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Where can I find my CTRs and what influence do they have on SEO?

The click-through rate, clickthrough rate, or shortened CTR will indicate which percentage of users who saw my search result actually click on my page.

The value is expressed in percent and can be determined by this simple formula: number of clicks / sum of impressions * 100

Data about the CTR can also be read in the Google Search Console. Also for Google, this value is interesting because it reveals the information, what proportion of users found the result according to your query interesting or apt enough to click on the page.

This means that Google rates results with a high CTR as relevant, and accordingly increases the likelihood that it will rank higher.

For this reason, nothing should be left to chance in the creation of the search results for your own websites and in addition to the search engine always the user in focus.

How can I optimize my search results and increase CTR

There are some methods to make the search results appealing to the user and technically optimal for the search engine.

The aim should be to provide so much information about the content of the page to others but also to animate the user to click.

1. Use the keyword or phrase in the title and description

Although at least since the Hummingbird update the focus on a pure keyword belongs to the past, each page still stands for a topic that should also be communicated in the title and in the meta-description.

In the title the topic should be as first as possible.

On the one hand, the title is still one of the most important ranking criteria for Google, but on the other hand, the user finds his way better, as he finds what he is looking for again.

The description should be a little more on the actual content of the page.

Optimized snippet for the term “sunglasses”. The description provides as much information as possible.

Also Call to Actions should be used here if possible.

2. Improve your search results with a direct approach

Frequently, search results show the user in passive form what each page has to offer.

It is better to address the user directly and to clearly point out the advantages or the personal benefit.

This improves the response and increases the likelihood of a click.

3. Include special characters in the description.

By using special characters, you can make your description more eye-catching and at the same time more structured.

Nevertheless, caution is required. You should not overdo it because otherwise Google can also prevent the presentation and builds its own description of the textual content of the page.

4. Create speaking URLs

Talking URLs are much easier to read and show the user again a certain preview of the content of the displayed page.

Speaking vs. cryptic URL. Which is probably clicked?

5. Use a call-to-action

Ask the searcher to visit your site.

The top priority of AdWords ads must also be considered in the much larger description to achieve high click rates

6. Implement rich snippets in the search results

Rich snippets make the search results even more prominent.

An example of this is the display of customer reviews, product prices or availabilities.

The rich snippet for customer reviews. The search results on the page stand out visually through the stars

7. Keep an eye on your competition

If your competitors are not yet using optimized search results, you can place yourself more prominently with the described measures, thereby increasing your clickthrough rate.

Nevertheless, you should always observe the actions of the competition and readjust if necessary.

Please do not overdo it with the changes!


Optimizing the snippets in Google Search is a proven way to increase your page’s clickthrough rate.

In addition to higher traffic, the click-through rate for Google is also a ranking factor, the increase in the long term can lead to a better positioning.

If you manage to keep the user on the page in the same breath, nothing stands in the way of improving the rankings.