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Can not log in as administrator can be terrifying, just imagine: you just wake up and have a great idea for your blog in WordPress, in a hurry, you turn on your computer and try to log in, you can not log into your account or screen wp -admin. For his nightmare you discover that you can not log in as administrator on your WordPress account. Suddenly a flurry of bad thoughts fill your mind – will someone hacked into my site? Did I do something that broke? I can at least resolve the situation?

And as frightening as the situation is, we’re here to tell you it’s okay. All you have to do is stay calm and follow the steps in this tutorial where you will learn how to fix the problem and get login access as administrator.

Common causes of why you can not log into WordPress

Typically, unable to login to WordPress is not caused by anything malicious at first. For instance, your site must be having trouble connecting to the database. Another reason why is not able to log in may be related to the migration of your website from one domain to another. But that does not mean that all problems are solved Login. You may also be the victim of a hack, where hackers may have changed your password. We will explore all cases and discuss the best solution for each.

Option 1 – Password and User WordPress Incorrect

You sure you’re entering usernames and passwords correctly, yet you receive an error, you decide to reset your password, but failed to receive any e-mail with the problem of reporting, if all this sounds familiar to you, chances are WordPress be failing to send E-mails. But do not warm to it yet – What you need to do is reset your WordPress administrator password using phpMyAdmin. As this is a lengthy process, we set aside a detailed guide for you here . Similarly, if your server has been compromised, you can also reset it by following this tutorial .


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Option 2 – incorrect URL.

Sometimes, you can not go into wp-admin screen if you migrated your site to a new domain name. This is due to a mismatch between the MySQL database and the new URL. Because WordPress uses MySQL to store all of your posts, and profile configuration, you must make sure that the MySQL database has your new domain name. If this is the problem, the solution is replacing the old with the new URL in the MySQL database. See this tutorial on how to change the URL in your WordPress MySQL database using phpMyAdmin .

Administrator Login for solutions in wordpress

Option 3 – Error connecting to the database

Another common cause of the login problems in wp-admin is a bad connection to the database. Probably, if you find a security bug in the database connection, the preview page will not be made. Essentially, WordPress is unable to connect to your database as a result, you see this error message throughout your site. This could be for several reasons: Problems with your web hosting service. Corrupted database etc. as this is a fairly common cause of not being able to log in as an administrator that we dedicate one tutorial of how to fix errors reestablishing connection with the WordPress database .

Administrator Login for solutions in wordpress

Option 4 – White Screen of Death

Finally, if you can not log in wp-admin for if faced with a blank screen instead of the Login screen, this means you are experiencing a “White screen of death” error “the white screen of death. This is a known issue with WordPress caused by many reasons, the main reason may be the memory has exceeded the WordPress limit. Another reason the white screen of death appears, are inefficient plugins or themes. If all tried has failed, check the error log to track the source of the problem. We recommend you to check our tutorial on how to fix the problem with the white screen of death on WordPress.


Can not log in to your administrator account can happen to anyone. It turns out that there are a number of solutions that could try to solve the problems in this tutorial we saw the major causes why can not succeeding log into your WordPress account.

  • Password / user WordPress incorrect
  • URL incorrect WordPress
  • Error establishing database connection with
  • The infamous White Screen of Death ( white screen of death ‘error) .

Chances are your particular case may be one of these four scenarios, if so, we hope you have care of the problem by following our instructions, for more tutorials and adjustments related to WordPress, watch the tutorials Hostinger .