How to start doing marketing automation: check out tips from Shawna Stephenson at Studio RD Summit

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An automation platform targeted Leads to address and great content. According to the expert of marketing automation .

In his interview at Studio RD Summit, she explained that, for beginners, this may seem complicated. But actually it is not. “You can make a Leads nutrition and basic and achieve good results,” he explains.

And what would a basic Leads nutrition? For her, it may be between 3 and 5 emails sent within one month, for example. You select your best content and nourishes your contacts with them.

She also cited another common mistake, which is to start very advanced form of strategy, with too many emails in streams that can last one year.

We want these Leads become mature and be educated to be ready for sales. This is the goal of marketing automation. So start simply.

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Other points commentaries by Shawna Stephenson were:

  • Tips for those who want to start making marketing automation
  • The most common mistakes companies make when making automation
  • How to make marketing automation without sound too robotic
  • Marketing automation trends for 2018

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