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marketing strategy is the planning of all the actions that will be used to promote a brand, product or service. This planning is monitored constantly to make sure that the expected results for each of the proposed actions are actually being positive and, above all, to improve what needs tweaking.

In any area of operation, having a well defined and implemented marketing strategy is right for your business to grow and be released in many different ways possible. This is because it is from these strategies you can make more people aware of your brand and thus can attract more customers.

As the digital market is constantly expanding, today, not no more just have a good product / service and expect your work speak for itself. You can not set your business just for your product, after all, is always possible to find improvements in what you do.

If you set your business for only a product, it may be that when he gets out of fashion, you lose all your venture and time invested in it. That’s why you need to always think about your marketing strategy and personas for whom you sell. So you can build a complete business, not just a seasonal product.

Here on the blog, we have explained all about persona, and you can check this complete post about how to create a persona for your business . However, there is still talk about marketing strategy, and that is what we will do from now on , so that you can unite these two main elements and create a truly sustainable business.

What is Marketing Strategy?

Before we talk about the fundamental elements to help you attract more customers, it is necessary to explain what the marketing strategy.

This term is widely used, especially in the digital market, however, does not mean that because he is so widespread all people really understand it as a whole. (There are several other terms of the online world that you can better understand the meaning with this glossary digital entrepreneur .)

Basically, the marketing strategy is nothing more to plan antecedências all publicity actions of your brand, product or service and monitor the results of these actions to understand what should be kept and what can be improved.

Also, having a marketing strategy is also able to present your product / service to a potential customer in the best possible way. This means not trying to sell all the time and say what people should or should not do, but deliver value to people with what you provide and display them solutions that they can take.

Of course all product disclosure also involves campaigns and launches (more on this later), but the marketing strategy is not limited to this only. It is a set of elements that can take people on a journey from the knowledge of your product to the final purchase.

That’s why you need to understand and plan various ways to spread your brand to achieve attract audience of several communication channels.

Why is it important to have a marketing strategy?

Of course the best marketing any product is one who can sell what you offer to your audience. However, you need to have a well structured marketing strategy before starting to make its outreach actions because, rather than sell, it is very important to deliver something of value to people.

Even if you are selling something online, the sales process is still personal and requires that its focus is on the consumer. You need to take with a purpose, and help consumers meet some pain is a great goal.

If you think of strategies that can in some way, show how your product or service can change people’s lives, you can attract your customers organically, which also helps to increase your profit, since their marketing actions not have very high expenditures.

The most important in planning your marketing activities is that, well, you think of low cost strategies, high impact, to be creative and really focused on the persona of your business. The more specific your actions are for your niche , the greater your chances of attracting customers.

How to attract customers with marketing strategy?

Now that you understand what a marketing strategy and know how important it is for your business, we will help you with some basic elements so that you can attract more customers.

Of course, every business has a different audience you want to reach. So it does not mean that all actions will be appropriate for you. The important thing here is to realize the amount of items you can use to increase their dissemination and use those that are more assertive for your persona.

Also, know also that you do not have to choose just a marketing strategy for your business. With planning, you can create more than one action for your brand. Over time, you will find what works and can undo what is not relevant to your business.

1. Blog

The blog is one of the strategies known and used by those who want to attract customers organically on the Internet and delivering educational content and quality. That’s because when you have a blog, you can write posts that answer several questions (from the most basic to the most technical) and to show specific solutions to your audience.

You still have questions about getting started with this marketing strategy? Read our post with the complete walkthrough to create your blog .

2. SEO

It is no use having a blog with very interesting content for your audience if your posts are not accessed. That’s why you need to apply SEO techniques ( Search Engine Optimization ) in your post, so your page to appear in the first places of search engines such as Google.

Work well the keywords in their texts, test titles that draw the attention of users, write complete contents and really educate your audience. The important thing is to optimize all your posts so that people come to your content whenever they search for any term related to your niche.

3. E-mail marketing

Many people still have the idea that email is not a good marketing strategy, after all, many users did not even bother to read the forwarded messages. But it’s not quite what happens, especially if your emails have interesting content for people, not just advertisements for your products or services.

