Instagram question stickers: what it is and how companies can use the new feature

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In recent weeks Instagram launched a series of new tools such as TV Instagram  and conversations on video, making the interactive application than ever. Now, the new stickers are the questions, made available yesterday, July 10, for all users – including company profiles.

The tool is very simple: A sticker that you add on the stories – like the GIFs , the polls  and the sliders of emoji available now – and that allows his followers to ask questions. They click on the sticker, write the question and you can select them and answer them one by one into new stories.

See more details in the walkthrough:

1. Update Instagram

The first step is to update your Instagram. Both the Android and iOS, it should be in a higher version to 52.

Then select the adhesive Questions  and add it to your history. Write your question, change the color of the box if you wish, place it anywhere in the photo or video and share them.

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2. Wait for the questions!

Then, his followers can click on the sticker and send questions. There is no per user messages limit – just visit the same story and ask how often you want.

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3. answer time

Incoming questions are high on the list of people who saw the story. Touch them and you will see a menu with options to delete, answer by direct message and share response.

Choosing the latter option, Instagram will create a story automatically with your answer. The name of the person who asked the question, however, is not shown.

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Using stickers questions on Digital Marketing

Adopt the new tool is a fun and interactive way to take questions from his followers on Instagram using the stories, format which already has 400 million users posting pictures and videos daily, according to the Statista .

The result of these interactions is a closer relationship between your company and the followers. It is a good idea for when you do not have something in mind to share, but still want a presence on the social network. Questions can also give feedback and even content ideas. Depending on the question, also take the opportunity to promote their materials, content, places and events.

Here in DR, we tested the questions of stickers. Here are some examples of questions we have received and how they were answered:

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36919751 1764117463700201 256091853135282176 n

36946216 1764117497033531 7773054111771000832 n

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And you will use Instagram questions of stickers on your business accounts?