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Fábio Ricotta is CEO of SEO and Content Marketing in Brazil. His main work, therefore, is to attract traffic to the websites of their clients.

Speaking at RD Summit 2016, however, he made it clear what the numbers are that interest in a Digital Marketing Strategy:

“Ultimately, the entrepreneur who hires our agency wants sales. No matter how many hits you have, how many Leads you have; it does not sell, you do not renew . “

It is with this in mind that it develops strategies for companies with Kirin Brazil, Natura, Blue and Bayer. In the lecture, Ricotta has credited the success of the Master to the engagement team, based on their culture code.

“If we do not have people buying the same idea, we can not do,” he said, referring to what it considers to be the mission of your agency: attract visitors, turning them into Leads and generate sales.

For him, marketing is a very powerful tool, but it is not magic. “There’s no point you have a messed up product, no marketing to solve it,” he pointed emphatically. Ricotta said also that a bad product can be, at most, “masked” for some time.

His talk was divided into six themes, which were presented as the “tactics of the masters,” using characters from pop culture.

At the end, Ricotta also revealed what it considers to be the basis of everything in Digital Marketing . Continue reading the post to find out what the Master Agency is to differentiate the market.

Or watch the lecture in full below:

The 6 tactics Masters

1. Persona

Fábio Ricotta believes that the persona of the definition is necessarily the first step of a Digital Marketing strategy. “It takes about two months to make a decent persona with a continuous work to understand the audience. You will not understand on a chat or two days, have to investigate, “he pointed out.

We must also understand the persona of emotions. He suggests Empathy Map tool to identify their pain and their needs.

Another suggestion of the speaker is to use intelligent forms of RD Station, prospecting information of Leads Using Landing Pages.

“You have to create persona and buying journey before boosting a post on Facebook.”

Ricotta also indicated the use of Lead Scoring with an unusual approach. “You can import the results on Facebook and create custom audiences, finding guys that have to do with my persona,” he said.

For him, the first true value delivered by an agency to a client must be a qualified Lead .

2. Native Ads

The Master Agency has indicated the use of Native Ads , which are sponsored links on news portals and large audience websites for their clients. “In this format, the person is already consuming content, then gives to announce,” said the CEO. He is not a fan of what he calls some very popular forms of ads:

“On Facebook one is socializing, Google searching, buying on Amazon; in such cases the ad is invasive. “

Ricotta indicated the use of Native Ads for top content funnel , although I believe you can do conversions, too, in the middle and hopper bottom .

He used as an example the eBook Blog for E-commerce that generated 3000 Leads to Master, with an investment of $ 3000. “You have to have a picture and a very good title,” he said.

3. YouTube

The platform’s most popular videos in the world has received much attention from the Master Agency. The company is seeing its growing engagement on YouTube without spending money.

Ricotta says that this is due to factors such as good cover images for videos and the use of highly descriptive titles, thinking of keywords.

“Work on the engagement of your video: make a good script and a good issue, as YouTube uses as a metric to the video retention rate, with you watching until the end.”

Married content also featured prominently in the master strategy. For each published video, there is a post on the agency’s blog. It’s like an interview with the person in the video, helping the page organic growth.

Another tip of the lecture was the YouTube Analytics use to generate ideas for new content. The tool shows keywords that users looking to get the videos, which can be leveraged in subsequent posts.

4. Notifications

Search re-engage the audience very worthwhile. The most common way to do this is through emails. However, Fábio Ricotta presented some different shapes in his lecture, diversifying ways to generate traffic.

SMS, he said like PushCrew and Unsignal, drawing attention to the 15-20% engagement rates with producing content for this format. Easy access helps in this case.

“The mobile phone is always at arm’s length!”

Ricotta gave a practical example for the ecommerce industry: Notification via mobile push offering preferential access to promotions for Black Friday . He stressed that these tools should not be used for spam. Messages should be sent only to previously registered users.

5. SEO for Inbound Marketing

The speaker offered a number of tips for SEO oriented Inbound Marketing . The goal, Ricotta said, is that the company has in its content an asset. That is, it can be found by your potential customers without having to spend a lot on advertising or shoot constantly emails.

He reaffirmed the importance of creating the persona and understanding of the buying journey , so that the search keywords bring results that show what people actually want.

Thus, it is possible to offer content that do not go straight for sale, building a relationship.

“SEO is a marathon, not 100-meter dash. It is building an asset for the company and generate enough hits and conversions. “

Ricotta also reminded of the importâncio SEO eBooks and Landing Pages , mainly in bonds. This helps in staying highlighted such content in search engine, avoiding extra costs.

6. pixel Funnel

“You probably already know the funnel emails, but you have ever made a pixel funnel?” Asked Fabio Ricotta.

So he introduced the tactic that, in fact, does not appear in both the Digital Marketing strategies. The idea is to lead the user for their content through advertising, according to what he clicks.

It is a strategy remarketing and can be used in the Google AdWords .

Thus, it is possible to go from the top to the bottom of the funnel using specific content for each step. Every step you take, identified by pixel, the user will receive a new type of nutrition.


6 shows the master tactics, Fábio Ricotta closes his speech emphasizing the importance of content.

For him, there is no point having the best digital marketing practice if you offer to Leads and readers do not have quality.

“If you do not value content, you can not climb,” he concluded.

This was more a lecture last edition of our event (you can check here all lectures RD Summit 2016 published on the blog ).

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