Is it possible to generate Leads with videos on Youtube?

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Yes! The answer is simple and straightforward, and it may be much easier than it seems. All you need, however, is a video, a YouTube channel and of course, a catch channel.

Of course, the video itself may already be a means of Lead generation, but the cool thing is: in addition to the conversion Leads so they watch the video, we can use YouTube itself to generate more qualified leads.

In this post we will give some tips for you to produce a video that reaches its more assertively audience and also using YouTube to your advantage when generating Leads for your business.

How to use Youtube to generate Leads

The first step to start generating Leads with videos is to have what to offer to convert your visitors. It may be an eBook, a tool, a class or free video lesson. Anyway, have a rich material with unique content so that visitors want very much to have access to them.

With a blog, a good choice of keywords and a good job in SEO, you may already be in a very favorable position in search engines, but did you know that the second most used search engine in the world is YouTube ? Besides being the third most visited site – trailing, of course, Google and Facebook. This means that the demand for videos is a significantly large portion of search engines.

To learn how to optimize your videos for search engines, read the post “Youtube: 12 killer SEO tips for your videos” .

Also, having a video on a product page increases by up to 85% purchase intent  to increase the reliability of the product to the customer, and the video has a more intimate language that speaks directly to the viewer.

Well, I guess you do not need more arguments to convince you that the video has come to stay, right?

When you have therefore something to offer, it’s time to work it: the provision of that material. A video as well as text, language is a format that speaks and argues for or against something, and this can be done in an ad on a grounded speech on a video lesson, among many other formats.

When you record your video, remember that even though the content is the main point, his quality is also a very important factor. best videos produced tend to spend a greater reliability than the amateur or poorly produced videos. And between us, and produce a video is no longer a task from another world. Nowadays anyone can create amazing videos with a cell phone camera in one hand and an idea in his head!

Remember that, as a post on your blog, the video size is the main factor for audience retention. The larger the video, the less likely someone watched it to the end. So here are some tips for your video is top!

1. Know what you want with the video

More than generate leads your video has to pass a message, have to show that their content is very good and deserves to be downloaded, seen or experienced.

Know what you want and what you want. Make audience projections based on what you already do with posts, eBooks, tools, etc.

Write the script 2-

When writing the script you exercise your memory capacity, and the text in front of the camera is more fluid and natural. Also, when writing the script, you can measure how long your video will be.

After writing read it aloud. Then delivered to a colleague and ask him to read aloud well.

A good spoken text is written in short, direct sentences, without delay or ado: go straight to the point!

3- Plan your recording

Choose a good day and a good place to record. A quiet place, quiet and with little movement will not distract the viewer’s attention.

Choose a cool place, it can even be your workplace yourself, your office or your home, but make sure that on the day you choose to record, everything works.

4 Check your equipment

Nowadays any smartphone records video with a high quality, in FullHD, and has image stabilizer.

Pay attention to the audio, as this can determine whether your video is professional or amateur. If you have to attach a microphone to the camera or use a separate sound recorder, even better.

If possible, also has a tripod. So you keep the image even more stable and easy to be understood by people.

5- Lights, camera and action!

Record as many times as necessary to get a good result. Give some interval between a recording and another, take a water, avoid “dry swallowed up” in the middle of the video or gestures that take attention (scratching the nose, touching the hair, obscene gestures, etc.).

And when you feel comfortable with what you recorded is the time to: record just once more, to be sure!

Edit 6- material

Here it is advisable to use someone who understands the subject. A video editor will select the best bits, correct colors and treat the image so that the video has a more professional face, and adjust the audio. Remember that the work of the editor depends largely on the capture. You can not always do miracles on the issue.

Great! With video ready it’s time to put to work the machine Leads! It is a Landing Page for your rich content very likely that you have already created, to capture Leads – if not, run!

If you already have an account on YouTube rather than create one. It’s fast, easy and free. Just have a Google email and enable YouTube account. Just in case, click here to access the Google support that teaches step-by-step instructions to create an account.

With the account created and properly logged it, you will see in the upper right corner of a button: Send (if in Portuguese), click and upload your video.

And now comes the important part

When your video finished up, not yet publish! Go to the tab notes and create a new note. Annotations are those balloons in the middle of the videos, which are clickable and redirect you to another video, playlist, channel or even another site, including a Landing Page of its content, but for this you need to prove that your website is your same by adding it to Google’s console.

In this way, follow the instructions from Google to prove. Stay tuned to the domain, for example, if your site is , but its content / Landing Page is in a subdomain like , you must climb the Google html in ebooks.meusite. , otherwise Google will not allow annotations created in the videos are directed to specific Landing Page.

See the important thing is you authenticate your domain, what next do not need. That is, if you confirm, all that is in it can be directed via YouTube, namely:çado or / ebook-complete-for-beginners , and so on …

Well, from here, only your video on YouTube can now generate Leads, enough people who watch your video take an interest in your offer and click on CTA that is in the YouTube player itself.

Time to promote your content

As one of the main communication channels is Facebook suddenly make a post with a YouTube link can be a bored, since the social network generates an algorithm that devalues ​​YouTube videos to value ascended direct videos on Facebook. The bad part of it? Your post does not get evidence and the range is not as good as an image or even just a post text, right on Facebook.

How to solve this then?

A very cool solution is to do the following:

  • Create a new Landing Page in the conversion allow the person watch the video. Advise, on that page, place the least possible fields – suddenly only the e-mail;
  • Thank You Page in you “embeda” your video; to do this, just follow the tutorial from Google itself, by clicking here ;
  • To earn a higher organic reach on Google and Facebook, you can create two posts, one for your blog and one for Facebook;

    • Blog: embede direct video – since the person has come to your blog through organic search on Google or one indication;
    • Facebook: Create a video no more than 30 seconds, says that its content deserves to be seen. Climb the video on your page and make a post with a link to the Landing Page of the main video.

With this, you create more of a communications channel – in addition to Google organic searches, up a video on Facebook can increase by up to 66% organic range of the post. We did this test for a while here in Digital results and the numbers were impressive !

You can also create a video ad on YouTube for people who visited your site, and generate Leads that way. In the post “Creating ad for B2B business” , we talked about how to create an effective campaign on YouTube and other platforms.

Tracking your Leads

“Nice! Did everything worked, but how do I know how many of the views clicked on my CTA? “

Just use the tool YouTube Analytics that will show you how many clicks each note of each video had.

“Of the converted Leads, how do I know how many of them came from YouTube?”

Simple, if you use the Google URL Builder to generate a specific link for each Lead fundraising campaign, you can know where you are coming from every click of your Landing Page. To learn how to do this read the post “6 steps to create a trackable URL” .

The average click the notes of YouTube videos may vary between 9 and 15% of views . That is, if your video has a thousand views, up to 150 can go to the Landing Page and convert. If your video has a very good appeal and a very high retention rate, the figures can pass 20%.

Leads rain!