Luciano Potter tells how Atlantis radio evolved its model, adopted other channels and became a network at Studio RD Summit

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The journalist Luciano Potter saw the popularization of the Internet in Brazil transform the way people consume media.

Working with radio since 2000 – medium in which started as an intern and which today is one of the most known participants Pretinho Basic Atlantis – he told what he learned on more traditional media can not only survive as take advantage of the digital medium to reach even more people.

The medium of communication is greatly affected because today everyone has the power to be the sender of information. (…) But there is one certainty in this area, it is that defines who is now the public.

He presented the case of Atlantis itself, which today is called no more like a radio only. The strategy adopted by the company was to expand to other channels such as the podcasts , to “produce content where people are,” he says.

“Radio is one of the main ways we arrive, is still the main, which gives heavy money, which pays our salaries, but this is only one way,” he explains. The main product is still the music, but today Atlantis also has staff dedicated to video, for example.

See how was the talk in the interview below:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commentaries by Luciano Potter were:

  • What is the importance of investing in digital;
  • As Atlantis made a process of expanding to other channels in addition to the radio;
  • 2018 content production trends.

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