SEO for beginners Part 2;: How to improve the pagerank of your website?

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SEO for beginners “Part 2”: How to improve the pagerank of your website?

Do you want to know what is or PageRank and how to improve it to get more organic traffic? 

It is you are not a webmaster expert, do not worry, you are not right, because this is a super – simple and practical guide for beginners, as. :)

In this post, I will explain what is or PageRank, because so much work and important this aspect gives optimization or engine for searching and which strategies you can apply to improve it.

In the First part of “SEO for beginners” , we concentrate on “ON page optimization” , that is to say: all that you can do in E from your page , so you or Google, when evaluating your site, or a good position ranking position.

In this second installment , let’s focus on the other part’s SEO structure: the optimization OFF page , especially or that refers to PageRank , as indicated or title.


1- What is OFF page optimization? What paper or all this in has PageRank?

The optimization OFF page implies a work on external those factors that directly impact on: the reputation, authority and relevance of your website and content. These are the external aspects that matter to Google to give score and position YOUR engine not looking page.

1.1- What is or what paper PageRank has in page optimization OFF?

The PageRank (PR) is or Factor # 1 (from plus 200) that either Google uses to determine or ranking of the engine pages not looking.

It is a numerical figure that works with a scale of 1 to 10, or 10 to perfect Being punctuated , and which serves to express to the importance, relevance, and reputation validity of your site. These above aspects are consolidated taking into account and build and the quality or number two links that direct your page.

In addition to the volume of links, or PageRank’s algorithm also considers an origin of each other, its quality, I reputation of the source that I mentioned, among other Ten aspects that influence PR, and we’ll see more for frente.-

1.2 – To serve or PageRank and is so that important?

Basically, idea is this:

The better the PageRank, the more you TERA appear likely in Positions two results first engine not looking, or that translates into greater visibility and more chances that people click and access your site. This means you will get greater organic traffic. The more people on your site, the more money. 

It reminds you that in addition to organic traffic, there are other traffic types:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising traffic trough (money costs).
  • Traffic of reference: that accesses using links that have been cited on other sites.
  • Direct traffic: when the URL or user types of your site directly into the address bar.


2- What is having a Key Factor for high PageRank?

Or goal gives optimization and improvement of PageRank, is the amount in getting greater external links quality that direct to your site sers way Organica , that is: are not that payments, false nor, nor spam.

Continue reading because more I will show you for front several tactics to get backlinks (external links) and improve or PageRank.

2.1- So: that large and important to have one or volume of external backlinks links?

Or Google considers that your website is very “linked” you are good because something is doing. For them, it’s a sign that people like that face, They think it useful, quality, relevant, and that consequently, you must have some authority or be a reference in the area in specializing, and that’s why people mention your page or content.

Precisely because of this, I reputation aspects, authority and relevance make sense in the sense of PageRank.

To avoid problems or frustrations with Google, and the vital clarify or following: I reputation is not the same that Popularity. You can have a popular website, very popular, more with low PageRank. Why?

Well, a lot of attention is given to the example Matt Cutts gave (or Director of Google’s webspam area) to show difference between Popularity and authority-reputation:

It is not a PageRank measure Popularity two sites. You looking for sites that are popular are by example, we say that are the popular porn pages, but people are not likely to link to websites. On the other hand, you can take some government website: perhaps note that there are not a ton of websites that visit these, there are many more than Linkam these sites.

So, it can say that, certain way to Popularity is where a people will go as long as it is a much more PageRank or measure linked to the reputation of that site that Linkam people.


3- Factors that cause Google ranking not impact

Each two years, or site Moz, an authority in the SEO field, makes study a using of which try to understand better or algorithm of Google and know which factors are and features present in the pages tend be in Positions better results two results of the looking engine.

In the following table, you can observe in order of importance and weight, which are the key factors:


To test results will Moz, show other job Searchmetrics hair done , using of which, they reach almost the same Conclusions:

The summer, or +1 Google Plus and all related links, I are in the first positions.

For pass to clean’re given, we concentrate we should following us insights:

1      The number and quality of backlinks extremely important or ranking (external links That You direct your site users) remain.

2- Social signs are still strengthening the weight for the Factor or ranking.

3-      Content of quality and relevant (context), Being a continuous key factor, and extremely important in construction gives authority I reputation and relevant consideration.

4- The SIGNIFICANCE of the keyword URL or in the domain has lost its relevance.

These studies confirm that Matt Cutts said to explain why building and getting links to backlink remain key to achieving greater visibility and organic traffic:

I continue to be relevant. How can someone or is a website. Maybe with time, social media authorship ea, or other brands, and we will give more information about that. 

So, of these 4 insights, social media Tende to be installed as powerful or more on which, even YOU COULD work to improve your pagerank. Why? A good presence in social networks contributed to the positioning of your brand and functions as excellent one of your content distributor , using tanned, shares, tweets, retweets, +1, until you reach influencers and bloggers others , which you find or you relevant face, doubt without Iran want to share this quality information with your audience.

So you should not only work on the creation of amazing things for your brand, more must first Undertake powerful campaign of distribution of content , using tools the or Postcron to Increase to present their not Google+, Facebook and Twitter and ensure que your content reaches as far as possible .

4- IMPORTANCE of its reputation and the linkjuice

As we have said already, each site working should have a consolidate and good reputation , that this no longer directly impact PageRank by that is something must care and preserve.

