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The Canadian Oli Gardner is one of the founders of Landing Pages . His lecture at RD Summit 2016 started with a slide that read, in large letters, the following statement:

“The internet is destroyed and marketers are to blame.”

The problem Oli, being more specific, is with the botched marketing – he even uses a word in English to show how much it annoys you. During the lecture, however, it is clear that he is passionate about the area.

“I do not speak Portuguese, but I speak conversion,” he said. The Canadian said he clicks all: banners, links and ads, because they like to know how people are doing marketing.

Oli Gardner wants therefore help improve the Internet, not destroy it. Watch the speech in its entirety in the video below, or check out some of his ideas in the summary prepared for the blog!

1. Start with the Landing Page

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in Digital Marketing is not to create Landing Pages. The speaker emphasized that “home page” is not “Landing Page”.

“Never start a marketing campaign without a Landing Page dedicated.”

The reason is very simple: without conversion pages, there is no way to capture Leads . You might even be leading visitors to your site, or to the page of a specific product, but do not capture your information. It would be something like a TV advertisement.

“Your website is for organic traffic, SEO etc. Your marketing campaigns are something else, “said Oli. At the base of it all is the concept of attention, which is directly related to the conversion rates .

2. Conversion is communication

Oli Gardner lists three key factors to increase their conversion rates. They are as follows:

  • Context: how relevant your page as search results;
  • Please note: how many distractions there on the page;
  • Clarity: how easy it is to read and understand your message.

These three points can be brought together under the umbrella of communications. It is not limited, of course, the written language, but also includes the design of your conversion pages . It can be said until it is more relevant.

The speaker said he did not believe much in the research of the potential concentration of people. For him, people’s attention changes several times a day, by variables beyond the control of marketers.

What we have to do then is to invest in effective communication. Oli presented some examples of companies that fail to get the message out about what they are about their business, whatever the reader endeavor.

“They may even be unique, but are demonstrating it in a terrible way.”

If you are not clear, it does not communicate; it does not communicate, does not sell. There is no reason to fill your Landing Pages elements that distract the attention of the conversion button, even if they do not transmit anything about your company.

3. correct ads

Oli Gardner does not want you to waste money on misguided ads . Besides undermining the finances of your business will still spend time and clicks it. It’s a joke, of course, but worth looking into if, instead of attracting Leads, you’re not leaving the angry people with your brand.

The easiest way to thwart a potential customer is precisely take you to a page that has nothing to do with what he’s looking for. Optimize your landing pages and product offerings so that does not happen.

“What we said and what people hear are often two entirely different things.”

The Canadian also proposes a challenge. If you isolate the dominant visual element of your page, and visitors to look directly at him, they will be able to understand what is your business? If the answer is no, this element is only hindering the conversion.

4. Test of 5/2

Another challenge posed by Oli Gardner is what he calls the “five seconds of the test.” In it, you have only the time quoted to understand what it is about a particular site. Landing Page can be, home page, product page etc., but if it was not possible to understand the message, it needs to be rethought.

If it seems time for a thorough examination, it’s because it is. The consumer gives you a very short period – perhaps even less than five seconds – to convince you to buy. So forget the depth and mire in effective messages.

This does not mean that you also need to be fast in building your pages – on the contrary, plan them with care. Want to see an example of a common mistake? In the rush, many people handle any image in a photo bank . In addition to the aforementioned issue to divert attention from the conversion Oli Gardner said the following:

“If you thought about using this picture, other similar business should also have thought. This causes you to be not unique. “

He even indicated a tool to assess whether, in fact, many people had the same idea as you: . Put your picture and see if there is sin in the question originality.


During the lecture, Oli Gardner evaluated a series of pages, pointing out errors how they could improve their conversion rates. He did this with a series of small tests than five seconds, with statistics.

The Canadian showed thus how marketers can help improve the internet – rather than destroy it, as argued in opening the presentation. The data are still useful for professionals to sell their services qualitatively.

One of the tests was Oli with a Landing Page to sell the tickets RD Summit. The winning event, which attracted more clicks in the test, was the one that had a caption saying there would be “cool beer” .

Well, then he must have been delighted when he discovered that there was indeed stupidly cold beer in the evening at Summit 2016. During the two days, by the way!

Already in 2017, there will be three happy hours, once the event has grown!

In addition, there will be over 8000 participants, 8 stages of talks going on in parallel, more than 80 exhibitors, networking, entertainment and more.

Tickets are on sale now at this link .

Still not convinced? Then see how it was in 2016:

This was more a lecture last edition of our event (you can check here all lectures RD Summit 2016 published on the blog ).