LinkedIn Expands Ad Targeting Options with Matched Audiences Tool

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You already use LinkedIn to generate business for your company? Corporate social network, recently acquired by Microsoft, continues to develop its solutions to advertisers.

Here on the blog already we have detailed in a tutorial how to advertise on LinkedIn Ads . If you are starting out and seek to use the network solutions, I recommend you read the step by step.

The focus of this post, however, is another. After releasing the format ads Lead Gen Forms , LinkedIn announced the launch of a new solution, called Matched Audiences.

The Matched Audiences is a solution that offers segmentation options similar to those available on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms that enable marketers to target ads based on email addresses or websites visited (retargeting) .

Not to say it’s more of the same, we can emphasize the difference between LinkedIn and other ad networks. How LinkedIn is a professional network, ads appear for people who are only looking for business, a nice alternative especially for the B2B market.

In addition, like LinkedIn considers the primary and secondary email addresses attached to the profiles of people – one of whom may be your personal email and other e-mail work – are more likely to reach the target audience.

With this new solution, advertisers can create a super segmentation, since the Audience Match can be combined with traditional segmentations LinkedIn, such as location, position, gender, age and others.

The Matched Audience has 3 types of targeting:

  • Website Retargeting: to display sponsored content to people who have visited certain pages of your site;
  • Contact Targeting: to reach people based on a mailing list that can be imported;
  • Account Targeting: to reach people based on the company they work for .

The video below explains how Matched Audience works.

Before launching the Matched Audiences for all advertisers, LinkedIn has a pilot program to test the solution. There were over 370 participants and more than 2 000 active campaigns.

Some test results:

  • Website Retargeting resulted in a 30% increase in click -through rates and a 14% reduction in cost per Lead;
  • Targeting Account resulted in a 32% increase in conversion rate and a 4.7% decrease in the cost per lead;
  • Contact Targeting resulted in a 37% increase in clickthrough rates.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences are gradually becoming available to all advertisers. The company promised that during the first week of release, all accounts will have access to the new tool.

To use the tool, click the upper right corner of the LinkedIn ad platform and select the option Matched Audiences (in Portuguese is “Site Segments”).

In this tab, you can create a public to make retargeting or upload a contact list.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

To know more, check the implementation manual Matched Audiences , released by LinkedIn itself.

And if you want to know more about how to use this network to generate business for your company, download our eBook Introduction to Marketing on LinkedIn !