How to send a message to everyone who likes your fan page

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Update: Facebook chose to remove this functionality, with the intention of reducing the number of spam. There are more, so ways to send a message to all your likes the page and the Wall becomes the only way.

One of the good ways to get ideas for your post is analyzing what types of search has led visitors to your site. Thus we perceive here on the blog of Digital Result several people looking to send a message to all your likes a fan page for your business.

(obs .: it is not possible to do this using profiles, this is one of the differences between profile and fan page ).

This task can be accomplished easily by following these steps:

# 1: Log in to Facebook with an account that is one of the Directors of the Fan Page

# 2: Go to
the Facebook like page (by clicking on Account Use Facebook as Page, Change)

# 3: Click on Edit at the top screen

# 4: Click the Resources option in the left menu

# 5: Choose the option Send an update

By default, Facebook gets marked for sending all your likes page. However, simply click edit and you can target those who receive by location, gender and age.

After that, simply type the subject and message and click send.

To help and make it clearer, we prepared a screencast that shows the procedure:

It is good to clarify, however, we recommend the use of this function quite sparingly. As for sending email marketing, excess messages can bother and instead of attracting more customers your business may end up scaring the fans.