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 Although statistics indicate that the balance is tilting in favor of tools like Instagram and Snapchat among younger generations, Facebook still dominates the market. 1090 million users logging on daily (an increase of 16%), Facebook remains the most popular social network. This figure is more pronounced on mobile devices, where Facebook tops the list with 77% of all logins on social networks.

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If you want to make sure the contents of your company reach the eyes and ears of consumers have a strong presence on Facebook is fundamental. But to get the most out of your Facebook page (ie, attract and captivate visitors, leading them to your website and convert them into sales opportunities and, ultimately, customers), you have to optimize your presence on Facebook.

We have to learn all the functions of the various social networks can be quite a feat and can take a long time, especially if we consider that every now add, delete and modify features.

To help you stay ahead of these movements, we have compiled a piece of practical advice that will help businesses and marketers to get the most out of Facebook. 

Let’s do it!

25 marketing tips and tricks for Facebook

Tips for your company page on Facebook

1) Create a business page; not a personal profile.

First, you must create a business page (and not a personal profile) representing your brand. Pages resemble personal profiles but have unique tools for companies, brands and organizations. Your followers can give you “like” the page to see updates in your news section, something not possible with personal profiles.

With this, not only will considerably increase the potential of your company on Facebook, but even goes against the Terms of Service Facebook using a personal account on behalf of something other than a person, as in the case of a company. If you have already created a profile for your company, you must turn it into a business page.


2) Claim a custom URL for your page.

Once you’ve created your business page, this will be assigned a number and a random URL. Eg., To make your page easier to share and find, you must create a custom URL recognizable as .

3) Use a photo of stunning cover.

The layout of the pages in Facebook allows you to place a cover photo of 851 x 315 pixels at the top of your company page. You need to optimize the cover photo to capture the attention of new visitors, encouraging them to explore your site and learn more about your brand and optimize the page for mobile app of Facebook; and all this while respecting the guidelines for the pages of Facebook.



4) Add a recognizable profile photo.

Choose a profile photo so your visitors can easily recognize, such as your company logo or a picture with your face if you’re a counselor or your company is individual. Be easily recognizable is extremely important for people to find you and give you a “like” your page, especially in the search for Facebook. Your profile photo appears on the top of the Facebook page and the thumbnail is displayed next to all updates of your page, so choose wisely.

When choosing a picture, note that the dimensions of the profile pictures on Facebook are 180 x 180 pixels (although the picture will have 160 x 160 pixels on desktop computers).


5) Optimize “information” (especially the preview) section.

“Information” section is one of the first places that people see when they visit your page. There is a preview to the left of the page, below the profile picture. People can also see the entire section by clicking on the “Information” tab at the top of the page.

Be sure to optimize the preview section to the left of the page with brief but descriptive information to give visitors an idea of ​​what your page is your company before deciding whether will give “like”. The text is drawn from the “brief description” you provide the complete “information” tab.

We show an example video marketing software company Wistia:


Another example of a restaurant called Tahaza Hummus Kitchen :


To edit your own “Information” tab, click it, hover over the section you want to edit and click the pencil icon. 

6) Get the insignia “high-level response to messages”.

If you respond quickly to most users who send you messages on Facebook, you can get the badge called “high-level response to messages”. You will see logo below the cover photo if you had a response rate of 90% and an average response time of 15 minutes in the last seven days.


If you respond to messages but has failed to earn the badge, Facebook still show your response rate to visitors. Here’s an example of page Zappos :


If you do not answer so often to messages, nothing will appear. So, even if you do not answer is not the end of the world, have that badge will make users know that your company is attentive to your needs and worries.

By the way, you can do many things with the “messages” Facebook tool for businesses . We recommend you explore and make the most of Facebook as a communication tool and help.


7) Make milestones.

The feature “milestones” allows you to highlight some of the main achievements of your company, such as awards, product launches, important events and other awards. The most recent milestones will be published in your biography and users can see them on the “Information” tab.