When a site related to the same area as yours, with excellent reputation, relevance and authority, places a link to your site, for example, transfer part of the reputation that owns for your site, or it means that you will have less ” Juice of Reputation “available for your own transfer links.

It vexes as or juice (links) full of reputation is transfer for other sites:


So, have your high PageRank page or a low, should you have care of that and manage well your “reputation juice” to save or enough for you YOUR own links.

You should continue to work hard on the quality of your content and website, to have more chances that other important sites you consider useful and relevant to QUOTE it and thus power get more points , or juice greater weight, which influence or your PageRank decisively way.

– Image credit: Woorank

know you know an and control is PageRank or yours, access Prune these sites:


5- Domain Authority: the other side of PageRank

Domain Authority is one of the largest authority sites worldwide in the SEO field, which allows predicting the performance of a site not ranked by Google’s engine searches , based on its reputation.

The Domain Authority uses 40 more signals to determine punctuation , more are the two main ones: a Quantity-quality two obtained backlinks other sites, and they have authority quanta.

DA, is an ideal website for comparing with another indicator or your control site solidity over time. The DA a uses logarithmic scale of 100 Points, being ideal You can reach 100. access and measured or DA of your site here:

Open Site Explorer  
Moz Toolbar

So, is it you get high a DA score, this means you too closely will be positioned well in the Google PageRank scale. 


6- Tactics to improve your DA and PR

Knowing these two are very similar measures, we propose a “unified solution” to improve the two, as well as PR or DA, of the following list using tactics that even without a Webmaster be precise, YOU can perform.

1- Make a clean of bad links:

Although it is a task that you webmasters usually do, you can consider getting to do it, Google is using tracking other of you quoted pages. ELAS is a low or poor reputation, so you can ask them to remove your link from two sites.

2- Become a good backlink site:

Can you do it?

2.1- Produce high quality content and relevance, only people find that your site and content are linkable.

2.2- Share your content on social networks , are already another that avenue for redistribution two your links , and using This tactic, you can also accumulate leathery, +1 and retweets , which social signals OPERATION like that add Points to your reputation , and therefore to your PageRank.

2.3- Participate in form active in communities and forums for quality and information sharing of relevance. It is one of their way to include links and make your I content or other people to come site.

2.4- Create, develop and increase relationships with influencers, bloggers, consultants and copywriters. In Every industry, should you already know one series That You have to “characters” of renown, Which people and hear your word TRUST: . Enjoy to unwrap relationships with them, because they will potentiate to distribution of your content , and include quality backlinks in your blog.

2.5- Have a profile and in others not Wikipedia directories , only people can find you using different channels that reputation also possess good.

2.6- Guest Blogging: still this practice has disreputable due to fied generation of articles of poor quality in turned that spams (since that were used to place links), or Google left to encourage this tactic, but is that ensure You Prune raise a guest post quality and that is of your context relevant to or niche, then go ahead.

2.7- Promote Images and videos using infographics, photos, presentations, Webinars, videos cam. YouTube adds a lot of reputation and weight.

2.8- Make quality contributions using the comments or on other articles sites , as in your cite or link.

7 – How to check what is your positioning page or not Google?

In the year 2000, or Google Launched its first version Pagerank, in the bar tools Internet Explorer . Currently, ESSA number Classification, hair maid Google to tell us important results pages of the are looking for , no longer available is.

Google pagerank First version

The simple way of knowing more or your website ‘s Google ranking is to make a direct look at your website and the most keywords of your relevant business, or own everything via Google. It happens that ESSA strategy, simply, is not efficient.

I displayed in Google results are not always the same . Or ranking depends on where you are located when a looking face. In addition, the results were always adapted to your historic looking, are your influenced hairs patterns in the Internet Behavior.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools that exact serve to prove your website’s ranking on Google , all are completely free . Here, we share a short list:

  • Rankerizer : application that allows you to track or page ranking in your of the function each keyword that you have chosen to be positioned. You will see url of each rank and is the position changed in to your latest looking relationship.
  • Free Monitor for Google : quite similar to Rankerizer, also already that displays or positioning by keyword. But in addition, Mostra gives you 50 First results sought or allowing to meet or two competitors state.
  • Pro Rank Tracker : still question of pay a tool, its version quite full and free and displays or positioning of your page in different looking engines (Google not only not).
  • Serplab : Online and free tool. Allows you to know what your positioning is in a few seconds and so ‘picture’. Want to know more? It’s just on the recording platform.

Finally, we would like to suberir you two to check your Extensions in Google ranking: one is SEO SEOcalls for Chrome and the other is the Firefox Checker Rank .


Take into account for now in Front:

It was a very analysis of this quick and basic CONCEPTS hairs to know you should OFF optimization on the page, especially related to PageRank in the. These tactics are to improve it, are the ones that are at reach your possibilities, and you can make it even now, so keep in mind the following: everything you do will improve your reputation and authority, it will positively impact your PageRank and domain authority. Remember that to generate relevant content, quality, and that makes it Person that decided to cite your site and / or content to be well, is the most powerful Factor, already that will or will make that all to structure links COMECE work and grow.

I hope this post has fulfilled or goal to be a basic guide to understanding structure of the other part of SEO. How will you start your optimization?