Online curriculum, how important is your application?

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What is a good resume , but a document that sells an organized and objective manner their key skills and competencies? So to speak may seem simple, but in practice what you see is quite different: recruiters, today, deal daily with phone time resumes dialed, pieces worthy of entering into a museum of HR because even with all the technological evolution reproduce the pattern of their ancestors, typed in noisy key Olivettis. Can you imagine the impact of this in an application? Ten houses back and wait for the next round!

The resume is your calling card

It is the initial contact with the HR team. And the first impression, the saying goes, is the one that is. We know that statement is valuable, especially when it comes to developers. But who deserves to have indicates how to direct the candidate to quickly and conveniently to allow the applicant has prior access to information. With PDFs agonizing deathbed, professionals disclose their talents via LinkdedIn , Youtube ; as used tools Stack Overflow Developer Story , or even bet on a mixture of channels. Some are also on sites like and , or created their webpage – our main subject. Anyway, have online resume is essential. Among the advantages, the ease to keep you up to date and ensure better organization of data – just to name points rather make life easier for candidates and HR departments.

Differentiating yourself

Industry experts say that even opting for an online cv, it is evident that there is still a big problem to overcome: the candidates do not know how to inform your data , do not identify what really is important and often even suppress what would be his differential.

Arthur Camara, CEO Toby, even made a guide to the NGO freeCodeCamp , interactive learning platform that teaches free CODAR, guiding devs to make killers resumes. As a rule number 1, he draws attention to the importance of the information is, and true, easy to be taken with a past eyes . In other words, what you communicate has to go in vein interlocutor. Selection processes are increasingly crowded both by market and by heating down geographical barriers to access to top talent. Camara lists the tripod that should form the basis of your cv: experience, projects and training . And exactly are your tips for this tripod that we see now.


It is Junior? Capriche to present their training and willing to learn. Is eyeing a senior position? Focus on experience. This is not to make a list with the names of companies where he went, but record the projects in which he was involved and has to imply what it added to its development.


Camara reiterates that cut to the chase is also essential in this item. It’s when you, as well as discuss their technical skills, may have talents as leadership and other interests. Camara says many believe that developers need to have a project open source so that the curriculum has strength. He disagrees. Show the relevance of what he did, things that catapults their potential.

Extra tip: have online projects? Include the links. Never, however, point to zip files or any other type of file that needs to be downloaded.


Do not get lost in details, advises. List your main titles and the year of graduation. Include any extra information if you have relevant experience to tell.


2012 – Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Iowa

Research benchmarking data-mining application. Writing two articles on the subject.

Resume ready. Checked!

There, we saw the tips than to put and especially what NOT to include in the curriculum. Remember that no decision to use sites cvs building , as these the top ten selection Tecnonnuty. To have less chance to see your resume thrown to the back of the line, invest time in it. Ask the opinion of colleagues, former managers. 

Perked? You want to take a step further and have an online portfolio, not just a resume in third page? You can create a website . But search as well. If you need a construction tool of sites in parallel, offers web hosting with security, consider companies like Hostinger that do both (and more) things: they have builder easy sites, structure cloud host reliable to increase your speed, SSL, registration free domain and more than 29 million customers around the world!

Further more a house: s oftware recruitment

Online curriculum well done and well hosted. Time to move a house in this game! How about considering smart solutions recruitment, which will throw you in front of the goal in this championship the job of your dreams?

It is not easy for you, ok, and not to the HR staff. Think! They agreed, one day, and had to learn to deal with a previously unimaginable amount of data, level of detail never expected. However, if technologies flung open the gate of access to information of all kinds, they brought more precision to the recruitment process. Skills, abilities, candidate values. Can you put together the ideal profile, according to what the company expects. This greatly azeitou gear, allowing increase in the retention rate of employees – one of the great challenges of the companies.

We can summarize the major advantages of recruitment automation for speed and assertiveness of the process. And it’s available to devs at companies like Geekhunter , whose expertise is to ensure that the candidate has access to the job that best enhances their skills through a clever attraction and selection process.

The tool works like this:

  • business profiles are created with videos, photos and descriptions of the company. Interested applicants include their profiles automatically importing the pages of your page on LinkedIn, other specific networks like Github, or the website itself.
  • The system uses artificial intelligence to create a continuous learning by linking the information from each candidate profile approved the specific needs of each company. a smart recommendations system that generates weekly reports with the profiles best suited for every opportunity the company is created.

The hiring average time on the platform is only 16 days . And pay attention to the numbers: 1 every 5 candidates interviewed by customers GeekHunter is hired. Programming tests, video interviews, is all there. And many filters to facilitate the candidate to be detected: expertise, experience, desired salary, location, etc.