New Facebook role shows insights about videos posted on your fan page

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Facebook will show administrators fanpages a better idea of who is contributing to the dissemination of the videos on the social network .

The news was announced last Wednesday, November 15, 2017 in blog Facebook Media . According to the note, the novelty is now available for all pages.

People who publish videos have been asking for more information by what means people are watching and engaging with your videos to help inspire future collaborations with other pages. We hope this update better informed these publishers about how your videos are performing in Facebook, and allow them to connect to other pages to build a community.

This will be done with the launch of Highlighted Shares , a new tab that lists the five pages that shared videos posted on fanpages Facebook. This top 5 is selected and sorted according to the number of views that the shares have generated.

These metrics can be accessed by the tab Video, available within the Page Insights.

For each video, Highlighted Shares will detail the number of views, total likes, comments and shares, plus the average time people spent watching the video from each page.

highlighted-shares videos on facebook

Motivation Facebook to open this new tab may be to show that these numbers can take pages to work together in order to increase their audiences.

Moreover, it can also help in strategies co-marketing between different creators.

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