RD Summit 2017: Everything you need to know before you go to the biggest Digital Marketing and Sales event in Latin America

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In a few days the fifth edition of RD Summit and we are in full swing to provide the professionals who will be with us an unforgettable experience. Prepare your hearts because you will be surprised!

To date, we have confirmed participants from all states of Brazil, as well as professionals from countries such as Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Russia and Uruguay (how to thank them enough for that? It will be too beautiful! ❤).

Whether you are coming from close or far, this information will make a difference to short the most of every moment. Therefore, we recommend reading intently.

All aboard? It’s time to get ready to begin a journey that can transform your way!

Getting ready: before the event

1. For those going to pack

If you are one of the caravans that will fall on the road, there are some things you need to know about before coming Floripa.

You may already know this, but Florianopolis is known for being the Brazilian Silicon Valley : various companies and technology startups that are transforming the history of the sector in the country are here.

In addition, the city as a good capital, is also full of leisure facilities to make your stay fantastic!

See here the guide our team prepared with information about mobility, restaurants, hotels and more for you to enjoy the most of your days at the Magic Island.

As the city is located in the south of the country, it can sometimes be a little cool – especially when it hits the infamous south wind, which almost freezes us, rs. So do not let a cardigan out of the bag.

On the other hand, you will be in a city that contains 42 (forty-two) beaches, so remember to bring your bikini and sunscreen.

Already at the event, we have no formalities: the participant can wear something you feel comfortable. We recommend light clothing, comfortable shoes and a jacket because the air conditioning can leave the local ice cream.

2. Have a plan! 💡

It is important to keep in mind that you will go through three days of total immersion:

  • In all, they will be taught over 93 hours of lectures ;
  • You’ll be surrounded by other 8,000 professionals . Each represents an opportunity to make high-impact networking and even generate new business;
  • About 80 companies with solutions to optimize their marketing and sales activities will be at your disposal.

So get ready! Study the proposal of the event , know all the speakers and be sure to visit the exhibiting companies .

We strongly recommend a presence at the event on Facebook : besides being aware of the news in real time, you get online now your networking with other participants.

3. Accreditation ✅

The on Accreditation begins on Monday before the event, on the 16th

recommend that you remove your credentials as soon as possible to avoid queues.

But do not worry: if you can not, the accreditation can be done on other days of the event.

Check out the schedule:

  • 10/16/2017 – 13h to 19h
  • 17/10/2017 – 9h to 19h
  • 10/18/2017 – 8h to 18h
  • 19/10/2017 – 8h to 18h
  • 20/10/2017 – 8h to 18h

RD Summit

4. Application event 📱

The event app will be your best friend before, during and even after the Summit. Among the main features you will find there are:

  • The list of all participants : contact participants within the application and select meetings with professionals who would like to meet there;
  • All lectures and speakers : check out all the days and times of your favorite lectures and access the LinkedIn of the speakers that will be in our stages.
  • Organizer : the app allows you to mount your own schedule and receive notifications of lectures that are beginning or ending;
  • Important Announcements staff : all day, our team will send notifications with valuable tips. Stay tuned!

The app is available for Android and iOS on the links below:

5. The venue is great!

The space has more than 22mil m² infrastructure. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes throughout the day is essential to you and hold on this content and marathon networking .

This is an event for professionals, but prioritize your well-being and leave your stilettos and his tie for another occasion. 🙂

Check out the map of the event:

Map rd summit 2017

6. Create your schedule

Be sure to choose at the last minute who you want to watch: get to the event already with his mount facilitate programming in its movement between rooms.

Another favorable point to assemble the agenda ahead is to facilitate their movement within the event. Thus, you save time and increases your chances of getting favorite place in lectures, since the rooms have limited places.

See the tips of production to choose what to watch in the post RD Summit 2017: 6 Tips to build your schedule like a boss .

7. Manual of participants

Days before the event, you will receive an email from our team with important information for the big day.

Keep an eye on your chest!

We’re live at the event !:

1. The profile of the participants you will find

70% of gifts are decision makers : CEOs, directors, managers and coordinators.

This means you’ll be surrounded by people with high professional level, that are sure to add to your journey.

Every time it’s time to pull matter with fellow side! ‘

RD Summit

2. Count on our team RDoers!

RDoers is like us who work in DR, we are known.

We will be present as a staff event during the three days.

Our mission is to help them with absolutely everything you need, and be a mirror of the culture code of Digital results .

So count on us! We will be properly uniformed.😀

RD Summit

3. Do not be shy: try the solutions the trade fair!

You need to increase your sales? You are looking for solutions to optimize your funnel? Or is the management of social networks that needs to be driven?

For these and many other issues related to the theme of the event, Marketing and Sales, that our show was mounted.

Each of the 80 exhibitors who will be there are services that will help improve your processes and accelerate their results.

Talk to them and take advantage of free trials , activities and gifts that will be there.

RD Summit

4. Record, register and record some more 📷

Take the opportunity to share in your social networks all times, stocks and news you will find in these days of immersion.

Be the reference point and inspiration of many other professionals and work your personal image.

Ah! And do not forget to use the hashtags year: #RDSummit and # RDSummit17 .

RD Summit

5. Attention to business cards! 😀

Do not forget to stock up with business cards during the event, as you will change many with other participants!

Record in your notebook or even in the time card itself in which one participant met and why it is relevant to you.

Believe me, after 3-day event will be difficult to remember all the contacts you will make! Do not miss any opportunity.

6. We need to talk about food 🍲

Our gastronomic fair will be equipped with more than 60 foodtrucks that have options for all tastes and needs, including vegan and lactose-free food .

During peak hours, it is possible that you face queues at the site: search alternative times if you want to run away from them (before 12h, after 14h).

Also, keep snacks in your bag: you never know when you might hit that greedy.🙂

RD Summit 2016 Food Truck

7. We will have happy hour! Do not underestimate this moment ❤🍻

20,000 liters of beer Lohn Bier is good, but I tried to connect to professionals from all over Brazil for a moment of relaxation and very good energy?

Besides having fun, you will have a fantastic opportunity to meet even more people who can make a difference in your business and can even make friendships that will go beyond the RD Summit, as several participants from other issues reported. 🙂

RD Summit

8. On the capacity of the rooms

Despite being a statement on the purchase, not worth remembering: all rooms, including the plenary, are subject to capacity. be programmed in advance will help you secure your place in the halls!

We hope you enjoy every moment of this event to make your immersion in Digital Marketing and Sales even more fantastic!

If you have not secured your place, not living dangerously: these are the last tickets. Are you going to stay out? Sign up!

We look forward to meeting you! ❤