Nathan Latka tells everything you need to know about podcast at Studio RD Summit

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When Nathan Latka sold his first software company, said, “I need to start a podcast, because I believe it will succeed.” The entrepreneur launched, then, The Top Entrepreneurs , in which interview daily business CEOs who sell software as a service (or SaaS).

He is currently the subject reference: your own program has 5 million downloads and 2 million dollars in sponsorship.

For Nathan Latka, one of the major errors of those who are beginning to think that it is necessary to spend thousands of dollars in a studio. “It’s a lie,” he says. To make the podcast , he says he usually use only two devices: a portable microphone brand Turn and headphones.

Many episodes are recorded on the same day using Skype and a tool called Ecamm, which records the connection.

“When you make your mobile studio so you can load, means you’ll never miss an episode. You do not need much money. Spends about 200 dollars to buy the equipment, “he says.

But if podcasts are simple to make and a lot of people have invested in them, what to expect from the future?

It provides that a company “trillion-dollar” to do searches for podcasts as a Google version focused on the audio, will be created soon. And also believes that there will be a fight for people who listen to podcasts.

“People will start consuming content via audio and who create the most compelling content will win the war, since it allows selling when listeners spent 3, 4, 5 hours a day,” he explains.

I would encourage people not to think of podcast, because the format may die one day with so much competition, but the audio content is hot.

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