Create, for example, a newsletter and send important information via e-mail to people who leave their email addresses on your page. Send also rich materials, such as more elaborate e-books.

This is a way to maintain communication with your potential customers via e-mail and still maintain the engagement of these people with your brand.

4. Social networks

The social networks in general are great channels of communication with the public, mainly because it is currently difficult to find someone who does not use any of these ways to socialize.

As a marketing strategy, you need to do is to understand where your persona: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat?

Chances are you have to do marketing activities in more than one social network, but be careful not to be too much effort in places where your audience is not.

And remember: your social networks also need to bring content that adds value to the user. So, do not just doing advertising your brand all the time.

5. Video Channel

Did you know that over 40% of people say they prefer to consume content in video format?

That is why platforms like YouTube are increasingly popular and are being used by various industries, whether online or not.

The truth is that when you create videos, can pass on valuable information to your audience in an easy way to be consumed. So why not use videos to promote their products and services?

In addition to YouTube, there are other ways to monetize with videos, and you can understand more about this by reading this text on how to make money with videos on the internet – apart from YouTube .

6. Sponsored Links

Sponsored links are advertisements linked on other pages, usually some that are related to your business, for which you pay to be released.

The purpose of these links is that other people looking for similar themes to yours, but who do not know your product or service, you are able to find in other blogs, social networks and websites in general they follow.

A marketing strategy that has very pleased users are the native ads . This is because this type of paid advertising does not disturb navigation and user experience on the pages where they are.

7. Digital media out of home (OOH)

Recently, it is common to find some LED panels or screens in elevators and buses, for example, various advertisements.

If your goal is to promote dissemination and expansion of your business in your geographic region, this is another way to spread over your brand. But again, you need to always think about where your audience is and whether this strategy is really interesting for your business.

8. Radio, TV, magazines and newspapers

As digital media OOH, do outreach in the media mass and print media largely depends on your type of business and communication channels that your audience uses most.

In addition, you also need to plan on spending that will, after all, this kind of marketing strategy usually requires greater investment.

9. Events

Regardless if your business is physical or online, make events to interact with your market is always a great way to also promote its brand.

You can perform from small events to any company with which you want to partner, or even major events and open to the public in order to attract new customers and educate its audience personally.

Even for those who work with the Internet, everything involving people requires empathy. So it is very interesting to create events that people know you and are able to even see themselves in you. This will make them realize that potential, if only online, could go unnoticed.

10. Partnerships

Making partnerships, especially in the digital market, it is an efficient way to increase the reach of your business. But finding good partners and that are aligned with their working patterns is not always an easy task.

There are several types of partnerships you can do, for example:

  • guest post exchanges with other blogs;
  • Collab at some YouTube channel (when youtuber records with other and both channels);
  • Co-production of e-books or newsletter;
  • Disclosure in a social network of some digital influencer .

The important thing in this kind of marketing strategy is you can identify partners who can help you to attract more customers and to which you can do the same. So, you will have an increase in audience of both.

11. Promotions

Finally, create promotions that encourage users to buy more or to bring new customers to your page.

Have you seen some profiles Instagram doing raffles being that the regulation is you comment with @ other people who do not know that brand?

This is a marketing strategy that some profiles use to become better known and also to gain more followers.

Another type of promotion you can do is the up-sell , down-sell or cross-sell so that one end to buy some of their products. Thus, it may be that the user is interested in making another purchase on your site.

How to define your marketing strategy?

Now that you’ve seen 11 ways to attract more customers, it is important to know what you do need to choose exactly the best marketing strategy for your business. After all, it’s not because you apply all these elements which means your audience will increase.

So before you even go around creating actions in all channels of communication, consider:

  1. The persona for whom you created your product or service;
  2. The market in which you are inserted;
  3. Trends in their area;
  4. What your competitors have done;
  5. The results you expect from your marketing actions;
  6. The conversion rate for each communication channel you are using;
  7. The maximum investment you are willing to do.

With these well – informed information, you will be able to realize what are the strategies that are working in your business and can devote more time to those who really bring return. Remember, it is very important to measure everything you do to make sure that their work is not being done in vain and that you are taking profit.

What’s up? You already know which marketing strategy is the best for you? To help you more, also read our post on how to make a perfect launching a product .