Pinterest for Companies: Step by step guide to improve the presence of your company in this social network

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Learn how to benefit with Pinterest for Business


Think about that song you heard for the first time over 10 years ago and still continues to sound at parties, on the radio or at weddings.


Well, that’s how it works Pinterest : no matter how long have your , or publications pins , as they are called in the platform- because like in the songs do not go out of style your content will continue to generate interactions and sending traffic to your site web long after being published.


Too good to be true? Could be, but with all possible options.


And unlike other social networks like Facebook or Twitter where the life of a publication is shorter than a fighter Mike Tyson, everything you post on Pinterest continue to offer visibility over time and generating new interactions .


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That is precisely one of the reasons why Pinterest has become a showpiece for companies worldwide .


But it is likely that until now no one has told you how to use Pinterest for Business and how to maximize their potential. So if you’re wondering how Pinterest works and why use it to promote your brand then keep reading because when you finish reading this article your doubts will be resolved and your brand potencies ask loudly that their presence on Pinterest. Take note!


Pinterest and companies: great allies ‘for a long time’


Surely you’ve heard of Pinterest ever more frequently in recent years. It is normal.


And this social network to share pictures and images not only generates 2.5 million page views per month but has not stopped growing since its launch in March 2010.


During 2014 it grew by an astonishing 97% currently and more than 100 million active users , produce more money per click generated that Twitter and half – life of its publications is 1,600 times greater than that of a post on Facebook .


Imagine that your best content still appears in the feed of options up to 4 or 5 months after being published. Welcome to Pinterest! Without going any further, a study of Piqora has shown that 50% of visits to a publication take place after 3.5 months of being pineada.


So Pinterest, visual and shareable , and that’s precisely why it is named: its unique format similar to the classic cork wall go hanging pictures or photographs with a pin .


In fact, just to compare the life of a tweet is usually 24 minutes of a message on Facebook 90. On Pinterest average is 151,200 minutes .


The truth is that with numbers like these is very easy to see everything that Pinterest can bring to your business. So now that you know what you can accomplish, let’s see how Pinterest works and how you can use this social network to promote your brand .

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Using Pinterest for Business?
Step by step guide to promote your brand in 9 steps


  1. Make sure you understand the purpose of Pinterest


All social networks have their own proposal in terms of style and usability, and Pinterest is no exception.


Precisely why it is important that you understand the purpose of Pinterest for business: bringing audiences to brands and products whose proposals were interested in day to day . Indeed, the social network provides an excellent platform to showcase goods of all kinds, promoting lifestyles and businesses connect with potential customers.


Nor can we ignore the fact that the female audience represents 80% of total visits which makes Pinterest an ideal place to promote products and services for this segment of the population, although it is also true that more and more men are becoming interested in this net.


Therefore, if your business is part of, for example, the fashion industry, decoration or cosmetics I recommend adding your brand to Pinterest as soon as possible.


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  1. Create an attractive profile that attracts attention


Once the purpose of Pinterest you understand, it’s time to open an account on the platform , select the section “Do you have a business?” And create an attractive, creative profile and attention – grabbing.


Choose an image that identifies your brand well -better if the resolution is 165 × 165 píxeles- and then add a description of your profile to present your brand and what inspires you.


  1. Investigates, creates and organizes boards


Once you have your full company profile, you can start Pin it.


How to use Pinterest for that? Very easy.


First of all it is essential to navigate a little platform to see how the images, which have shared more popularity , what categories work best or what the are trends that ensure better results. It’s better than all that can make it through your browser .


On the other hand, Pinterest Pin It allows the best images and organize content in boards that other users can see and even follow or share with others, which will make your content through many months circling as we saw earlier.


To do this, create and organize your own boards gathering images of the same subject in each , producing good descriptions that arouse the emotions of users and incorporating images that invite them to follow your boards and to attract repines which would amount to the button of “sharing” on Facebook-.


In addition, keep your boards organized is essential for your content to go prove entertaining and stimulating .


