Instant Videos: the new Facebook bet that will save your 3G

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In an era in which the videos are a great bet content in Digital Marketing, Facebook forehead one more tool that will favor the format.

Through the feature, which has been called Instant Videos, smartphone users can download videos over Wi-Fi previously to watch when they are unrelated or only with access to mobile data.

According to the website social network . At present, the Instant Videos is being tested by a small group of users of the application for Android.

Downloaded videos are previously identified by an icon in lightning bolt in the upper right of the image. It is not yet clear how Facebook will determine which videos can be pre-downloaded, or how long it will be stored in the phone.

When you are in Wi-Fi, we will save some videos for you to watch without using mobile data, says a legend in the new tool.


It can be said that the Instant Videos is a prime tool Instant Articles , used to publish content to load faster than other sites on mobile devices. As the videos load more slowly, the new tool can provide more visibility to the format to who publishes them.

The tool is particularly important for countries where mobile internet costs are still high, or where the data are selling fast, as in Brazil. Similarly, the fact that the tests are being done with users of the Android system, more popular in these regions, demonstrates Facebook’s concern over access to video on developing countries.

Recently, Facebook launched a tab dedicated exclusively to video, called Watch . In early 2017 a series of innovations has also been implemented, such as vertical videos and an application for TV.

Not coincidentally, in 2017 Facebook revealed that profits from mobile devices accounted for 87% of the $ 9.2 billion of income that the social network had in the second quarter.