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Having well – positioned content on search pages is the main desire of those who invest in content marketing . But for this, in addition to valuable content, you need to invest in the constant optimization of your website to keep it relevant to users.   

There are several online tools that can be used to spice up your strategy SEO . In today’s post, let’s talk about MOZ and the features it offers to increase the visibility of your online page.  

You do not know or have not heard of MOZ?  

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What is MOZ?

The MOZ is a tool that delivers data on the performance of your website in major search engines. It is essential for entrepreneurs who want to have good results in search engines by applying SEO techniques .

The platform is one of the most complete in the virtual market. Its functionality goes far beyond the optimization for SEO and allows their strategies are improved.

With many features that facilitate the digital work, MOZ is widely used for  digital entrepreneurs thanks to its sophisticated and useful features.

We can also mention that the information brought by this tool is an important factor at the time of decision making. By presenting highly reliable data, it is possible to reduce considerably the chances of failure and achieve incredible results.

What is the functionality of MOZ?

For a professional SEO is extremely important to know evaluate individually what are the most important pages according to their content and the amount hits on each of them, and also consider their safety standards.

The MOZ does it for you and goes far beyond.

It allows the professional sees the authority of each page of your site, check the amount of domains that are pointing to your page and displays the reference links to such content.

Another huge advantage of the tool is that it sends alerts of possible errors or locations to be improved on the site.

Why is it important to be first?

You must be wondering: does the same difference appears as one of the first results in online searches?

To begin with, according to research from imFORZA, 75% of people do not go beyond the first page of Google. This fact alone is a good reason for anyone who has a digital business want to be there.

When a person does a search on Google, for example, the browser just shows you on the first page the best results. Generally, the first link that appears immediately after the sponsored links is considered by Google as the most complete. Therefore, many users believe that there is no need to continue the search.

Thus, the chances of someone finding your website in the second or third page of Google is very small.

So the best way for you to get the attention of these people and generate more hits and organic leads is managing to put your website on the first page of Google.

You simply will not get the amount of visitors you need to do your SEO work be worth your time and money if you do not appear in the first places. And you need that organic traffic, as most online experiences begin with a search engine.

That’s why a good job of SEO can drive traffic to your website and make your business grow continuously.

Using MOZ?

The MOZ is an intuitive tool that has many features. You will see that the more use it, the easier it is to understand its functions.

However, to make it easier, we separate for you the main features and let’s talk a little of each for you to understand better how to use them:

keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer is a perfect SEO tool to choose  keywords . It performs the entire process of finding a better word, as prioritizing the most important numbers.

The KWE also presents all the metrics that are essential for a good SEO:

  • Volume,
  • Difficulty,
  • Opportunity,
  • importance and
  • Potential.

The tool is so amazing that the numbers related to volume of searches are often considered even more accurate than reports Google Adwords , you can reach an accuracy of 95% by keyword.

Generally, to perform a keyword planning, you need to use at least three different tools to find all the data that the Keyword Explorer alone is able to find.

print the MOZ Keyword Explorer

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a tool that indexes and sites with an algorithm that simulates the Google search engine.

When entering the domain of a page, Open Site Explorer shows the result of evaluating the relevance of the site to the internet.

This is a great tool for finding partners for the exchange of guest posts, for example. Because with the Open Site Explorer, you can see the domain power and authority of a site (more on that later in this text).

print the MOZ Open Site Explorerprint the MOZ Open Site Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Explorer Web shows, in real time, a keyword searched and sites where it has been mentioned.

With this tool, you can check a keyword, find mentions of your brand and find terms being quite sought.

print the MOZ Fresh Web Explorerprint the MOZ Fresh Web Explorer

On-page Grader

The On-page Grader is a tool that optimizes MOZ pages individually to rank better and get more organic traffic.

The tool analyzes both the content and the HTML programming of the page that needs to be optimized. Moreover, the On-page find problems and recommends actions that need to be taken to improve the content of visibility, keyword and parts of the page.

MOZ print of On-page Grader

crawl test

The Freestyle Test uses the tracker’s own MOZ, the RogerBot, and analyzes up to 3,000 links to a URL. Upon completion, users receive a report by e-mail with details of every page on this site is linked.

print the test MOZ Crawl

Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker tool displays a page ranking and keywords and are able to save all that they may be easily compared later.

print the MOZ Rank Tracker

domain authority (CA) and Page Authority (PA)

Print of MOZ Page Authority and Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is an index created by MOZ to identify the relevance of a domain on the Internet. The index goes up to the maximum value of 100 and the higher the number, the easier for the domain to rank in the organic searches.

The same goes for the Page Authority (PA), but, unlike the domain authority, the focus is on a particular page. The more articles you put in the first position, the more Google trusts the quality of their content and their number increases in the index.

