How to write meta descriptions that work

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How many times have you done a search on Google where dozens of results are displayed with endless titles and meta descriptions that appear neglected written by a robot.

The meta description is one of your last hopes on the SERP (search results page search engine) to attract to your site to people who are doing a search. 

Not give them the attention they deserve result in missed opportunities.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is the text that appears under the link of a result on the results page. Its purpose is to describe the content of the page and the person making the search to choose your site over another.

The words that match the search terms will appear in bold in the description.

The anatomy of a search result

Write meta descriptions

There are dozens of studies that explain the distribution of clicks depending on the position on the results page. In fact more than fifty percent of clicks happens in the first three positions, the first being the most clicks received and down as you go down into position on the page.

We all know how difficult it is to rank in these top positions but use interesting and effective meta descriptions will help you stand out and attract the more limited audience not so high positions on the page

4 key for meta description that works:

Use language that encourages action.

People who are doing searches often have a need to be filled, a problem to solve or a question. Make sure your description resolves the problem, explain the user exactly what to expect when they click your link. It is kind of copy must be brief and useful. Use words such as “Learn”, “view”, use type numbers “4 Recommendations for” adverbs “How”.


Use your meta description to arouse the reader’s curiosity. Offer him enough information to open their growing appetite and want to visit your site for more information.

Do not exceed 155 characters. 

In general, it said that a meta description should be less than 155 characters. However, Google does not actually measured by characters; measured by pixels . Check the length of your meta description and title your SEOmofo . 

Not mislead the reader

If your meta description misleads the reader with content that is not relevant to the page you’re trying to run, you will be offering a bad user experience. This not only affects the perception of your brand but also gives signals to Google that your content is not quality.

Also be sure to use (sparingly) for the keywords you want to rank on your description, if they are the words that have been used in the search appear in bold as part of the description.

And if not you write a meta description what happens?

If not you write a meta description, Google will display a text at the first paragraph of your page. If there is a key word in the text will appear in bold. It is a lost opportunity to convince your potential readers.

additional tips


The average search engine already knows how it is a goal generic description when seen in the SERP (despite that may not know what a meta description!). Use descriptive words (words no unnecessary “filler”) and do your best to connect with your target audience.


The first key to a great meta description is ask yourself a question or a problem and offer a way to solve it. The question must be specific and unambiguous.


Keep your audience in mind. He understands their needs, their behavior and their problems and know how you can help them solve.

Your meta description is your opportunity to attract new audiences, winning prospects. Are 155 characters that will help you sell your content, your site or company. There are too many websites that forget this and lose a critical opportunity. Be sure to create a goal attractive description for your website, to convince people to choose you over your competitors.