Is it worth using images in blog posts?

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ImageA discussion I’ve seen on some blogs, both in Brazil and outside, is whether it is worthwhile or not to include images in a blog post.

Here at Digital results begin using this feature bit, did some tests and after a while, we have some opinions on the subject, we decided to share below.

For worth and worth

They capture attention and create involvement

Images due to shapes and colors, have a much greater visual stimulus that the texts and so capture all the attention at first. As the Internet are always with multiple tabs open and is very easy to go from one site to another, the images may be important to generate empathy in those few seconds that a post is to attract the visitor’s interest.

Facilitate understanding

The saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words. Often a graphic, the image of a product in use or any action related to the post of the subject can be very helpful in making the concept clearer for those who are reading.

Posts stand out more on Facebook

This item is very important and not everyone thinks that. If your company plan to be used Facebook to spread the content, images are almost mandatory. When someone enjoy your post, they are what will help your content stand out amid the sea of ​​posts.

Take the example of two posts of Digital results with and without images:

Post results of Digital on Facebook

Post results of Digital on FacebookWhich one you believe draw more attention?

(By the way, already enjoyed the page of Digital results on Facebook ?)

Which take care

Despite the benefits we mentioned, not all flowers. If the images are not well used can play every effort down the drain. It is very important to take care of the following pitfalls:

Size of images

very large images take time to load and this is very bad for your site. As indicated, the visitor spends a few seconds to decide whether or not read a post and your company does not want to spend those seconds making him wait for the image to load.

In addition, the site load time is a factor considered by Google to evaluate sites. If your site is slow, can compromise their work optimization for search engines .

Learn more in the post: How to compress images without losing quality and increase the speed of your site .

Attention x Conversion

Images can and should help you, but you must be careful with what stand out. Do not make your images stand out more than their buttons and conversion forms. In our case, for example, we bother to make calls to our download eBooks on the right of the bar are greater and more vibrant the images of the post.

Images are not “read”

Do not make the mistake of using images to fully play the role of texts. The images can not be read by search engines.

If the image is portraying a text, always opt for the text. If this is not the case and the image represents only a graphic or a photo, it is recommended that the file name describe what she is portraying and the Alt text tag to be used for the same purpose.

Images must be used legally

To add an image in the post, not just go to Google Images and catch anything that comes ahead. You may be violating the right of the author (copyright). You need to check if the image can be used by third parties or else buy Excuse me.

In the post 47 banks free images (and paid) you should know there are tips for finding good pictures for your article.