[Lecture RD Summit 2014] Matthew Kligerman – 16 conversion optimization tests (CRO) to double sales

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Have you analyzed your site to learn which page elements are influencing the conversion rate?

The importance of investing in conversion optimization and some ideas of how to get is what Matthew Kligerman, CEO and co-founder of Climb Agency , showed in his lecture “16 conversion optimization testing (CRO) to double sales” presented the Summit 2014 RD.

Matthew Kligerman is speaker also confirmed in RD Summit 2015 In this edition of the event, its theme will be “Advanced Keyword Research.” (check the complete schedule here ).

Watch the lecture 2014 below:

The text below is based on own lecture Matthew Kligerman

What is CRO?

CRO or Conversion optimization is the method to use analysis and feedback from current users to improve the performance of your pages.

In other words, one can say that it is the idea of ​​increasing the conversion rate of your website. For example, if you have 4 to 100 guests converting – that may be making a record, downloading a file or buying a product – you can use some tactics to increase that number.

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What is A / B Testing

It is based on the idea of ​​sending traffic from the same source for different versions of a page, and analyze which version got better performance.

Important to mention that these tests here will not necessarily work on your site. There is a ready recipe, you need to test and analyze the data to understand what is the ideal way for your own business.

We do not know the answers to all these questions, and even if all of these tests work the same way on all sites. Each site has its own peculiarities, its own public, etc. So you really need to test and obtain data to know what the best options are.

A further reading this post we recommend is our Kit “A / B testing,” which you can download here for free .

CRO tests for you to double your sales

Exemplified tests below are just to show a sense of how you can increase the conversion rate of your website with a few minor changes.

There are 16 test ideas that can be implemented on any site. All of them were mentioned in the lecture Matthew Kligerman, which you can watch above.

1 – with testimonials CRO

The hypothesis of this change assumed that people like to see social proof, ie people evaluating your product or service, and commenting on.

In the test run, the only change was the implementation of these testimonies, without changing other page elements. And the result was a 34% increase in website sales. A detail that seems to be very simple and it gave a good result.

2 – A / B test using images of people and a new design

This is a slightly larger change. It has been tested on an ancient site, a new design, new form and a design using people’s own company.

First, a long form design on the site has been tested with a much longer content than usual. The result was an increase of 37.5% in conversion rate.

Second, a design using the company’s own images of people on the page was tested. a page with a little less content was made, but with a picture of a smiling person and a testimony to the idea of ​​showing social proof to the visitor. The result was an increase of 102.5% in conversion rate.

After that, a third test was done. If a long form design work and design with the photo of the employee also tested a hybrid layout. Logically, the result should be even better, but it was not what happened. The tests showed a decrease of 22.72% conversion rate.

This is a good lesson that CRO is a bit complicated, and it is necessary to test several variables. Sometimes they work alone and do not work combined, so one must always be testing.

3 – Add the objectives of the site in the footer

This is a very interesting example. They were placed some call-to-actions on the site footer in order to see how many people would click and would convert.

The result was a 50% increase in conversion rate in the first 2 weeks and, after confirming there was an increase of 8% increase per month.

4 – Validation of a form “inline”

This test showed the conversion difference between a normal form and a form “inline”.

The result was an increase of 170% in conversion rate and 277% in the forms filling completion rate.

5 – Redesign price pages

This A / B test was done on a page that had three versions of the product for sale. The new version, with a bolder design, brighter, more reasonably priced on display, testimonials and more obvious currency selection, we had a 25% increase in conversions.

The content is basically the same between the two pages, just a change in design was responsible for this improvement.

6 – Increased sales in ecommerce

In this example, a website ecommerce cookie was used, and the test consisted only of change in a call-to-action in the page header.

At the end of the tests and five different sentences tested, it was concluded that the phrase “Order Today -> Ships Next Business Day” had the best result: 41% increase in sales of cookies

online and increased also in the average order value, the which is a very important factor as well.

