Instagram for Business: what is and how to have a business profile in Instagram

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Instagram for Business, or Instagram for companies, is a set of tools that allows businesses have a business profile, make ads and access data of followers on the social network. Become available information such as gender, age, location and times that these people more access the application, as well as reach and engagement of publications.


For years companies from various segments used Instagram to gain audience and connect with the public. However, everything was done without much return on the performance of the content and the metrics were restricted to tanned and comments.

Until, in 2016, a launch of social networking has made the relationship between companies and Instagram and more professional. Instagram for Business, or Instagram for business, was released as a set of three new possibilities: corporate profiles, sponsored posts and metrics.

At the time, they were interviewed hundreds of companies. The goal? Understand what it takes to improve their experience on Instagram. After this consultation, three elements are clear: First, it was found that the companies wanted to stand out on Instagram; Secondly, they needed more information about their performance after publication; Finally, they wanted to reach more people.


What is Instagram for Business

As its name suggests, the Instagram Instagram for Business is the tool dedicated to companies. It allows businesses that have accounts on social network know who their followers and leverage results.

Through Instagram for Business, more than disclose information such as telephone, address and description of the business, trade profiles have access to data such as printing, reach and engagement of its publications.

Analysis also shows who the account followers (gender, age, location and hours and days in which more access). What’s more, you can promote publications and to sell products within the application.

Can you imagine the impact of so much information for your company?

How can I have a business profile on Instagram?

To take advantage of these features, it is a prerequisite that your company have a fanpage on Facebook connected to a profile on Instagram with at least 100 followers.

With the commercial profile, companies can choose how they want their customers to contact – via email, phone or message – by clicking the contact button, and see the company address. The contact button appears next to the button below.

Open the Settings menu on Instagram and select “Switch to commercial profile.” Then choose the Facebook page you want to associate with your profile. Warning: your account on Instagram must be set to public. private profiles can not be changed for commercial accounts.

Finally, check the contact information of your company, change whatever is necessary, and click Done. Ready, your business profile is done!

The video below, in English, also illustrates how to connect the accounts.


Turning your profile into a company account, you have access to metrics that provide information about those who follow you and which posts performam better than others – all from within the mobile app. By learning about the behavior and demographics of your audience, you can create more relevant content.

In insights, metrics are shown as best publications, reach, impressions and engagement, as well as more data on their followers, such as gender, age and location. It also shows the time at which his followers use most Instagram.

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The Promote tool lets you turn posts that performaram well in directly from within the app ads. Just choose a post that you have already published and add encouraging the audience to interact button. You can select a target audience or let Instagram does. After that, the post will be promoted for the time you set.

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And you already have a profile companies on Instagram? How has leveraged these benefits?

To realize the full potential of one of the largest social networks in the world, check out our Instagram Guide for Business . With it you will learn how to generate Leads with the platform, gaining followers and to make well – aimed ads.

Good reading!