Is there Any SEO Benefit To Using Google Plus?

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I have not argued for a long time with the boring ones of “Google Plus is a desert”, that I see them more or less in the same group as those who say that the earth is flat tampoco (I do not argue with those). Especially because leaving aside personal opinions, that each one may like more or less each social network and for that there are many, the incontestable are the data, and these that I will show in this post make it clear that nothing desert and that in addition the index of interaction and participation in Google+ is rather much superior to that of other networks.

1. Communities

They have lost something of importance with the updates, but they are still a powerful tool to motivate the participation of the rest of users. Our Google+ Community for Business has resisted changes in Google denominations well (we added it as a subtitle “Professional use of Google Plus and Google My Business) and has already exceeded 120,000 members.


As a professional of the subject that I am and also with personal love for the subject, I sign up from the beginning to any social network that appears and in those that I find valuable I am active equally.

And as anyone can verify neither me nor my agency are “popular entities”, I am not a celebrity nor do we have funds to sponsor events or pay advertising, we are fans of SEO and quality content! What we have we get through “natural”.

Well, on Twitter (I started in November 2007) I have 4,700 followers and on LinkedIn 3,300 (personal profiles in both cases), while on Google+ (and I repeat that doing the same, with similar type of posts) I sumo and more than 20,000 in the personal profile and almost 7,000 in the brand.

3. Collections

The bomb, listen. If I said above that the Communities lost something with the update it is because the Collections have shown such strength that they have “overshadowed” in part any other Google+ resource.

My Popular Technology collection has already surpassed 400,000 followers.Hmmm, I have to repeat it, because I did not even believe it myself: more than 400,000 followers! 

A post published in this collection generates (apart from tens of thousands of impressions in the user stream) thousands of visits to the website and about 100 +1 on average.

Explanatory Intermediate

I’m already hearing some voices: “Of course, it’s that those who dedicate themselves to online marketing know tricks, use bots  and in the end it’s all half cheating”.

Little trap can be done in Google+ and good example is the previous case; the collections. When a Google+ user creates a collection, its followers automatically become followers of that collection, that is, whatever I do will always have 20,000 followers. And the other 380,000 ?: people who have voluntarily decided that they are interested in the subject and have made a voluntary act of giving the “Follow” button. Here is not worth the Twitter trick to follow many, wait for a percentage to return the tracking and then delete the others. Collections and Communities can not follow anyone, only receive members and followers, with all the value that implies.

Another example is to see the process of growing followers in my account,

No tricks or traps, with the well-known formula to publish quality content and of real interest to your followers, which they then extend with their +1, comments and shares.

4. Links, links, links!

Yes, yes, but hear that clickbait-type headlines have to be supported in something: And the treasure that was announced?

There it goes:  Do you fancy a few hundred links from google com? 

Our Google My Business Guide enjoys 408 links from the king of searches and as you can imagine it is because they come from Google+.

Okay, they are nofollow type and their strength will depend on the number of followers who share and how many interactions (+1, comments and shares) the publication generates, but whether it is much or little, something is, because if these links were not to tell you for nothing I doubt very much that they appeared in Search Console, which is a tool that not even by far shows all the links, but only those that Google has considered of some relevance.

Do you want to check if links of this type are coming to you? Follow these steps.

  1. Go to  Search Console
  2. Click on Search traffic> Links to your site
  3. Click on More links to your site
  4. You search google com