Marcos Piangers talks about innovation and technological revolution at Studio RD Summit

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Marcos Piangers is a writer, journalist, presenter and especially advocate of innovation.

He disagrees with the idea that technology destroys jobs, but argues that it is necessary to change mentality to adapt. “If you think, 10 years ago there was no iPhone, app, touchscreen , and look how many jobs came after that,” he compares.

Who work today with virtual reality, augmented reality, drone, cyber security, with some kind of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be working with the professions of the future (…) I think 30 years from now everyone will want to go back in time to 2017, a time that has a thousand opportunities.

The expert also believes that educational institutions do not prepare children for this context that need to live. And to take advantage of the knowledge available on the internet can be a way to circumvent it.

See how was the talk in the interview below:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented by Marcos Piangers were:

  • How to look at new technologies as opportunities – not threats;
  • What is the most common feature among innovative companies;
  • The importance of the economic crisis for innovation;
  • What to Expect 2018.