To add milestones, click the “biography” section of your page and then click on the “offer, event +” in the composer Update page near the top of the page.


9) Choose a button call to action (CTA).

In December 2014, Facebook added a very handy feature: the option to place a simple button call to action at the top of your page. 

You can choose from seven options prebuilt buttons ( “register”, “buy”, “contact”, “book”, “use application”, “watch video” and “play”) and link them to any website that aligns with your business goals. You could link it to your homepage, your landing page, a contact sheet, a video or anywhere else.


Note: The CTA buttons do not appear on the mobile app to Facebook, so avoid integrating design your cover photo with your CTA or could confuse users of mobile devices.

10) Create customized pages tabs.

The default tabs you see on your page are “Home”, “information”, “Photos”, “like” and “more” but Facebook allows you to create and use custom tabs. Basically these to resemble landing pages within your Facebook page or calls to action where you can present the information you want, from case studies to marketing offers and other promotions.

They are at the top of the page and allow you to guide your visitors to do what you have planned for them on your page. For example, if you are hiring staff, you could create a custom tab that “employment” is called and is linked to the employment page of your website, like Zendesk has made on its website:


You can create custom tabs logging, visiting your page, by clicking on the “more” and selecting “Manage tabs” drop down menu.


Tips visibility in the “latest”

11) prioritizes quality over quantity.

Two questions we receive frequently on publications on Facebook pages companies are “how often should publish on Facebook?” And “How often post will help me reach more people?”

In a word: no. After all, the visibility of your posts in the news section of users is closely related to the quality of these publications. Facebook’s algorithms are designed to filter out irrelevant publications and allow only high quality content for users is displayed.

So do not sweat it your customers with content on Facebook and be more selective with what you publish. Spend more time creating better publications  in Facebook instead of focusing on quantity. Remember, the job of a marketer is to publish content in social networks make it interesting, entertaining, useful or relevant to the audience. This means choosing relevant topics, write texts that delight the audience and publish compelling images and videos.

12) Post in the most convenient time for your audience.

Another frequent question is: what is the best time to publish to Facebook? Unfortunately, there is no single correct answer. According to the companies, days and times convenient to publish may vary. The most effective time to publish depends on what your audience make of Facebook, the region to which you go, the content of your posts (p. eg., funny or serious) and your goals (p. eg., clicks front sometimes shared), among other factors.

That said, there are some studies on the most opportune moments to post on Facebook

  • The best time to post on Facebook is on Wednesday at 15:00. Other effective times are Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 13:00; and on Thursdays and Fridays between 13:00 and 16:00.
  • Interaction rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays, while on weekdays between 13:00 and 16:00 are usually observed at the highest clickthrough rates. Friday, Facebook use increased by 10%. Since people tend to feel happier on Fridays, Neil Patel suggests post funny or optimistic to get in tune with the mood of the audience content.
  • According to research by SurePayroll , the worst times to post on Facebook are on weekends, before 8:00 and after 20:00.

Considers this information as a general guideline and use them on your behalf to find the optimal moments for your publishing company. 

13) Publish the best content on your blog.

For companies, social networks continue to be governed by the content. For B2B companies, especially social networks can be transformative because of the smaller size of the potential customer base and average higher prices.

The work of a professional marketing is posting content on social networks make it interesting, entertaining, useful or relevant to the audience. Biography begins to fill your page with the most prominent and useful content your blog posts, and choose the content yourself.

If you are short on resources but accounts with a business blog, you can try autopublicables connect your blog with links to the new blog content is automatically published. Many blog publishing platforms like WordPress and HubSpot automatically offer this feature in their software; you just need to activate and synchronize with your page. However, we recommend not abuse this function. Okay automatically it publishes a portion of the content, but also make sure there is a person of flesh and blood publishing and interacting with your followers.

14) Make sure your meta descriptions blog posts are complete.

Have you noticed that when you post a link on Facebook, bears a brief description along with a picture?

