Mother’s Day: 7 examples of Email Marketing campaigns to use in your business

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In our first post on Mother’s Day , we talked about how to plan a campaign, organizing store, website and social networks , taking care of logistics, among other tips on how to prepare for this is one of the most important anniversaries for the Brazilian trade .

In today’s post, we bring some campaigns Email Marketing  for you to get inspired and create your own.

We divide campaigns in the following categories:

  • Product selection;
  • Discount coupon;
  • attractive subject;
  • Diversity;
  • Special kits.

Check out the examples:

Product Selection

Select your products usually work well, as it helps those who are short on time to choose the present.

The Beatles Store , for example, has a selection of products for mothers separated by category: accessories, home decorating, fashion.

But the search engine Bing , although not a store, made a selection of products by category helped search of buyers.


Discount coupon

Offer a specific discount coupon for the products selected for mothers is also a great idea.

In the example below, the  opted for a relaxed text, GIFs , and orders already selected by category, as suggested in the previous item.

attractive subject

An important field and is directly responsible for good open rates is the subject of the email. So we brought here are some tips.

Hint:  read the post Creating subjects that arouse curiosity Email Marketing + 30 templates to learn more .

The first example brought here is the Avianca . On the subject of this email Mother’s Day campaign, the airline brought very directly the fare. As it is a good offer, it’s likely that many people click on the message to check what else was being offered. Therefore, use the “from” in your email subject can be a good tip.


Similarly, putting a cap on prices, as did the Beauty on the web who sent gift suggestions to $ 99, gives a clearer idea of the user that he will find, encouraging him to open the message.



As an ecommerce selling a multitude of products from various segments, the submarine  took the opportunity to emphasize the diversity of mothers. The subject, “fancies at present,” it is pretty straightforward, as the banner at the top of the email – “Mother is not all the same.”


special kits

The food store for those who make crafts Silhouette  created special kits for Mother’s Day. Also changed the visual identity of the company on other channels to match, as in social networks.