How to write good content for blog even though you are not a copywriter?

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Produce content for blog can be difficult. With so many people and businesses creating amazing products, we get the impression that only gives to write on the Internet if you are a great writer or have a huge team of Marketing .

But this is not how things work.

You do not need to be a Carlos Drummond de Andrade or Shakespeare to be able to create an epic content to your website.

Can you write great articles for your blog even without being a great writer or editor. Simply know the secrets that make up an epic content!

In this post we’ll look at exactly what makes an article has a good performance on the Internet and how you can achieve this even without being a great writer.

Read on to learn more!

Form and content – as a good content for blog is done?

Today, about 70% of Brazilian companies operate with Content Marketing strategies . In addition, there are hundreds (even thousands!) Of people who have successful blogs and leverage their careers with them.

Some manage to live blog exclusively!

What all these people and businesses have in common is the fact that recognize how a good blog content is produced.

In the following paragraphs, we will analyze in depth what elements make an excellent article and find out how anyone, even those who are not a good writer, you can build an epic content with them. Keep reading!

Format – as is the skeleton of a good article

Content for quality blog, as an epic article, for example, consists of four main components. Its skeleton is divided in these pieces:

What is a good title and how to do it!

Have you heard that you should not judge a book by its cover? Well, the Internet, all readers will judge your article by its cover – or rather, by his title.

A killer title is the leading provider of traffic to your article. Is it going to make the reader click to read what you wrote.

But and then, how to make a killer title? There are two good rules of thumb for you to use that will make your life easier:

AIDA rule

One of the formulas most used in creating good titles is the AIDA rule, meaning the intention, I nteresse, D esejo and The tion.

This rule says that your title should first capture the attention of those who hit the eye on him.

Then a killer title will arouse the interest of the person with an offer interesting value.

The third step is to make the pass reader to want this offer. Finally, the title should show a share that the person can do after reading that content.

Want a good example? See the title of this article you read at that time:

  • How to write a good blog content to even not being a writer?

Can you identify the AIDA rule that title? Here’s the answer:

Attention : every time a title promises to teach something, people’s attention is captured. Human beings are programmed to always learn new things, then our brain is aroused whenever an opportunity arises such.

Interest : the section of “good content for blog” stir up interest in people, since it is a supply of high value;

Desire : the trick of this title is that it awakens the desire to read the article, since he promises that even those who are not a good writer can make use of said value offer before;

Action : Finally, all the title promises that you will know how to write good content so finished reading. Doubt? So get to the end of this article!

Rule 10: 1

Did you know that our brains are “lazy”? In a way, he likes to “save energy”, then use patterns and repetitions to solve their tasks faster.

The problem is that it makes you is always repeating itself and settle in easy solutions, which may not be the best.

Therefore, there is a great solution to keep their titles always sharp: Rule 10 to 1.

This rule says you have to write 10 titles for each article you produce and then choose the best.

So you’re always coming up with quality titles and leaving the sameness.

How to make a good introduction

If the title is what draws the reader’s attention, the introduction is the hook that will hook you once in your article.

The best way to do this is with Formula APP, created by Brian Dean, the Backlinko, one of the largest companies SEO on the planet.

Formula APP functions more or less as AIDA rule. In this case, the elements are as follows:

  • The gree (Agree);
  • P romise (Promise);
  • P review (Previous).

Use these three elements in the introduction of your article will cause the player to stay hooked once and have interest in reading it to the end.

How to develop your article to the end

Now that we’ve covered the title and introduction, came the main course of this meal: development.

A good development need of the following:

  • Solve the problem that the reader has;
  • Deliver what was promised in the title and introduction;
  • Keep the reader concentrated in content.


One of the most important aspects of the development of your article is escaneabilidade it.

In a nutshell, every reader will first take a “scanned” in the text before deciding whether to read or not. If it finds several huge blocks of text probably will not continue reading.


Another good point that assists in the development of your article and in his escaneabilidade is the use of intertitles to organize the content.

Divide your text in several intertitles is useful to give structure to the article, in addition to facilitating the logical organization of the contents.

After all, it is easy to structure the ideas that will be written if everything is well organized.


The ideal language of your article depends on who is going to read. If your audience is made up of scholars and it is extremely technical, so the item must maintain that level.

But if the idea is to communicate more simple and light way, memes, gifs and jokes are acceptable. The ideal is to connect with the reader.

And speaking of connecting, always remember to use the language of connectors on its contents. They help to articulate the ideas and join the different paragraphs of your article.

How to complete your article with a good CTA

The conclusion of a good article should make a summary of everything that was said earlier to better secure the shared knowledge.

But most important to arrive at the end of an epic content is perfect the CTA.

For those unaware, CTA means ebook or contact you.

The important thing is that the CTA is useful to the reader and can direct you to a path that will provide more information and leave you more connected with your blog .

Finishing – what to consider before publishing your content

Reviewing content for blog

Half the job of making good content is to put the words on paper and the other half is to edit those words.

So when you finish writing his epic content, take a break to rest and then begin the review. There are two types:

Content review

Here, you should check whether your text is satisfactory. That is, if he was even good in terms of quality.

Use the checklist below to make this revision:

  • Article fulfills what was promised in the title and in the introduction?
  • The article makes sense in its entirety?
  • The content is well built logically?
  • All concepts are well explained?
  • The structure is fitted correctly?

grammar review

The second type of review is to check whether the grammar rules are being respected in your article. It is the most “complicated” for those who are not a good writer of course, so use all the help you need.

A good idea is to use the Spell of FLiP , since this software corrects the text according to the new spelling reform of the Portuguese language.

The Dictionary Priberam is also a great online tool, as it has the list of synonyms and other interesting features.

Editing an article SEO

SEO is a very broad field of the digital world, involving different sections of a site – including your text!

The main aspect of SEO an article, literally speaking, is the use of your keyword .

Each article must have a keyword specific that Google will use to identify it more easily. If a user enters that term, so the browser will display its contents.

However, there are some best practices when working the keyword of your article. Check out:

  • Do not fill the text with the keyword . Repeat it a few times throughout the article;
  • Put the keyword in the title, intertitle in the first and last paragraphs for better acceptance of Google;
  • Use variations of the same keyword for the best search engine accepts your article;
  • Use the keyword accompanied other terms related to better characterize the text.

Combining all the elements that we quote from the initial structuring of its contents through the title, introduction, development and CTA, making sure that everything is well presented and consistent, you will also be able to produce an excellent product even without being a great writer.

Know how to write good content for blog is only half the battle. You now need the second half: figure out how to be found on Google. For this, take a read in our article on SEO on page and learn how to stand out in the search engines!

Guest post produced by the Content Marketing team.