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Anyone working with digital marketing knows the importance of constantly refining their strategies to achieve better results.

Pay attention to competition and performance of your page helps to have more assertiveness in the actions of your business, repair the faults found and deliver quality content to your audience.

There are several online tools that can be used to increase their digital marketing strategy. Among them is the SEMRush, which can be used in the free version or the paid versions to access more features.

You do not know this tool yet?

In the text of today, you will meet all the advantages of SEMRush and learn how to use it.

What is SEMRush?

your domain as your competitors.

To be a recognized as a full-service competitive analysis, SEMRush has been increasingly used by professionals in their SEO strategies.

Who works with content production, directly or indirectly, you know that not only write good texts for your page to rank well in Google and other search engines.

One should be attentive to what the audience is looking to be able to deliver something attractive, valuable and that stands in the middle of all other websites.

Meet all the requirements on their own can be tricky, especially in the digital environment, where competition is already large and growing exponentially.

What is the SEMRush?

By delivering relevant data on the behavior of users, SEMRush enables you to discover the best marketing strategies and stand out from your competitors.

With this tool, you can analyze several factors such as:

  • the keywords most relevant to your business;
  • positioning your keywords in organic search;
  • advertising strategies commonly used by the competition and the results obtained in each of them;
  • backlinks to your website or other sites in your niche;
  • among other relevant information.

Using SEMRush features you can then see what’s going right and wrong for your competitors, monitor the performance of your page and find out what can be done to your site better ranked.

Differences between the free version and the paid version

Who does not like to invest now or are not willing to pay a monthly amount for the platform can use SEMRush free. However, this version imposes several limitations that prevent you to enjoy all the advantages of the tool.

In the free version exists, for example, a limit of 10 searches per day, while the plan paid simplest allows you to make 3,000 daily requests of analytical reports.

Another disadvantage relates to the number of results per search. If you use SEMRush free, able to examine only 10 results.

Thus, when searching for a particular domain, you will have access only to the first 10 keywords listed for him while the cheaper version will appear paid 10,000 results.

If your intention is really to invest in content marketing , the indicated sign is one of the paid versions tool to access all the features and benefits that SEMRush offers.

There are the Pro plans, Guru, Business and Enterprise, which have distinct advantages to subscribers, according to the needs of your business.

Using SEMRush

After creating an account on SEMRush and confirm it in your email, simply log into the site to have access to the original panel.

SEMRush - home page SEMRush

In the dashboard, you find the search bar, where you can enter the domain you want to monitor performance. We remind you that the page can be both your business as that of their competitors.

In the side menu, you find the Tool Panel s, where are located the various features of SEMRush. Each one offers complete and detailed reports on specific items of the searched area.

SEMRush - tools panel

Knowing how to use the tool and what each resource reports can be the missing piece to your digital marketing strategy to generate better results.

We will present an overview of the tool and detail some of the most important features for you to see how you can benefit from its use.

Domain Analysis

To analyze a domain, you must enter the desired address in the search bar. Stay tuned because after indicating the domain, you must specify the country, because only then the SEMRush able to locate it properly.


This section provides access to general information about the number of keywords for which that site leads, backlinks pointing to that page, competitors and detailed information on organic and paid search.

SEMRush - page overview of domain analysis

To view this data separately and in detail, just browse the subsections of the side menu.

Next, we specify what each says.

organic search

Here, you will find reports on the organic searches, such as:

  • main keywords that generate traffic to that site;
  • what are the main competitors organic field; and
  • ranking of your content for certain keywords.

This is a good feature for you to analyze the positioning variations of your page or a competitor, and better understand what is attracting the attention of the audience.


With this feature, SEMRush presents reports with information on the links that point to your site.

Backlinks in areas with authority are essential to increase the credibility of your website as well as backlinks coming from untrusted sites can be harmful to your positioning in search engines.

Observe the data presented here will help you understand how the profile of backlinks is affecting the ranking of your pages. This allows you to think of strategies to improve their performance in this regard.

From here, you can take ideas or themes to develop partnerships and attractive content, which may be of interest areas of greater authority and generate new backlinks to your page.

advertising research

The factors analyzed by this functionality are the same organic search, but refer to the information of advertising campaigns , ie the paid researched the field research.

PLA research

With this tool, you can discover the products that your competitors are selling and in what ways they are exceeding their strategies.

PLA research presents data about the positions of product listing ads, which are the main competitors of the studied area and the texts they are used in ads.

display media

Analyze SEMRush display media data is to see how ads are being designed the firms of competition .

Here, you can see what are the strategies that are having better conversion results and what are the formats that attract more potential customers to search pages.

If you need to know if your target audience is presenting more interest for content in text or video format, for example, display media reports will help you better understand this behavior.

Traffic Analysis

This section provides an overview of the key metrics used by the researched domain.

You can use this functionality SEMRush to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and compare your page with them, to know what can be done to improve their performance.

Here, you can also check where it comes from the field of traffic that is searching, who their Affiliates most active and what are the areas that have authority and can serve as good sources of backlinks.

Domain x domain

This tool enables the comparison of up to 5 domains, and you can use it to analyze its main competitors.

Simply enter the domains you want to compare and select the type of keyword you want to analyze. You can opt for organic keywords, paid or PLA.

