Instagram Stories will have ads in Carousel format

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Instagram announced a novelty that will help companies make better ads in Stories. It will soon be possible to create ads that include three consecutive photos or videos, not just one.

The new format, which has been called carousel ads for Instagram Stories , is in the testing phase with 12 brands in the United States, including Netflix, Coca Cola, Renault and Paramount. The idea is to reach more companies soon.

The announcement made on February 1 blog focused on Instagram’s business , the company said the “Stories have changed the way people communicate and express themselves.” Also pointed out that the community has seen being creative in the use of filters, superzoom and stickers and social network, which includes profiles companies.

“A retail luxury shoes, for example, recently encouraged buyers ‘pausing’ the video when your favorite pair of a new collection pass through the screen,” says the text.

The company says that now, with two more content available, advertisers can go deeper and be more creative in your ads. And the ads carousel work the same way as other Stories content.

Another company testing the tool is Gap. Here’s how it’s done:

carousel instagram stories

Remember that the Stories are among the tools the fastest growing number of users. In October last year, were 300 million people making publications with the tool, according to the Statista .

So, for those who already announced on Instagram Stories, this is a way to make deeper advertisements, creative and engajadores. And for those who want to start, can be an added incentive.

And you already invested in Instagram Stories ad? He was thrilled with the news?