Uses a pin cover for each board, and try to place the most important boards on top. For example, if you have a fashion company and spring approaches can be a good time to add on top of those boards with clothes for spring-summer collection this season.


  1. Looks after the quality of your content


Pinterest is not only to share images, but of awakening desires and emotions through them . This is key to understanding how Pinterest works.


Caring for the quality of your content allows you to get a better position in the search engine and is much more friendly to users who visit your account and explore your publications.


And besides generating your own pin, I advise you to share content from popular sites or qualified they may be relevant to your audience sources . This will allow you to achieve greater visibility of your posts as your brand grows in the social network .


He thinks that each pin can be added directly from websites or applications using the button Pin It , and are also linked to their sources resulting in a very effective way to get referral traffic.


What are the benefits of publishing on Pinterest for your brand?


  1. Use keywords on your pins and boards


Optimize your content options with keywords or keywords is important because as we have seen, unlike other social networks where posts have only one day of success on Pinterest publications are visited recurrently after being shared .


For example, a cosmetics company may have a board entitled Eye Make and publish it daily products that add to their stock available. Thus, users interested in learning about the collection can explore the possibilities by visiting the company profile or when they see a publication of interest.


Going back to the keywords , use them on your pins and boards enables users to find your content when performing specific searches in the search engine options and even on the Internet. For that reason, I recommend you include them in your posts.


Pinterest for Business 5 Essential Tips


  1. Meet imaging requirements Pinterest


Uses high – resolution images ; That is much more attractive and professional visually, while helps you appear first in search results .


Also opt for elongated pin as those who are upright are best viewed on mobile screens .


Everything pin should also carry a description that helps to place it in context, and if it has between 200 and 300 words the chances of being shared increases by 57%. But remember that the pins are so eternal that Avoid descriptions valid only for a particular time!


Ah! And the images with a resolution of at least 600 pixels will be better options .


Pinterest for Business, how can you use it?


  1. Post constantly pins


To build your presence in any social network, it is essential that the audience can meet your posts in several times a day. So, if you want to add followers to your profile on Pinterest for Business you must make sure you are always present in the newsfeed of the social network.


So, I advise you to periodically check the impact of your Pinterest pins through analytics to discover what times generate a greater response from your audience .


Then you should make sure to publish them. As a starting point, I recommend Pin it during the morning, afternoon and evening. For greater efficiency, we advise planning your editorial strategy and program your publications to be published automatically at the times you specify. This will save you time and effort working.


Tip Extra : Adds Postcron to Chrome to your browser software or published content directly on Pinterest without leaving your navigation .


How to take advantage Pinterest for Business?


  1. Integrate your community account Pinterest


In addition to publishing content on your profile options for businesses , it is important to know how to use Pinterest correctly you to integrate in the community. How? Interacting with social network members. Doing so will strengthen your presence in the timeline of users and will help you get and keep new fans.


So, I recommend you start to follow Pinterest user accounts that show interest in your proposals, and you add to those whose characteristics match those of your target audience.


In addition, you can also link options with your different social networks in order to attract a larger number of users and get more visitors. For example, you can share on your Facebook wall a publication that invite to visit your boards or tweeting an image with a link to Pinterest for you to visit.


  1. Do not lose sight numbers


With the information you can extract the analytical section of Pinterest as well as Google Analytics and other measurement tools you can produce a report of results that allow you to see what works, what does not and interpret the data.


For example you can use Pin Alerts to find out what people have pinned from your website or you can use Tailwind free version to see who your most influential followers, your boards and more repineados pins and several graphs on your followers.


Moreover, you can use Postcron to program on Pinterest at times that work best based on the data analyzed and thus save time , improve your SEO positioning , increase your web traffic and start promoting your brand .


Well, what did you think this practical guide for how to use Pinterest for your company?


Now that you know how Pinterest works for your business, I’ll be you can start putting these tips into practice!


Already you account with a profile of Pinterest for Business? ¿’ll create yours? Tell us your experience!


And please remember to share this blog post with all your contacts. Until next time!



This post was conducted with the collaboration of the writer SocialTools blog:  Elizabet Parera