Is SEO Necessary?

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Reasons why SEO is a long-term benefit

Yes, SEO is necessary. The customers often struggle to understand why SEO is working to achieve in the long term and not just at a time T. In fact, we often hear: “But once optimizations are made, I can do without your services… “. Well, the answer is “No! “ , And here are 10 reasons.

1. On-site optimizations

Without recalling the complete functioning of a search engine, you should know that when you make a modification on its site, it is taken into account only after the search engine has been placed on your page. Indeed, the indexing of the pages of your site is not instantaneous. As a result, there is an incubation phase of optimizations and the results are therefore not immediate.

2. Taking into account links

The same problem arises for valuable backlinks (links pointing to your site). Between the moment you make this link and when the link is taken into account, it may take a while.   The engine must, in fact, take cognizance of this link.

3. The architecture of search engines

At the time of the implementation of Google’s Caffeine architecture , we were able to see an improvement in the speed of taking into account changes made to a site after indexing. This improvement allows certain criteria to be analyzed in (near) real time but other criteria, such as the age of the site, evolve only with time …

4. A profile of natural links

It is not enough to acquire links, it is necessary to do it intelligently to maximize its effectiveness.
An effective netlinking campaign is to be carried out over several months so that the search engines believe that these links are acquired naturally and that they are not intended to mislead their relevance algorithm.

5. Updated content

One of the criteria of the natural referential is the update of its contents . These updates are necessary and must be integrated into a web content strategy . Although the creation of the strategy can be done quickly, its implementation and deployment in the company is a process (sometimes very long …).

6. Monitoring and adjustment

With all these elements, you understand that it is essential to monitor the actions implemented over the long term. This follow-up also makes it possible to make adjustments in the SEO strategy.

7. The algorithm

In 2009, Google’s search engine announced 360 changes to its algorithm. In 2010, he announced about 600!

The search engine algorithm can be compared to a living organism that evolves over time according to the transformations of its environment such as:

  • “historical” social networks (Twitter, Facebook …)
  • new social networks (Pinterest, Quora …)
  • the media (images, videos, podcasts …)
  • new spamming techniques …

8. Dealing with new issues

An internet visibility strategy also evolves with the time and needs of the site and the customer. The starting point of the strategy can be centered on an institutional site and, later, move towards a blog …

9. Maintenance of results

Once the results are obtained, the work is unfortunately not finished. Indeed, if you rest on your laurels, depending on the competition, your fall will be more or less fast because if you do not continue to work your popularity and your lead over your competitors, you can be sure that they will eventually to catch you and even to overtake you!
The hardest part of the job is not getting in first place but rather staying in the long run.


10. Rome was not made in a day

The notoriety of a site, even more if it is a pure player , is done in the long term. The site must be positioned at the top of the results pages so that the user can grant him legitimacy and trust him. If your site does not make a name and a place in the search engines, it will be very difficult for you to create a brand awareness that will guarantee you a certain volume of turnover.

You would have understood it…

The SEO is to consider comprehensively and not just the “small end of the telescope.” Yes, in some cases, a site audit may seem sufficient … But you can be sure that, if you want high-level, high-performance results, no agency will be content with a site audit to provide you with results to meet your expectations.