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The largest Digital Marketing event and Sales in Latin America takes place in Florianopolis 18-20 of October with more than 8000 people. The RD Summit is a great opportunity for learning and doing business.

The RD Summit allows you access to big names in digital marketing, so a great opportunity to learn all about digital marketing.

Betting on the qualities of the RD Summit, the Hostinger decided to acquire a quota SPONSORSHIP MASTER event.

With this, you can meet there and personally meet our staff.

If you want to go to the Summit and RD does not have ticket, through this link you can get a ticket with 25% discount.

The RD Summit will feature 150 lectures with major national and international names for the different levels of knowledge of each segment, be they part of a community of people who generate trends in the world and that, in fact, present digital results.

Here are some initial tips on digital marketing.

What you can learn in a digital marketing event?

Become authority with your blog

Share specific knowledge of their area is very important.

When you demonstrate his authority on a particular subject, you is consolidated as a reference, and bring traffic to your site move. Create a blog or forum for discussion of these ideas is very important and can do much to boost your sales. So you’ll boost your digital results.

Many of RD Summit talks will show you how to develop good strategies to boost your blog, how to attract new customers and how to cash in big with him.


Do not forget the SEO

Another point discussed at RD always Summit is the SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the most important tools of digital marketing. With it you can optimize your content so that the seeker tools rank well on search pages. Combining this authority to a content and well built, you can maximize your sales.

This terms grew in importance in the last decade in that it was increasing the relevance of search engines. Thus, it is well Users ranked can mean increase traffic to your site, or increase your top funnel.

For this type of strategy is essential to have knowledge of how search engines, the establishment of key words and the structure of a text for the internet.

Inbound Marketing – the darling of the moment

There is no doubt: Inbound Marketing is the darling of the moment. Widely used for digital results, Inbound is a new concept: to offer the contents that fit perfectly on customer needs, often without offering anything in return, not even a link to sales.

Behind such ideas is the establishment of a lasting relationship with leads (potential customers) that give you permission to relate to them.  

It may seem strange, but studies indicate that this type of marketing can be much cheaper and with a much higher ROI than traditional marketing. That’s because its concept is based on attracting the customer and not catch it.

Among the forms of Inbound are: Blogs, Ebooks, Webinars, e-mail marketing, SEO, and a multitude of other tools.

The RD SUMMIT is sure to address these issues.

Importance of an event like RD Summit

Making money online is what many people want today but do not know how to start. Digital Marketing content is both powerful image of your company and for personal use. Gain credibility and engagement in the content it produces should be treated with much appreciation for those who are in the midst of Digital Marketing.

Selected three advantages that their participation in RD Summit, the largest Digital Marketing and Sales event in Latin America, can bring to you and your business:

Update and Knowledge: Digital Marketing is dynamic! New concepts, tools and practices are launched and often discussed among professionals of the medium, and generate credibility and luggage to apply in their work.

Networking: the 2016 edition were 5,500 participants! CEOs of large companies, marketing managers, consultants and professionals in the national referral marketing. 

Energy and Inspiration: Three days of immersion in the world of Digital Marketing! Many information you have received to date and may not know what to do with them, can turn out to be great ideas to be involved with entrepreneurial and people full of incentives.

So think about it and take the opportunity to gain knowledge, new partners and accelerate their business on the internet. Having the experience of participating in an event of this size will put you one step ahead of competitor and leverage the digital results of your company.