RD Summit Code of Conduct 2017

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The RD Summit is the mirror of the most genuine values of Digital results from head to toe.

He was born of latent desire to see companies and businesses of our country growing, accelerating, creating jobs and development.

More than that, is the space where we have the opportunity to show who out how strong is the company culture in which we work .

Perhaps this paragraph be even a bit emotional – and sorry for it! – but working in a company that values, encourages and discusses the diversity in level that RD does is too beautiful to behold, and gives us a hell of a pride. ❤

In addition to the corporate environment, we also believe that when we are outside the company.

For this reason, keep this environment of respect, support and promotion of diversity is a duty for us, and also needs to be for those who will be with us on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October.

In order that these are the best days of the year for ALL the people involved with the event, there are some basic rules of coexistence, built jointly by RDoers responsible for our affinity groups.

Code of Conduct RD Summit 2017

Code of Conduct - summit rd

First, it is noteworthy that this code applies to all (the) the (the) involved (the) with RD Summit, namely, speakers, supplier (s), sponsor (s), partner (the) participants and Here it goes.

If you are in Summit, feel under the jurisdiction of this code!

will not pass

Harassment or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated!

But what we mean by harassment?

In addition to inappropriate physical contact or unwanted sexual attention, know that harassment includes other actions such as verbal, written material, recordings, photographs or objects that are targeted or used in a manner that negatively affects a person or creates an intimidating environment, hostile or offensive.

So do not treat anyone disrespectfully because of color, race, nationality, religion, physical appearance, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or simply not agree to any position or choose the person .

Remember that diversity is in everyone in some way, and that the RD Summit is an event that embraces and appreciates all the differences!

racist, sexist, capacitistas, homophobic, inciting harassment and exclusion are inadmissible. Just do not be that person.

The ethics committee of the RD

Throughout the event we will have an ethics committee acting for the code to be fulfilled.

If you receive a warning of any kind, or a request to stop any behavior, stop immediately!

If the committee understand that the code was violated, appropriate action will be taken, which can range from a formal invitation to exclusion from the event (with no refund and the committee’s discretion) to search for the appropriate legal action.

If you notice or suspect that was harassed, do not hesitate to seek our ethics committee, which will be properly identified.

And remember: the code is there to be fulfilled !

Do your part and come with us to the RD Summit 2017 a diverse and inclusive event!❤

See you soon!