to people as well as promoting your own brand, not a platform . It’s better, instead of in, for example.


I hope this post useful is very much you and I have let pass case case In this basic guide, please leave a comment for can add it!