This is a good reason for you to perfect the quality of its content . So, you show Google the value in everything you publish, which helps future articles ranquearem better.

Moz Moz Rank and Trust

Moz Moz Rank and Trust are two of MOZ tools whose data are very important to measure how relevant a page, whether you or a  competitor .

The Moz Rank demonstrates the importance of any website, represented by link popularity rating. These pages earn points according to the quality and quantity of pages that link to them.

If you have a blog about beer, for example, and is often cited by sites of the area, which always are linking to your posts, your score on Moz Rank will be good.

Site with high Quality Scores have better representation, so often a single backlink on an important site is more relevant than several quotes on websites and smaller blogs.

The points of your website are calculated by MOZ by a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. It is around 3 the average score of a normal website.

There are several factors that will ensure that there is a significant improvement in the position of your page in search engines ranging from page load speed until quantity of backlinks.

Just like the Moz Rank, Moz Trust shows how relevant a website. However, unlike the previous one that measured the popularity of links, it measures the confidence of links.

Getting links from trusted sites, as a government page, is a strong guarantee of the reliability of your site.

The Moz Trust calculates the distance between your page and reliable page that you cited. The closer your website is on this page, the more credibility you will have.

Just like the Moz Rank, the Trust is measured on a logarithmic scale. Ie for Moz Trust, the most important is the reliability of a page.

One or more trusted linkarem pages to your site can be a determining factor for better placement.

Print the MOZ MOZ rank and trust

Moz bar

The Moz bar is a tool that can be installed in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers for free.

In order to help in the analysis of metrics and data related to SEO, the Moz bar can:

  • Ensure access to SEO metrics while the user browses the web;
  • Create custom and separate searches by search engine, country, region or city;
  • Demonstrate the difficulty to rank a given keyword;
  • Exposing elements of a landing page;
  • Predict and validate the copyright of a page;
  • Present data in social networks such as  Twitter  and  Facebook .

Print the download page MOZ Bar

After doing the installation, the MOZ bar icon appears in the upper right corner of your browser.

MOZ Bar in browser

To do the analysis, simply click the icon when you want, this will enable the analysis of MOZ bars, like the example below:

print the MOZ Bar running in the browser

Using data from MOZ to optimize your website?

Now that you understand how each tool MOZ, we will show you what you can do with the data you collect.

Choosing the best keywords

Discover the difficulty, the opportunity and the potential of each term using the Keyword Explorer. It shows a report with the information about each word entered. You can export this report to update your spreadsheet relevant keywords for your niche .

The Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the best resources for defining keywords. With many features, the KWE assimilates the essential information for choosing the best keywords.

The platform is multi-functional, with many uses, such as:

  • SERP analysis – with the Google search results for a specific keyword;
  • Keyword suggestions – main keywords related to the main search term;
  • Metrics – metrics of difficulty, opportunity, volume and potential.

Improve the quality of your backlinks (return links)

Links help to trace internal and external paths of the pages of your website or blog. This is an essential strategy to improve the relevance of their content within the search engines and improve its position in the polls.

This way you will be able to bring even more organic visitors to your site.

Backlinks, then, are nothing more than links received by a particular site or a web page.

The more important the website generates a link to yours, the better for your website get good rankings in search engines.

The backlinks are always positioned strategically within a text. Your goal is to send the reader to a website page that has relevant content.

The main function of backlinks is to help the reader to expand their references and knowledge at the same time helping to generate an extremely high quality traffic to your blog or website.

Working link building

It is important to Google the connection made between the contents both internally and externally. All this is part of link building.

External links need to be targeted to areas with credibility, so that Google realizes you are associating your page quality materials.

So, know your market authorities and use them as a reference, increasing confidence that the reader has in you.

Regarding the internal links, the purpose of them is to increase the permanence of users on your blog. So try to link at least 2-4 own content.

Quality of titles

The titles of your posts are the most important part article. Do not believe?

Statistics itself MOZ show that most people are influenced by the title when they decide whether to read or not a post.

Your text can be the best, but if it has a bad title, probably will not be read, regardless of where you have posted.

Quality of content

The content must necessarily solve any problems of your audience. By eliminating a pain to your audience, you are actually offering something useful.

If you produce quality content, useful and interesting to your audience, you eventually will stand out from the rest.

Try MOZ!

If you are an entrepreneur and need a tool to help you optimize your website or blog, be sure to use the MOZ.

You can start trying the free version. So, you understand more about this tool and, with time, you realize it is even necessary to invest in MOZ.

For sure, you will see that it is worth.

In this post, we talked a lot about SEO and the importance of appearing in the top positions of search engines.

But do you know all about SEO?

If you still have any doubts about this, take advantage and also read our post that shows what to do to reach the top pages of Google .