Instagram Stories now allows you to make live broadcasts with guests

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Live broadcasts Instagram Stories won a novelty. Now you can invite one of the spectators to participate in the video, which works in the Hangout format.

The update was announced on October 24, 2017 in social networking blog. To use the new tool, just press an icon in the lower right corner and then click “add” button that will appear next to all users who are watching the live video. If the person entering, you will see the screen divided into two.

instagram live

Who starts live can remove the guest and add another person in place at any time or even leave the reception.

When the video is over, you can share it in Stories or discard it. In the first case, it disappears after 24 hours. In the second, some immediately. You can also publish it on Facebook.

Since we present the live video, in November last year, millions of people used it to connect with friends and authentically followers. Now, you can have even more fun, she said.

But what does that change for companies?

This tool opens the possibility of using the Stories for various other purposes, such as interviews and webinars, and allows to make a private call with a contact, if you have shared transmission only with him.

For now, the application only allows two users to a broadcast at the same time, but there is the possibility that it develops for multiple accounts.

After all, Instagram started as an application that only allow photo sharing. Over time, has acquired other features such as messaging, Stories, live broadcasts. The possibility of becoming also a calling application, such as Skype, is not so far away.

Use Instagram to do webinars of your company, for example, can be a way to reach an audience in the social network, which, unlike Snapchat, is not restricted to young people. It’s a way to make them watch your content without leaving the same application that already share other content without having to go to YouTube, for example.

The novelty is available from version 20 of Instagram application. You can now download it in both the Apple Appstore and in Google Play.