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For Henrique Carvalho, founder of the site Live Blog , an idea is so powerful that it can be resilient and contagious like a virus. Speaking at RD Summit in 2016, he said, with an idea, you can get into the mind of a person and influence how she sees the world.

It looks like a global strategy of domination – and it is. Henry believes that the main demonstration of the power of a company is to see it reach more people, and this is the major function of producing content.

“Memorable content is a content that is remembered, which is in history,” he added.

Henrique Carvalho is very convincing arguments to support his thesis, more precisely 8 million of them. This is the number of visits the Live Blog has received since its inception in 2013. Of this total, 3.2 million came from organic traffic. His secret, he said, is to write with strategy.


First steps


“Everyone starts from scratch, but when you have a method, strategy, clear idea of ​​where you want to go, you have a great competitive advantage.”

In addition to the above sentence, he also listed some of the common to all who produce content challenges, such as:

  • lack of time to write;
  • the constant changes in the best marketing practices;
  • differentiation, the biggest problem to overcome.

For Henry, be faithful to the editorial calendar can be a trap in the search for be differentiated. “With the calendar, everyone does the same thing without emotions to move to the reader. All content is much like the Internet, “he said.

Arouse emotions would be the best way to overcome information overload on the network, turning the noise in fact information.

The Living Blog Strategy

And that strategy is the one that made the live blog a big hit with the audience?

Henrique Carvalho presented his tactics in the lecture that gave the RD Summit in 2016, dividing it into 11 points.

Continue reading the post to give a summary of the lecture. If you prefer, watch the recording on the video below:

1. Target

You know what you think your reader? The idea here is to go beyond demographics and truly understand what the tastes of your target audience. What books he reads? That music and movies suit you?

Henry argues that is increasingly easy to get that information. He suggests, for example, analyze reviews of books on Amazon, discovering what arouses passion about someone give five stars and that causes so much grief on who gives only one.

2. Positioning

Your content needs to have its own brand, even if it is graphics on the blog. At the launch of Living Blog, Henrique Carvalho bet on complete guides with large texts that were not so common at the time. He claims that this was the single proposal of value of your content, that is, that’s what made him different from other sites and therefore memorable.

3. Frequency and consistency

Create a habit to your readers is key, and this is where comes the frequency of posting . It should be respected, avoiding disappoint people who are expecting to receive their texts.

However, there is a standard perfect attendance: it is important to experiment to find yours. Since consistency is something more subjective: deliver what you propose to do.

4. killers Titles

Henry believes that no good content to be the best possible if the title does not attract anyone. He even measure this importance, “title is 80% of its content force.” Not clickbait, though: you have to attract attention and deliver what is promised.

In Living Blog, he comes to write more than 30 titles to find the right for each post.

“Muhammad Ali had no abdominal even begin to hurt, then counted. The same goes for the title, you have to do too much to have information on the head. “

5. Emotions

All content must cause some sort of emotion, and who write should be clear what he wants the reader feel. This helps in sharing, as shown in a survey of news from the New York Times: posts that caused anger had more shares, while the sadness not motivated many people.

6. Power Design

The Living Blog publishes every week one infographic and therefore bet much on design.

It is a way even to revitalize an old content: text can gain strength in computer graphics format, reaching a new audience. And no one likes ugly infographic.

7. Writing well and

Create content about something you know is easy, but how to explain to someone who does not know? You are not your audience. Henry cites a “curse of knowledge”, which is back to basics to explain.

“What the audience wants is different from what you want to teach it.”

Another important thing is to avoid writer ‘s block, creating the habit of writing a lot every day. The speaker further states that do many tasks at the same time is killing the productivity of writers and asks focus on the text.

8. Storytelling

Henry believes in creating deep connections with readers, in order to hold their attention and gain their loyalty.

So explore storytelling (tell good stories) stirring the feelings of the reader is critical.

“If you do not know the history of Batman, you will find it just a crazy bat dress beating bad guys on the street.”

9. Art

Contents are art, they need to be polished with time and, especially, are not created overnight.

It is normal to have lots of ideas and leave them disorganized in a draft format. Then you will chiseling and leaving the content ready to be posted.

10. Multiplication Content Magic (MMC)

In general, people believe that the company must be present in all social networks and end up doing a half-assed job. Henry indicates that you focus on a few channels and go improving your content for each of them.

Over time, the MMC becomes a smart way to address the channels, deriving the content you created in multiple formats such as video, text and infographic.

11. CTA

All content must have a call-to-action , so that your reader turn your Lead and perhaps your customer.

Henrique Carvalho ends the lecture with an analogy to please fans of games. For him, the plumber Mario (Nintendo character) is your customer, while its content is the flower that gives him superpowers. It’s up to you to promote this meeting, so that your customer turn that powerful super Mario loose fireballs at enemies.

“We are living a revolution of content, more and more people are producing and using it to win customers.”

This was more a lecture last edition of our event (you can check here all lectures RD Summit 2016 published on the blog ).

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Still not convinced? Then see how it was in 2016: