Landing Pages Rejection Rate: 6 reasons why your page is abandoned

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In this post we will cite a few reasons why your Landing Page can have a bounce rate high and be abandoned before conversion, even after so much effort to achieve promote it! Remember that on the Internet we are always one click away from being replaced by another page. Just one click for the visitor close the page or access another site.

Check out six aspects to which you should be aware at the time of creating a Landing Page:

1. The disclosure calls are not aligned with what is offered on page

It is important not to frustrate the visitors in the first moments he comes to the page. He has an expectation and a vague idea of ​​what you will find when accessing the address and takes just 3 seconds to assess whether the expectation was hit or not. Make sure the banner with call-to-action that led you to the Landing Page is aligned, in fact, with the benefits it out and the content it offers.

If the visitor has been frustrated, he will not bother to read the topics to try to convince yourself that the material is worth, will simply abandon the page. If your promotion strategies are aligned to the page content, the chance to match what the visitor search is much higher.

2. Visual Pollution

The major focus of the landing page should be converting and nothing else. As stated above, you have little second visitor’s attention, then focus! Therefore, elements that tend to distract the user, such as animations or excessive links, should be strongly avoided. Instead of long blocks of text, choose an image or video that best represent your offer and make the description of shorter form with features such as threads and numbers.

3. Your form is inappropriate

It may seem tempting to want to put a form full of fields in the hope that visitors meet all those information and perform almost entirely the work of marketing qualify Leads to deliver the best opportunities for sales approaches . It turns out that the number and especially what is asked in the form fields have a direct relationship with the conversion rate (or abandon!) Of your page. Most visitors are impatient, no time and certainly do not want to spend time filling out forms. Even if you are for just a minute, it may seem a lot for your visitor, especially on mobile devices.

On the other hand, a form with a few fields can only help you plot your base of contacts with Leads disqualified or who do not have much data. The trick is to focus only on the information that is essential to get to the next step in the contact with the Lead and, from there, to the relationship by email, social networking and other forms, go gathering data on the profile of Lead. Get some tips on what your company should ask the conversion form

4. Your Landing Page is not compatible with mobile devices

Today, the internet is no longer restricted to the computer. The use of mobile devices (including phones and tablets of various sizes) requires that sites are adapted to access any device. Have a Landing Page Responsive that will fit the resolution and screen orientation ensuring good navigation and easy access to the page content. This will impact directly on the visitor’s conversion.

5. The conversion button does not emphasize the benefit and / or is poorly positioned

To access the page, it is essential that the visitor sees the benefit it will have after completing the form. Become tangible as it will gratify after submitting the form makes it look more certain of their action and this greatly increases the conversion.

The CTA is an essential part of the Landing Page, if you do not convince the visitor that he must click on that button, your effort with the other elements will be in vain. Depending on your offer, create a sense of urgency can help, particularly for B2C business, eg. “Buy now” bright and contrasting colors also contribute. See more tips in this post .

The position of the CTA is also extremely important and should be avoided too polluted sites. For that topic worth exploring the A / B tests to try different calls, colors and positions understand which one brings a better conversion rate. A test made in the USA with the same Landing Page, just by changing the position of the button, got 41% increase in conversions.

6. The layout does not display the most important immediately

Besides giving attention to all the good practices cited above, we can not overlook the importance of a well-structured design. An attractive visual adds enough but, even more important, is that it displays the most important information in the visible area of ​​the page, avoiding the visitor has to resort to the scroll bar to get access to data that can be decisive for his conversion. It will only take the trouble to go down the page if it is fully engaged with the content and, as the Landing Page is intended to convince the conversion, better not risk it.

The most recommended is to leave the main visible benefits as well as the call-to-action. To ensure the highest possible conversion rate, check out this post for more on the elements that you consider in the design of a Landing Page .

If your company is willing to invest in creating Landing Pages professionals with effective results, the RD Station software offers a special feature for this, Landing Pages structure oriented to conversion, responsive design and Leads Management System. It pays to know more about the possibilities .


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