[Infographic] What sizes of images for social networks?

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There are several elements that must be thought before making a post on a social network. One such element is the image. The image is a feature that stirs the psychological people and leads them to engage more with the publication. Therefore, this choice is of fundamental importance in the performance of your post.

On Twitter the Digital results , for example, a publication image has on average 40% more clicks than a publication without image.

On Facebook, we recommend that you read the eBook “Introduction to Marketing on Facebook” , a material with practical tips for your company begin to produce results in this social network.

But more important than using any image, it is to use an appropriate image, otherwise it may be a shot in the foot. Who has never experienced a publication with a poor picture? Only this aspect is reason enough for the audience not interact with the post. If you do not struggled to make an impeccable publication, why readers should interact with what you’re sharing?

To prevent the image choice is shot in the foot, it is important to know how each social network is this feature. Some accept images with higher resolutions, others less so.

In this post, we bring one infographic that shows the ideal size of images for:

  • Facebook: cover, profile, image with link and image without link;
  • Twitter: cover, profile and tweet the image;
  • Google+: cover, profile and image with link;
  • Pinterest: profile, boards and pins display;
  • Youtube: cover, profile and upload videos;
  • Instagram: profile and photo size in the feed (square, landscape and portrait);
  • LinkedIn: company logo, image, background, page banner, image links and cover with the careers page.

Our goal with this infographic is that it becomes a guide whenever you need to check the size of a picture should have to be accepted and used with good quality in the mentioned social networks.

As there is no one size fits all, it is important to have this guide to learn how to resize the images exactly according to your purpose. For example, the image size of a link Facebook is different from the size of the cover image of a fan page .

Therefore, we suggest that you select and save this post in any way (by adding it to your Favorites, for example) to have quick access to it whenever you need.

If you want to know dimensions of images specifically Facebook and Instagram, check out our post  images sizes for Facebook and Instagram .


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