The description is extracted from the meta description of the page, referring to the HTML attribute that explains the content of a particular website. It is the short description you see in a search results page in the search engine and provides a “preview” page, and also the text that Facebook will automatically extract to complete the description of a post.


If no meta description, Facebook extract the first text element you find, which is not convenient if you want to provide a good user experience. In addition, meta descriptions give you the chance to “sell” visitors what you offer: informative content of great value.

The meta description should be attractive enough for people to want to click the link, and must be 155 characters or less.

15) Eliminates text links publications.

Shortens the text in your post eliminating the ugly long URL to share.

Space your post is valuable, and you must ensure that you employ characters are used only for the purpose of capturing the attention of your readers. In addition, any user can click the title or the reduced view is generated for a URL and leading to the publication, the website or any URL you’ve put the link. So you need not also be included in the text of your publication.


16) Publish your visual content more attractive.

The new design Facebook page biography highlights more visual content, such as images and videos. Finally, after all , Facebook posts containing images obtained 2.3 times interactions publications without images. In one study, it was discovered that Facebook posts with photos received more interactions than any other type of publication, and were the incredible figure of 87% of all interactions.

For this reason, visually compelling content publishing is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your strategy on Facebook. Use this to your advantage and publishes the best visual content you have on your Facebook page, or make an effort to visually enhance the content you already have created ( click here to download over 100 templates image for totally free social networking ) .

A successful strategy for social networks often include photos, videos and screenshots of computer graphics and other graphics. Besides being pleasing to the eye, it is important that the visual content is attractive and relevant to the audience.

You want another reason to publish much visual content? Will help you complete the tabs “photos” and “videos”, which are automatically added to all pages of Facebook. It is recommended that these sections are riddled with visual content when people click on them.


17) Make sure your images have the proper format.

Do not post pictures because. If you want to give users the best possible experience, you have to optimize your images to Facebook so that they have the size and the corresponding dimensions ( click here to download photo templates with default values for Facebook sizes and other totally free social networks ).

Here we show some of the image sizes for most common Facebook, but you can see a more detailed guide here .

  • Cover photo: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high
  • Profile photo: 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels high
  • Featured image: 1200 pixels wide by 717 pixels high
  • Shared image: 1200 pixels wide by 630 pixels high
  • Thumbnail shared link 1200 pixels wide by 627 pixels high

18) Post videos (especially live video).

Those working in Facebook users know love watching videos on this network. The number of people watching video content is growing at a dizzying pace: between April 2015 and November 2015, the number of videos viewed daily on Facebook doubled , four billion views per day to eight billion.

Facebook constantly changes the way the algorithm measures the interest of people for video content on Facebook, but the key is posting videos that are as attractive as possible; especially the first few seconds.

Why? For though the videos on Facebook are automatically played back in the news section of people, they will be no sound until the user activates the volume. The more captivating your video is, the more you will achieve that people stay to see it. If you can get people to spend more time watching your video, this will qualify better in the news section, as for Facebook, some of the signs of user interaction with videos include spending time watching the video, unmute , switch to full screen mode or enable high definition mode.

In an ongoing effort to promote video content in the “latest news” section, recently Facebook launched Facebook Live, a service broadcast live video that can transmit live video from a mobile device directly in the “latest news” section Facebook. Capitalizes on Facebook Live, Facebook ranks as live video better than other videos and publications.

19) Use the Facebook statistics .

Facebook statistics are an internal analysis tool that lets you measure and analyze your presence on Facebook. The tool gives administrators of Facebook pages statistics on page views and interactions, allowing you to understand what content are attractive or not for your followers.

Access statistics of your page  in or by clicking the “administration panel” of your page. We have also published an informative post with a video that shows you how to analyze statistics Facebook to improve your content strategy.

20) Program publishing your posts in advance.

The struggle for trying to publish content on Facebook is not a new phenomenon. We have meetings. It is getting late. Drawbacks arise. That’s why you should use a third party application for Facebook, as the publishing tool HubSpot social networks to schedule your posts on Facebook (and other social networks) in advance.