7 – Test A / B: Slide vs video

This test was done on a site that has a particular tool for sale and use. And to explain its operation, users had a video option.

The site then decided to do a test, changing the video presentation to slideshow. And the result was a 46% increase in tool subscriber conversion.

It was a little surprising that slideshow work better than a video. This example shows that not always the most common practices optimization, such as the use of videos, are the most effective. One must always take tests.

8 – A / B testing to product category

In another site of ecommerce, a test was made on a category page. The page A had some featured products – full size – than other products. The B page had lined up all products of the same size.

The result was that the page A, which contained featured products, obtained a greater number of clicks. However, this was not reflected in sales because it was on page B, in which the products were all the same size, which occurred the actual increase in the conversion rate: 17.1%.

9 – A / B Testing with sharing buttons

Other page element that influences the performance are the sharing buttons social networks .

In another site of ecommerce, social buttons was put Facebook on purchasing product pages, something that was not there before. And the result was that without the Facebook sharing buttons, product sales increased by 11.9%.

The reason may have been the fact that there a number of shares, which may result in a “negative social proof”. Another factor is that they are elements that increase the distraction of who’s buying.

This is not a standard result for all cases. There are several sites that use social buttons and work very well. Again, you need to test the site to see what will be the result.

10 – Call to action: buying buttons

Another test that can be done in ecommerce is in relation to the buy button.

In this case, there were three cases of buttons: a cart icon, a call-to-action Add to cart and other written only Cart. And the Add to cart that brought a higher conversion rate, increasing the number of sales by 49%.

It is a simple test to be done and it shows quite interesting and valuable results.

5 rounds of CRO for Landing Page

This example consists of 5 tests on a registration page for truck driver jobs. Virtually all Landing Pages were modified and tested. Image, text, form, layout, etc.

11 – Form Decrease

The first test was done on the registration form. The Landing Page had only the new email field to be filled, while the original asking other data beyond email as name and time experience.

Although it is easier to fill in only one field, the result showed that the original page (with more fields) had a conversion performance 13.56% higher.

This proves that not all the tactics work the same way on all sites. In Digital results, a similar experiment was done, and less fields to be filled, the Landing Page received an increase of 167% conversion rate .

12 – A text that will really sensitize the user

5 simple varições text used in a banner, it was noted that one of the cases had a 21.7% increase in conversion rate.

It is primary that various text options are made to the best text for your persona is found.

13 – Remove the page “job match”

The page, which had an output rate of 10% conversion of the funnel was removed from the air. That increased the enrollment rate by 24%.

In other words, it was found that a simpler funnel to sales has become much more effective.

14 – Layout and Content

In this example, a page layout with less and less text exceeded the original, more complete and less clean, at 21.5%.

Again, this is not a rule, but it worked in this case thanks to the test done.

15 – Forms and Designs

Finally, there have been 3 more test landing pages with different forms and designs. The aim was to understand which page worked better.

With all tests, the result was a 80% conversion rate. A huge change.

Bonus: 16 – LIFT Analysis: Landing Page Influence Function for Tests

The LIFT model provides a conversion optimization framework with six factors for assessing the Landing Pages from the visitor’s perspective.

6 conversion factors are:

  • 1 – Value proposition: Why would a customer makes a purchase? The value proposition is obvious?
  • 2 – Urgency: Why would a customer buy NOW? You are creating incentives for the customer to immediately convert?
  • 3 – Score: Being Inbound, it is what the visitor expects to open the page? He has his wishes met?
  • 4 – Clarity:  Is it clear what the visitor should do when you open the page?
  • 5 – Anxiety: What could prevent a visitor to convert?
  • 6 – Distractions: There are page elements that are taking your customer’s path to conversion?

If you want to know more about it, you can download our free “Kit A / B testing” with everything you need to know to optimize your conversion based on experiments .

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