SEO Elements That Can not be missing from your website

Implement an SEO strategy it is complex, demanding and requires patience. To position your website on top of search engines you will surely need a skilled person . And Workana you can find the best qualified to assist talent. The profiles cover specialties such as search engine optimization, keyword analysis, Link Building, Web Performance Optimization (WPO), SEM and many other skills. So it’s as simple as publishing your project in Workana and freelance specify which profile you need.

The professional will know exactly what steps to take and what strategy to use in your particular case. There are many variables to consider to achieve a good position.

First step: defining keywords

The starting point is to define the keywords that will be the basis of your SEO campaign.  All rely questions such as “What is the purpose of my business?”, “Who are my competitors?”. The choice of keywords is crucial so that users can find on your pages content that is actually relevant to them. It is then to conduct a comprehensive analysis of what are the keywords associated with your product / service within your niche (you can use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool). Hire an expert in keyword research so you can advise😉

Next step: understanding what the basic SEO elements that can not miss on your website are


Seeks to include the most representative keywords in your domain name, or add them to your URL (eg. ( What is generally used to separate the keywords with hyphens . This what It does is give greater clarity to both search engines and for readers Another tip:. avoid using complicated and difficult to index URL, for example , include numbers and symbols like, &, +,%?.

Page title

Another basic is to include keywords in the title of your page. Ideally , you choose one keyword phrase. With this, the search engine will bring together in the “right” category and on the other hand, what it will do is highlight the keyword in your title every time a search is done with that keyword (and this no doubt draw the attention of the reader ).


Also it incorporates keywords in headings. In short, the headings “talk” about the content and this serves as a reference seekers. Also it guides readers what they will find.


Google and other search engines also let you search for “pictures”. Then it includes a label that describes what each image on your website is about. While search engines can not read text inside an image, they can read the text associated with it. It includes keywords in the image name, description and Alt attribute.

internal Links

Linkear internally seeks as many pages and are connected hierarchically. It is ideal that you connect your main pages and your home page. Another interesting resource is to have a Site map, which also helps search engines better index your content.

external Links

Here it is generate links on other sites that routed to relevant content on your own website (this is known as “Link Building”). It is an alternative that takes a little time but generates good results. The techniques may be different: post links on social networks or blogs, write reviews or comments on sites in your niche, buy or exchange links, appear in directories, and so- called “Link Baiting” among others.

Social networks

It includes buttons to major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and others) in each relevant page on your site. With this you will make your content spreads, reaching other sites and eventually routed links to your website.


It is the most important element because a SEO strategy would be meaningless without quality content. The keywords should be included in it naturally; reading must flow. The texts must not only be well written, without spelling or grammatical errors, but must add value to the reader. Otherwise, you lose. Content is the key, beyond optimizing the URL, titles, headings and links. The reality is that if search engines do not consider useful and of value to your content, your site will be well positioned not a logical question: they want users to deliver quality results and match their search.

Remember then that your SEO strategy should revolve around the content. It is the way of retaining your users and win new ones. The rest of the techniques you can implement are only a supplement.