For more advanced search, you can also select what you want to analyze, such as keywords in common or unique to each domain.

The SEMRush generates all comparative reports on the inserted fields, their positions in the results of organic searches for the same terms, the average search volume of these words, cost per click, among other things.

Explore the data and analyze carefully will help you to realize efficiently your competitors.

Analysis of keywords

This feature serves as a guide for those who need to find the right keywords for your content to rank well and drive traffic.

If you have a website about dog clothes, for example, you can use the feature to check the competition of the keywords you want to use in your content.

Thus, you can find a specific niche and unexplored, which is more likely to stand out like clothes for large dogs .

Here, you can also check the corresponding keywords and related to what you search, the organic search results for each of them and the historical ad.

SEMRush - Image overview page palavas key analysis

Keyword Magic tool

By accessing this tool and enter a keyword, you have access to thousands of suggestions for the same keywords niche .

various filters are available for you to do a thorough search, organize the results and can find the optimal keywords to improve the ranking of your page.

Keyword Magic is interesting for those who need to prepare different content on the same subject or stand out in a highly competitive niche.

After all, the tool allows you to discover keywords long tail , which increase your chances to stand out and position well in search.

If you search the keyword juice, you will realize that the search volume is immense and therefore it is difficult to compete with competitors, especially if they are the most recognized in the market.

SEMRush - image overview of the keyword

You can use Magic Keyword filters to find the variations and check the words that can bring you competitive advantage, such as detox juice and passion fruit juice , for example.

SEMRush - page image Content Template SEO tool

If you are still in doubt whether it is worth paying for a plan SEMRush, know that free access to this incredible resource will expire after the trial period.


After configuring your site as a SEMRush project, you have access to various tools to help you analyze in detail the visibility of your domain.

With Site Audit, for example, you can scour particular page and find what can be done to improve your SEO techniques.

With the Position Tracking tool, you can monitor the ranking of keywords of a website to measure the success of a marketing strategy.

You On Page SEO Tracker, you can find optimization tips for your website to occupy higher positions in Google searches.

Besides these, there are still some other tools available to help increase the quality of your domain.

SEMRush - Picture of page designs

Analysis gaps

This is a new tool that contains SEMRush reports on keywords and backlinks.

SEMRush - Page Image tool gaps

Gaps in the keywords

This functionality is exactly the same as quoted above with the name Domain x domain .

As the section Gap analysis is recent in SEMRush it was still possible to find the same data in two options in side profile.

However, it seems that soon the change will be final and the comparison of data between domains will be found only here.

Gaps in backlinks

Here you can also enter up to 5 domains for the SEMRush make an analysis of backlinks.

To compare your site and the pages of your competitors, simply enter the address in the search field and wait for the tool to generate backlinks profile data of each of them.

This functionality is extremely useful because it helps you discover backlinks opportunities that are not yet being exploited.

With this information in hand, you can target your strategies to reach areas recognized positively in the market which can help increase your credibility.

Topic Research

This functionality SEMRush shows you the topics related to your search that are generating greater engagement of the audience.

The idea is that you can analyze what your competitors are sharing and what the results are, to understand exactly the type of content that should be shared to excel in your niche.

Let’s assume that you are an entrepreneur who has a shop of accessories and needs to increase sales for Valentine’s Day.

You can use the tool to search gifts for boyfriends to see the most relevant sub – topics on the subject.

The report will show what is being sought more and what options require less effort to be promoted.

With this data in hand, you will be able to develop more assertive approaches, which will make your content stand out in competition .

SEMRush - Topic Research Tool page image

SEO Content Template

In this section, content producers will find several important SEO tips for creating quality texts.

You should choose a keyword, set the country, state and city and click Create Template SEO .

SEMRush analyzes the 10 pages best positioned in Google for that specific keyword and then give you recommendations so that your content can be positioned well in search.

Here, you will be able to see exactly how your competitors are using keywords in their content and get inspired to create a text that stands out.

If you choose the term veganism , for example, you will receive a list of related keywords to add to your text, such as plant – based , vegan diet and products of animal origin .

Also, you have tips on how to write title, headings, meta-description and text in the right size and with optimal use of the selected keywords.

SEMRush - page image Content Template 2 SEO tool

SEMRush - page image Content Template 2 SEO tool

Lead Generation tool

Lead Generation is a widget that you can add to your page, as the name suggests, help in generating more leads for your business.

With this tool, you offer to visitors of your website a free SEO audit, requiring only the registration of the URL and the user’s email address.

The data obtained from this feature can – and should – be included in your contacts database, so you start nurturing relationships with those leads and increase the chances of conversion.

Time to start!

With so many features, it is impossible to ignore the importance of SEMRush in building a good digital marketing strategy.

If your intention is to attract traffic, differentiate from the competition and optimize your page, SEMRush is a key tool for you.

Despite being an intuitive and easy navigation platform, SEMRush features make analysis of many relevant information. This can cause users need time and practice to be able to discover all that it has to offer.

So do not bother to understand all the details, sections and reports early on. With use, you will better understand how its features work, you learn to read the reports and will use your data to improve their content.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this content and can enjoy all the advantages of SEMRush on your page.

To learn important techniques to reach the top positions in Google, also check out our post with everything you need to know about SEO .