First, download content for social networks our free calendar template to help you plan your posts in advance. You can complete the same day and at the same time each week to prepare content for social networks next week. Then use the third – party application for Facebook to schedule your posts.

However, as we warned about the automatic publication of posts on Facebook, should not abuse this feature. Do not fall into the trap of making your page look like a robot and be sure to actively interact with your followers.

21) Add buttons social networks Facebook to your blog and website.

Adding buttons social networks Facebook help encourage visitors to your website to also connect and interact with you on Facebook. Also, you divulgarás your content and you will increase your fingertips.

The “follow” button Facebook allows you to expand the reach of your page because it makes it easier for site visitors the task of “like” your Facebook page company with one click. It shows the number of “likes” you have your page and the faces of people you already follow, which uses social proof to improve their effectiveness.

The box “Like” Facebook allows you to promote your company page of Facebook on your website and blog, highlighting other users who already gave “like” your page, show your count followers and post recent posts in your page. With a single click, people can give “like” your page company without even leaving your site. 

The button “like” on Facebook allows people to express appreciation for your content. Clicking on the button “like” a story appears in the biography of the user and the “latest news” to your friends with a link that leads to your content, whether it concerned a blog post or a page specific destination. (Note: This button does not allow them to add custom messages to the links before sharing to allow users to add a custom message must use the “share” on Facebook, as explained below.).

Buttons to share content on Facebook work similar to the button so “like” in the sense that let you share your content on the biography and in the news section of other friends, but also allow to add a comment or a message to link when shared.

22) Subscribe to the official Facebook blog for future announcements of this social network.

Get a competitive advantage by staying updated with the latest ads for Facebook about new features and tools by subscribing to the official Facebook blog .

Facebook advertising tips

23) Choose the right advertising tool. (Probably Ad Manager).

Facebook offers two different payment tools to create an ad: the Ad Manager and Power Editor . Power Editor is usually more suitable for large advertising companies looking to have precise control over many campaigns. If your company does not fit that description, Ad Manager works great for most companies. Find out which option is best for your business depending on the size of your company and the number of ads you plan to publish at once. 

24) Use Audience Insights to learn more about your audience.

The best ads on Facebook are relevant and high-quality ads that perfectly fit the environment in Facebook users. Learn more about your customers and prospects with Audience Insights, found in the navigation menu on the left Ad Manager on Facebook.

The tool will help target ads more effectively and learn more about your audience, even if advertising is not directed at her. How? Data can help you create stronger consumer profiles, create more compelling content and find key to your research on competition information. ( Read this step by step guide Audience Insights for more detailed instructions and tips).

25) Test multiple versions of the same ad.

Launch a single campaign will not give you a lot of work in terms of finding your audience, optimize your ads and generally, see if Facebook advertising is effective for your business. You have to be able to run multiple campaigns (and willing to) in order to test and experiment with different parts of the same campaign.

First, try the orientation using a simple ad and a basic image, as suggested by Brian Carter of Convince & Convert . “Often, there are at least five to ten ways to address the prospects , ” he says. “Find one or two hearings that generate the most conversions at the lowest cost per lead”.

To reach a wider audience and experiment with it, you’ll need to invest a reasonable amount of money on your campaign. Our friends BuzzSumo suggest that the figure is in the range of thousands of dollars. The reason? Facebook Ads reward you for trying more ads and guidance. While the cost per click does not change much with ads on Google or LinkedIn, Facebook Ads cost much less if diligently testing.

Then you can try the creative side of the ad images, headings and text. Test between 20 and 25 variations on target with which audiences already experienced: “No’ve learned to advertise well in Facebook until you have created between 15 and 20 ads,” says Carter. 

Read this blog post for more information on how to create, optimize and analyze your ads on Facebook .


What other tips and tricks to recommend marketing to maximize the presence of a company on Facebook?