RDicas # 06 – Link building tips to get started now!

Digital Marketing Glossary
Google Trends: What is the tool and how to use it in your strategy

1 – Co-marketing

By definition, co-marketing is when two companies are interested in the same persona and unite to make a marketing action together. There are two basic forms of co-marketing we recommend:

Rich materials

The most common way that we have to co-marketing in today’s market is the production of rich materials together.

In other words, when you invite someone who is a reference in particular subject and, together, they write an eBook, produce an infographic, record webinars or any other form of content.

The final product of this material is published with the signature of the two companies, which also generates leads for both parties.

An important detail to take into account is that this is not an action to be made with a competitor. The recommended is to make a co-marketing rich materials with a company that is interested in the same persona, but that is not competing.

This is a very easy way to earn links, because if you gather this content and stay in a landing page on your domain for people to download this rich content, this partner you selected for the co-marketing will release the material and always will point the link for you. Therefore, it is very likely that you get a link on the blog of your partner or social networking profile that he has.

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One of the benefits of co-marketing is SEO, but the main issue is the considerable increase in this publication in terms of generating leads for your business.

This is then tip, when you think of the rich material to generate leads, find a partner and try together with him. In addition to the results being better, you break wins a link to your site at least.


The other form of co-marketing are the benefits you can offer to a partner company or for someone who is interested more or less the same persona.

If your potential partner already have a right audience on your site or blog, you can offer some exchanges.

You can offer special conditions of your product to the public of his partner and, in turn, ask him to notify about it on your site, whether in blog post on a banner or a partner area. This technique works and is relatively easy to achieve.

Thus, with a unique benefit and an approximation of a strategic partner, it is quite possible that you get a link on that other site to advertise your company.

So in addition to SEO, this practice is quite feasible to get a good gain in generating traffic, which is what we need to think too much when building link building actions.

2 – Content

Produce content itself is already a link building action, if well done. Why it is always very important that such production is always focused on quality and good experience of the audience.

However, there are some forms of content that leverage these actions:


Will eventually support in interviews when producing content for your blog or a rich material.

When we interviewed someone, usually the respondent does not let this stuff die. He will always publish on social networks or comment on the fact on his blog.

Call referees in your area and make an appointment. Support on the ego of people because everyone will want to talk about who was interviewed by your channel. And when that happens, a link to your site will be offered.

Much quality

Another way is to build a content of a high standard, a very rich content, reusing the most of all the knowledge you have and all the publications that you already own.

What do you do with that eBook published a year ago and which today no longer generate any lead for you? Anything? Well, you can gather this eBook and turn it into a rich article to your website or blog, making an extremely high quality content. Along with this, you can leave a banner for people click and go to your landing page if they want access to the original material.

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By doing this, you can get a good aid in SEO on page, since you will have a good relevant and extensive content on your site.

This content adaptation does not fail to be a very big bait to attract links, is other people who have a blog and resolve link a judge to be a very good content, or for people who come to the page and decide to share the material in social networks. So you end up winning many links out of your content itself.

Another strategy is always easy sharing on networks. Set aside a few sentences to people twittarem, for example. If you are a graphic content, an image, an infographic, a checklist or a video, put a code so that these people can embedar the material on other blogs.

3 – Mining

Mining links may be a bit more distant way, but it is very interesting and not too difficult to be understood and followed.

Mentions of the brand

Try to look for places where your brand was mentioned, but the link was not disclosed. It’s very easy to talk to the person who wrote about you or your brand and ask to also provide the link where appropriate.

Look for sites that are mentions of your brand, see if you already have the link, if there is no contact and ask.

Broken links

Another strategy is to find that site you always wanted to make a link and try this site, find broken links, which lead to pages that do not exist.

Suddenly, contact gently with the site administrator and say you’ve found a broken link, but that within your site there is another link that can replace it, you can make a difference.

This is a relationship that does not cease to be win-win. You tells the other person that there is a problem on her website and, as a result, you can earn on the link.


It is common for people to think about link building only as guest posts. But, as we saw above, there are other ways and other easy ways you can apply the strategies on your site.

In short, look for partners to co-marketing, invest time in quality content production and look for mentions of your brand on the web. They are effective methods and that can greatly leverage your business.