Learn how to see all your competitor’s Facebook ads in one place

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How about taking a look at all active ads in your competitor on Facebook gathered in one place? Found interesting? Or worrying as its strategy will also be “exposed”? Well then: this is the latest addition to the main social network in the world, which is already in the air .

Facebook pages now have a section called “Information and announcements”, available in both desktop and in mobile. The measure is a response to the crisis caused by the case Cambridge Analytica , giving more transparency to political ads, singled out as decisive for Donald Trump’s election in the United States.

facebook competing ads

But what you have to do with Trump?

The justification of Facebook is that despite the vast majority of companies use the platform honestly, “ill-intentioned people can also abuse our products.”

So it was kind of cannon fire to hit a fly but a fly that much bothers Mark Zuckerberg.

What you can see on the Facebook ads (and what does not)

The fact is that the display of ads is already a reality, so everyone can see what the competition is doing. You can even click on a patrocinad publication and to make the same path as the Lead will travel to be impacted by it in your timeline for it.

The strategy, however, is not as wide open as well. You can not, for example, to see the sections and the period in which the ad is in the air. In the end, which is exposed are copies and the types of content that are sponsored.

In the following video, Facebook shows how to access the “Information and announcements” section in your mobile application:

Well, now that all Facebook users can take a look at its strategy of ads, it’s worth taking a greater neat, is not it?