LinkedIn announces updates to increase engagement; see what changes

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LinkedIn announced a series of redesigns in order to boost user engagement. Updates represent the biggest change ever made in the social network desktop version – are provided a new interface, a news feed by interest and improvements in messaging, among others.

In a statement posted on the LinkedIn blog , the company’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, said he wants its 450 million members’ use the social network to be productive and successful, and stay connected and informed, advancing in their careers ” . The upgrades are part of a series of changes that started last year – even before the company’s acquisition by Microsoft in June this year – with the launch of the new mobile application.

The changes will be implemented in September in the United States. In Brazil, it is expected that part of the update will be available in October. Here are the main new features:

New interface for desktop

The new LinkedIn for desktop interface will be clean, simple and intuitive for users to access the job postings, information and insights they need. The idea is that professionals are better prepared for their daily meetings or learn a new skill they need. “It’s the biggest redesign since the LinkedIn origin, and the basis for our future,” the statement said.

Feed organized by interest

The idea of ​​the new feed LinkedIn is to inform professionals with the most relevant news about industry and trends: “we want the professionals to come to LinkedIn daily to get the right information about what’s trending in your company, in your industry and News”.

Currently, the social network receives 160,000 texts in longform format (long texts, focused on the online publication) per week, and rely on content produced by more than 500 influencers. To make it easier for users to find the content that makes the most sense for them, feed passes to be organized also by interest.

This custom feed will be provided by a combination of algorithms, based on matters of interest to users combined with data as a profession, industry, company and region.

smarter messages

Since the new LinkedIn mobile application was launched last year, the company said it had seen a 240% increase in the number of messages sent. So the idea is to provide a messaging platform that enables the user to further contact with another person anywhere who is on LinkedIn. The update also provides robots that send messages to help users program their commitments.

Learning platform

LinkedIn believes that there is a critical need to help people acquire new skills through a personalized learning experience, data driven and engajadora. So LinkedIn launches Learning, which combine content – platform online studies on LinkedIn subsidiary – with the social network data to offer targeted courses.


As I speak here of the blog , LinkedIn is a very important platform to generate results for your business. So it is important to be on top of your updates.