How to train, retain and retain customers with Content Marketing

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We used to share many valuable tips on the blog about strategies Leads Management , then today we will change a little focus and show how you can use your content repository to train, retain and retain their customer . And the best, with little effort, it is possible to use the content that your company already have and create some others to complement.

But before we get to the point on how do we make it clear why it is important that strategy and what are its benefits.

Main advantages of content marketing for those who are already a client

As we said a few times, invest in a content strategy brings many benefits as a whole to your business , and some of them can be clearly noticed by putting into practice content dedicated actions in order to retain those who are already customers. Remember that to produce their own content company creates an active marketing that will perpetuate for years in its strategy, rather than just “rent” space with other companies buying ads.

One of the benefits of content for customers is the time savings of the vendors, consultants and support. Having quality content available for consultation, your client may trigger your employees less often and increasingly resolve their questions on their own. Moreover, even without getting linking and visits its clients several times, your company will always be present, creating a closeness and further developing the confidence they have in relation to your company.

Make sure the content actually adds value to your customer, because if this is true, he will find that the content can also add value to other people and then will recommend it and share it with your contacts, expanding the reach of the material .

Educate your client and always be next to it to answer your questions both in relation to its products and in relation to the business strategy that supports your product is a great way to retain customers and promote new sales or upgrades.

The benefits are clear, right? Now check out some tips on how to make it happen.

Content to train your customer

To train your customer is important to provide content that facilitates the use and take more technical questions about your product / service. There are different formats that can accomplish this goal:

  • Items on a help center: technical content and answers to frequently asked questions need to be on hand to consult their customers whenever they want. Create a consistent repository with such content and make sure that their customers have easy access to that page. An example for this type of content is our RD Station Help Center with several articles targeted on all issues involving the product.
  • Manuals, tutorials and checklists: step by step and more visual content such as videos and infographics are great for quick learning and to ensure that your customer really learn how to use your product and prepare yourself well requirements for your service.
  • Training day: here at Digital Results promote once a month a day of training via hangout exclusively for clients on a specific topic and the result is always very good. We were closer to our customers and teach everything we know so that the customer extract the best results with our product. After the event also send the recorded video for all customers who have signed up, both those who took part as to what they could not attend. This step is very important to retain your customers and attract potential new customers.

customer retention Content

Train the customer is already a way to keep him, but that alone is not enough. Sometimes, if not we have a presence it is difficult to keep the customers to us, so it is essential to have a content strategy with the goal of customer retention as it is much cheaper to keep a happy and satisfied customer than to win new all the time.

Some materials that meet this goal:

  • Materials that respond specific questions: your customer often wants to find answers quickly and to solve your problem, so more objective, content that get to the point where a certain topic facilitate the use of your product or service strategically to your customer and ensure he sees value in purchased and continue to use without giving up. In this case the contents are not as technical tutorials, a good example would be our Webinar on How to Create Landing Pages effective , where we talk exclusively with those who want to ask questions about this particular topic.
  • Targeted content: a way to add even more value is to deliver content specific to the business of its customers as attract much attention from the specific audience and make the customer notice that your company speaks the same language as him . Recently launched a unique eBook for agencies and marketing consultants in which the result was a conversion rate above 70% in the Landing Page.
  • Live training business themes: webinars on business themes help your customer to better understand the value of your product in a specific strategy and helps you be aware of ways to get more out of your product to achieve their goals and objectives.
  • institutional contents showing the strength of your business: launching releases and email whenever something important happens in your company allows the client to trust more and know more about the values ​​of your company, so you are comfortable in having their products and services.

Now you know how to use content marketing to train and engage your customers , but it is still possible to expand the strategy and reap rewards even better.

Content for upgrades and new sales to customers

As I said earlier, it is easier to keep a customer than working all the time to win new, and a good way to have even more success is to make recurring sales and higher for those who are already your customers.

To do this, prepare the following contents:

  • Launch of new products, services or features: make a post to your blog, email it and spread on your social networks. Your client will not know about their new jobs if they are disseminated effectively to arouse the attention, interest, desire to the customer take action and buy them. The more your customers know and trust in your company, the more it will continue to buy.
  • Case studies : make tangible what your company can deliver is essential as a sales tool both to gain new customers and to sell back to current customers. Introduce how other customers are having success with your products and services to make it easier for your customer view where you can get to make that purchase. This tip is essential especially for complex sales where the customer can neither see nor take in hand what they are buying, so we need to find new ways to make tangible.

Prepare these quality content in a way that really add value to your customers and make sure they know that these materials are available. Then tell us what was the result, this is certainly a good way to keep your loyal customers and the profitability of your company.