How to Use a Like Gate to Generate Fans and Leads on Facebook

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Anyone working with Facebook for a long time, you’ve probably heard the term Welcome Tab , or tab Welcome, a personalized page where they were going all the people who were not fans of the company.

The main objective of this tab was to give context to the visitor, taking advantage of the space to present it in a simple and objective manner – and with good design – what is the benefit to enjoy the page.

Currently you can no longer set a default tab (the first one sees when it falls on the company page) to someone who is not a fan. The only exception is for Facebook Ads, which lets you choose which tab page the person who clicked on the ad will display first.

Thus, it comes in the Like Gate: a tool used to increase the number of Likes on the page – and still generate some Leads.

What is the Like Gate

As previously mentioned, a welcome tab serves primarily to explain to the user what they will find on the page, something we can hardly make the Timeline due to the excessive amount of information available there.

The idea of ​​the Like Gate, and provide that context for those who still do not enjoy the company of the page, you also use it to generate greater interest in enjoying a page promoting a specific offer, which is available only when this fact person enjoy the company page.

In short, the Like Gate shows content for those who enjoy and another for those who do not enjoy the company page.

How to Generate Leads using the Like Gate

While many companies use the Like Gate just to encourage people to tan, and we do recommend the use of this mechanism to generate Leads.

This is done as follows: for those who still do not enjoy the Digital results, show a page with several Calls-to-Action free materials. However, these banners are not clickable until the person gives its like on the page. The image below shows the Like Gate to anyone who is not a fan.

From the moment that the person likes the page Digital results, these Calls-to-Action are now clickable and they all lead to one of our landing pages with free materials.


Offering this attractive offer for those who enjoy the page, we can combine different goals: create up more connections, increasing the company’s reach in social networks, and generate up new Leads, increasing the audience.

How to Like Gate

There are several applications for Facebook that can be used to make a Like Gate. One that is widely used – and free – is the Static HTML ( ). Just add it to the page for your business and edit content.

There are still some points that should be considered when making a Like Gate. Are they:

    • Place as the destination of an ad on Facebook . As stated earlier, the only way to generate enough traffic to the Like Gate is through Facebook Ads. For this, the ad setting, be sure to choose the Like Gate as the target in the ad.


    • Use the URL Builder in Calls-to-Action to measure traffic in the best way . Not to confuse the hits the Like Gate with access Facebook itself in time to make an analysis by traffic source, we suggest using the Google URL Builder .

Your link will look like this: utm_source = & utm_medium = referral like_gate & utm_campaign = referral

Now just think of the ad you want visitors who have not liked your page view and start producing. Remember to communicate the essentials. The Leads await you!